What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

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What’s triggered you these days, airsoft warrior?

Real steel guns or an airsoft gun – does this scare you?

Maybe you have ICS guns, Lancer Tactical guns, or Tokyo Marui guns in your collection.

You might be dreaming of having the best bolt action sniper rifles in your grip.

If you’re a budget player…

right now, you might be seeking affordable airsoft guns to play airsoft.

Of course, anything can trigger you, right?

I would say an airsoft rifle and airsoft products trigger me – there are tons to choose from!

You might be wondering…

There are different types of guns available on the market which you could choose from. There’s gas powered guns, automatic electric guns, sniper rifles, and more.

Not only that…

you can also opt to add on tactical gear and protective gear for the sheer magnitude of your next combat.

And if you’re new to airsoft…

and want to start pulling triggers on either outdoor or indoor combat, here are the best airsoft brands listed on the market:

Best Airsoft Brands

  • Tokyo Marui
  • Krytac
  • G&G
  • Lancer Tactical
  • ASG
  • Vega Force Company
  • CYMA
  • Cybergun
  • UK Arms
  • Classic Army
  • ICS
  • KWA
  • Umarex
  • And more!

However, we’ll not be talking about these airsoft brands or which of them are the best airsoft brands. Instead, we’ll be tackling UMAREX – the number one airsoft brand!

Are you ready for another blast?

Let’s be triggered, warriors!

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Umarex USA

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

Umarex has been one of the best airsoft brands specializing in premium airsoft real steel replicas of guns since 1972. Thus, it’s one of the top airsoft brands on the market alongside Tokyo Marui, Lancer Tactical, Systema, and more!

With over 1000 members worldwide, Umarex is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of replica firearms. They’ve expanded their reach through exporting in Egypt, France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.


Other best airsoft gun brands license UMAREX airsoft pistols and airsoft rifles.

Some of their most signature licenses are Beretta, Browning, Colt, Heckler and Koch, IWI, and Ruger Smith & Wesson to offer serious airsoft players an authentic shooting experience from a trusted and known brand. Umarex also produces high-quality airsoft products, including CO2 canisters and tactical lasers.


Germany is known for having ‘big hands,” and most models of UMAREX were inspired and used in military training and law enforcement.

If you’re confident with your big hands…

you can opt for Umarex H&K G3 GBBR. Most UMAREX’s G3 was already produced more than 10 million times with collapsible stocks and fire selectors for ease of use and convenience. Not to mention that their rifles have been used in the military’s main service since 1959.

If you’re wondering about the externals and internals…

The trigger responses are light and snappy. Some models have internals with the exact parts of a real gun, such as the Umarex Glock 17 Gen4 Gas Blowback Pistol.

UMAREX Glock 17 Gen 4 is an officially licensed Glock by UMAREX – well renowned Austrian handgun. It comes with a green gas magazine out of the box like the APP-01 pistol.

They also produce high-quality airsoft guns and accessories such as CO2 canisters, tactical lasers, automatic electric guns, spring-powered guns, and gas-powered replica firearms to offer airsoft players an authentic shooting experience.

Not only that…

UMAREX offers smaller pistols which are good for budget players. However, some of their models can be a hit or a miss. You can purchase a very good high-quality gun or something that will make you irk.

It depends on the model, so you better be wise in choosing the great gun for you.

Quick reminder: The bigger the guns, the more it will cost you. So if you want an entry-level gun, their pistols are a good choice.

Aside from the metal airsoft guns mentioned above. Here are UMAREX products from a variety of rifles and pistols.


Products UMAREX Airsoft Guns

Ruger Impact Max Elite Air Rifle

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

The Impact was manufactured by UMAREX and licensed under Sturm Ruger & Co Inc. This airsoft rifle is powered by turbo nitrogen technology (TNT) gas piston set up and has a maximum velocity of 1050 FPS with lead pellets.

It comes with front and rear fiber optic sights that are fully adjustable. Not to mention the 4X32 scope that you can mount on the Picatinny rail.

Speaking of the rail…

The Impact Max Elite Air Rifle comes with an airgun shock reinforcement that absorbs vibration and prevents recoil damage.

It has a beastly wooden buttstock with ambidextrous controls and an ergonomic recoil pad. Thus, it’s good for all-day shooting, plinking, and any other field activities.

You can carry it comfortably because it also comes with a sling for ease of carrying.

