What Is The Range Of An Airsoft Pistol?

gas vs spring powered pistols

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Knowing the range of your airsoft pistol comes in handy when you are playing in an arena with many people. You should know how far you should position yourself from your target without being hit yourself. In this article, we talk about the range comparisons of 3 of the most used types of pistols in the market today.

gas vs spring powered pistols

Gas Pistols vs Spring-Powered Pistols

As we know, gas guns are powered by the gas of your choosing. Whether it be green gas, CO2, or red gas when you need it. Spring-powered pistols, on the other hand, are powered by a spring that propels your ammo down the barrel of your gun. With gas pistols, you heavily rely on the amount of gas that you have in your CO2 cartridge or the green gas in your reservoir. However, a pistol powered by spring can shoot as many times as your spring can take. That’s why a lot of people recommend spring-powered pistols to the newcomers in airsoft.

Shooting Power

These pistols shoot at very different velocities. CO2 pistols shoot at 400 FPS making it the fastest shooter among the three types. Second, comes green gas pistols that can shoot up to 330 FPS. Green gas pistols are most often than not field ready for as long as it meets the velocity requirements. And lastly, the spring-powered pistols shooting from 170-350 FPS. Although the speed that your weapon shoots has less to do with range and accuracy. Let’s see what really makes your pistol shoot further.

Hop-up: What Is It?

It is now nearly impossible for an airsoft weapon to not have a hop-up. A hop-up stand for High Operation Power-up. What it does is that it gives the BBs that you shoot some spin to give it the fighting power to battle gravity. The more spin or hop that you add, the more it counters the effects of gravity. It, unfortunately, works the other way around too, the less hop you have makes it harder for your BBs to stay on track. The most important thing in using a hop-ups is balance. You have to find the right amount of hop to add to make your shots more accurate. Great range is useless if you can’t hit your targets accurately.

What Pistol Has The Greatest Range?

If you are looking for a specific number that tells you how far your pistol can shoot, you are not going to find it anywhere. THat’s because there are a lot of different factors that contribute to the range and accuracy of your airsoft pistols. Airsoft pistols are designed to shoot at short ranges and as well as being portable enough as a firearm. You can expect pistols to shoot at an average of 20 to 40 yards. Spring powered pistols will be the pistol with the shortest range, while the CO2 gas will be the longest range because of the power it provides. Most pistols now, almost always come with an adjustable hop-up so you can play around with your range and get a more accurate shot.

Our Final Thoughts

Shooting airsoft pistols can require a bit of work if you want to shoot a longer range and a more accurate shot. Hop-ups are a great tool that all airsoft weapons already have and most of the time they are adjustable. There are some accessories that can help you increase your range a little more but for airsoft pistols, an adjustable hop-up will suffice, especially if you are a beginner. Take caution of the factors that can affect your range and accuracy, like the wind conditions and the arena that you are playing at. You might have to adjust your hops when you are playing in an outdoor arena. Most important is to take care of your weapons. Clean your guns regularly to keep them shooting at their maximum potential.

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