What Should I Wear For Airsoft?

What Should I Wear For Airsoft

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Q. What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a recreational game that involves simulated combat with guns using BB pellets as bullets.

Airsoft nuts do not like to hear this, but airsoft sport is similar to paintball. Both games involve players running around a field, shooting projectiles at opponents. 

But here’s the thing…

A paintballer does not enjoy the realism that airsoft provides. The guns, equipment, and style used during airsoft are just like those of a real battle. So you may think what should I wear for Airsoft?

Q. Types of Airsoft Games

One thing about airsoft is that there are several games you can play. Apart from the popular ones, groups get creative with what they do on the field. 

But, generally, airsoft games are in three categories. 

Force-on-Force Games

These entry-level games involve teams running around the arena to eliminate their opponents until one of them is declared the winner. The common ones are Capture the Flag and Rescue the downed pilot. 


The thing is…

You’ll need more speed and aggression for games in this category. Speedsoft is not for the faint of heart! A good example is Free for All.


This is short for military simulation. From its name, you can tell that MilSim aims for utmost realism.

Players wear a pair of goggles, boots, a face mask, vest, and other hands and eye protection or gear because exposing your body on the field can be dangerous. 

BB Pellets

Airsoft guns use BB pellets as ammo, and BBs can either be biodegradable or nonbiodegradable. But note that some playing fields won’t allow guns with nonbiodegradable BBs. 

These plastic BBs can sting you when they penetrate the skin.


If the shot is from a powerful gun with high FPS, you might get a welt or even bleed, especially if the shooter is within a close range.

That’s why you need your safety clothing or gear. Put on your goggles, gloves, and boots. These things come at very affordable prices.

Airsoft Guns

There are different kinds of Airsoft guns. Popular types include spring guns, gas guns, and Automatic Electric Guns. Airsoft guns look like real guns. That’s why law enforcement officials are particular about how you carry them. 

But don’t worry, they are only replicas. They won’t kill you. But an airsoft gun can kill small animals and birds. That’s why some people hunt with them.

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Q. What should I Wear to my very first Airsoft Game?

What Should I Wear For Airsoft

Now that you’re ready to play your first game, you’re not sure what you really should wear. You already know it’s no T shirt or ordinary pair of jeans or pants with some fabric mask, but you’re still confused. And that’s because you’ve seen folks in varying safety gear. 

Not to worry, you’ll now find out what you need for protection that will help you enjoy your time on the field with only one or no injury.

Safety goggles

Safety goggles are the most important gear you need. Eye protection is mandatory, and you don’t want to cheap out on it.

Why’s that? 

A cloth mask or cheap safety glasses will not protect your eyes from a BB hit. Plus, the shards from broken glass can hurt you. 

Always protect your eyes with quality airsoft goggles. And if your eye protection slips off while playing, call it and fix it immediately. 

Face protection

Apart from goggles, you need protection for your eyes. Tying an old scarf under your eyes won’t do the job. You’ll need a face mask, one that is both durable and ASTM rated. 

Some masks are plastic, while some are of top-quality mesh. You’ll even find a few face masks made out of metal.

Remember this…

Even if you don’t opt for full head protection, you’ll need some protection for your face, and that’s what a face mask does.

Ear protection

Since inserting Q tips into the ears is harmful, a flying BB would do more harm if you’re not mindful of your ear protection.

Flying or ricocheting BBs on the field can rupture the eardrum. Plus, the noise that goes on at Airsoft battlefields isn’t good for you either.

So you need ear protection. 

What to wear to airsoft that doesn’t hurt

Airsoft BBs sting, especially when they hit light clothing or bare skin. Plus, you don’t want to step on a sharp object or have a crawling animal bite you. 

That’s why it’s good that you wear certain pieces of clothing to keep you safe during field play. 

Cover your body with thick clothing, wear gloves and boots, too, to minimize the impact of BBs on your skin. 

Hand protection

Look at this…

A pair of gloves will do just fine to protect your hands. It makes you comfortable while shooting and keeps the impact of BB shots minimal. 

If you don’t have your own pair, that’s ok. Some fields rent out gloves, but make sure to find out before heading to the field.

Protective Clothes

Opponents will mostly shoot at your torso or back. A vest or flat chest protector is an okay gear for a beginner, but as you pick up a sniper role or so, you’ll need to upgrade to wearing gear like a plate carrier or chest rig.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also need thick pants like denim jeans, a thick jacket, and lace-up sneakers (non-slip).

Your clothing should be fitting on your body- not too loose or tight on the skin.

Head Protection

Airsoft simulates a real-life battlefield, so accidents are bound to happen

In a real battle, a shot to the head or face is fatal. Since airsoft is an attempt to mimic real battle, players will naturally aim for the head.

That’s why there are rules against close contact. To minimize the impact of a shot on sensitive body parts like the head, wear head protection.


Now, the rules of Airsoft do not include wearing a helmet. But you don’t want to bump your head into unexpected items or risk painful shots from incoming BBs. 

Not only that…

Airsoft is a game of realism, and helmets add to that. So, why not?

Plus, if you decide to record your games, you can attach your go pro camera to your helmet.

Wear a Good Pair of Shoes

Get good quality boots for your first airsoft game. A pair of thick soles, great ankle protection, and an excellent grip is good gear for your feet. 

Here’s why…

At times, when playing your game, you may twist your ankle or a sharp object pierces through your foot.

But with good gear on your feet, you have nothing to worry about.

Typically, a beginner will do great with hiking shoes. But players should upgrade their gear to combat boots as they become better at playing airsoft.

Q. Do I need Camo Gear to play airsoft?

What Should I Wear For Airsoft

Camo will make you less visible, which means that you’ll avoid getting shot at often. Black clothing is an invitation to your opponents to shoot you.


It depends on the style of the airsoft game you’re playing. For instance, if you’re playing CQB, you can wear camo as it would certainly help. 

But it’s not a do-or-die as other neutral-colored clothing with mild patterns would do fine.

Milsim, on the other hand, demands camo or nothing else.

Conclusion: What Should I Wear For Airsoft

When it comes to what you should wear for Airsoft, the saying “less is more” does not apply. Safety comes first on an airsoft arena. Protecting your skin while you play will help you enjoy the game to the fullest.

And one good thing about safety gear for Airsoft is that they come at relatively affordable prices. You won’t need to break the bank to protect your body.

Now that you’re battle-ready -one final thing!

Airsoft is the most exciting and fun game you can play with your friends. Kit up, so you’ll truly enjoy yourself.

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