Why Is My CO2 Airsoft Pistol Leaking?

co2 leak location on airsoft pistol

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co2 leak location on airsoft pistol

Often times, when dealing with gas pistols, you may encounter some problems with loading your gin with gas. This is normal and it can happen to anyone. When this happens, you have to check from where it is leaking, what’s causing the leak, and what you have to do to fix the leak. It is one of the most common problems of CO2 airsoft pistol and we’re here to help you out.

What Causes the Leak?

The CO2 12-gram cartridge you use is pressurized gas. It’s always going to try to escape and the only way out is through the punctured hole you make every time you insert it into your gun.

There are 2 main causes of a leaking CO2 pistol:

  • One could be that your valve is leaking and that only happens in rare cases.
  • The most common problem would be the seal where you put your CO2 cartridge in.

The CO2 cartridges can deform the seal slightly overtime and start the leak. You’ll start to notice this when you fire your pistol and you fire less round every time. All CO2 guns will leak over time and the only control you have is the rate of loss. You just have to minimize this the best you can.

How to Find the Leak

Knowing that you have a leak isn’t enough. You have to know where the leak is coming from before you try methods of fixing it. One common way of finding leaks is that you use a soapy solution with the use of water and any dishwashing soap you have on hand at home. Mix them together and apply some of it to where your suspected leak is. If bubbles start forming, that means gas is leaking out from that area.

However, not all leaks can be found by that method. If you don’t have enough time to create a solution, you can use a basin of water, much like the sink in your bathroom, and drop the tip of your barrel into the water. If bubbles come out, that means that your valve is leaking. Make sure to dry it off afterward because water and airsoft guns don’t do very well together.

Ways to Fix the Leak

There are a number of ways to fix your leaking CO2 pistol. You can try some of these out when your CO2 leaks. They are not a sure fix to the problem but they have helped many airsoft players and it could help you out too. Take note that not all guns are the same and your pistol may slightly differ from what we will be describing and explaining. All parts are the same and just apply them to your own gun.

Lubricating the Seal

When you remove your magazine and reveal where the pin that punctures your CO2 cartridge, there is a seal that goes around the pin. That is the seal that prevents the CO2 from leaking out. Spray a little silicone lubricant on the seal and be a little generous about it. This isn’t just a one-time thing, so try to remember to spray a little of it before loading up a new cartridge. Alternatively, you can use a PellegunOil CO2 cartridge and lubricate your seals that way.

Tape the Cartridge

With the use of a little Teflon tape, your seal problems can be quickly fixed. You wrap some of the tape on the top of your canister and a little around the top. What this does is it makes sure that your canister snugly fits to where you insert it and it takes up space to prevent any deformed seal to leak CO2

Replace the O-Ring

Often times, the O-ring would be the problem of your leaking CO2 gun. All you have to do is to replace the O-ring, spray it with a little silicone lubricant and you’re good to go.

Valve Fixing

If your CO2 is leaking fast, that most definitely a valve problem. What you can do is you can go to your local shop and have it fixed r replaced there, or just bite the bullet and buy a new gone because replacing it costs just as much as a new gun.

Prevention is Better Than Fixing

This is the usual saying with anything and everything airsoft. As repetitive as it may sound, proper gun maintenance is needed to prevent all of this. Keep a close eye on all your Co2 and gas guns for any leaks. You don’t want to be running into a tournament and find out your pistol is leaking on the day. You just lost your best sidearm. We suggest you maintain your guns every season or even twice every season if you can to really avoid unfortunate things happening to your CO2 pistol. It may be tedious, but it will help you out in the long run.

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