Not only that…

It has a snappy two-staged adjustable trigger and an automatic safety that you can find in your trigger housing.

You can also find the beast silence air integrated muzzle brake and suppressor, which you need to be careful of if you want to cock this air rifle. Don’t cocked it one the muzzle because it might break since it’s made of polymer.

Don’t break your beast on your first try.

However, I wouldn’t say that Impact is one of the low cost rifles, and some player’s buck won’t permit this rifle.

But, overall, the gun features are sleek and extremely durable.

UMAREX Origin .22 Caliber PCP Rifle

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

If you’re a PCP enthusiast…

Origin Caliber PCP rifle has a gas piston that acts as a booster to your ever-pressure tank system. Thus, you only need thirteen pumps to take an awesome full power shot compared to other traditional PCP – this is exceptional. Thus, you don’t just get a gun but a pump.

It’s very comfortable to hold and shoot – as you fire the gun and when you tilt it over, you’ll easily see the pressure gauge.

It also showed an incredible and consistent velocity since this rifle is regulated.


Origin Caliber PCP comes with an easy side cock lever, 10-round magazine, and optic ready accessory rail where you can add scope.

Pre-Charged Pneumatics or PCP means a gun is filled with air before shooting. This feature allows the player or shooter to fire at more than a hundred yards.

If you want to start with a PCP…

I would say that it’s a good entry-level because it comes with everything.

UMAREX Steel Strike

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

Steal a strike on your next gameplay with UMAREX Steel Strike.

This sleek and airsoft gun takes its design from an M4 based rifle. It comes with a multi positional adjustable stock that you can slip off easily for loading two CO2 cartridges.

UMAREX Steel Strike also features flip up sights, picatinny rail on top, sides, and bottom. You can mount plenty of optics, light, lasers, and more, depending on what you need.


When loading the Steel Strike – press the magazine release button, and the magazine will drop free, allowing you 30 BBs to fire.

The trigger is snappy and has a flat blade for a fast lightning response. You can also switch from burst mode, which would send six BBs out of the barrel in a flash.

Thus, this beast will come to your rescue to accurately strike your target.

UMAREX A-REX Break Barrel Rifle

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

You will enjoy shooting this modern and sleek rifle, especially when your gameplay is in the woods set up – why so?

You can break open the barrel to expose the breach, where you can place a .177 caliber pellet. This way, it charges the rifle by compressing its turbo nitrogen technology (TNT) gas pistol, making an accurate shot at a target up to 1250 FPS.

It uses the advanced stop shock system that absorbs the rifle recoil making it easier to shoot accurately.

Not only that…

A-REX silence air moderator that keeps the noise down and the full metal picatinny rail makes it easy to mount a scope of your choice.

Just in case you prefer open sights, the A-REX has fiber optic sights for quick acquisitions. Get your own UMAREX A-REX now!

UMAREX Throttle .22 Pellet Air Rifle

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

The Throttle .22 Air Rifle is an ideal airsoft gun for target shooters or small game hunters.

Did you know that…

It’s the first air rifle to include the patent-pending vibration-reducing stop shocks.

Just like A-REX, this air rifle is an innovative device specifically designed to absorb shock vibrations and recoil.

It works with the floating action stock to create a unique combination that systematically reduces the shock of,a break barrel air rifle’s powerful piston.

The stop shock system absorbs the force generated by the piston creating a steadier shot by allowing the pellet to exit the barrel more smoothly.

It also protects the scope from excess vibration and shock available in either .177 or .22 caliber.

The throttle is loaded with air gun technology. It’s a powerful rifle that combines the new stock shock vibration-absorbing innovation with the UMAREX three-axis gas piston, the silencer five-chamber noise dampener, and the lockdown mount.

The features don’t stop here…

The throttle has an automatic safety, adjustable trigger, rubber recoil pad and is backed by a three-year warranty.

It comes with unique all-weather stock and adjustable objective scope – ready to put your target in plain view.

The knockdown power for small game and pest control is delivered by its reactive power plant that generates 1000 FPS with a 22 caliber alloy pellet and 800 feet per second with lead air gun ammunition.

You can never go wrong with this.

Glock 19 Gen 3 BB Gun Air Pistol

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

The Gen 3 Glock 19 is powered by CO2, giving it a reliable blowback system. It does look like the real gun, and UMAREX got the license from Glock to produce this beast.

You might notice…

when you hold the Glock 19 is how small, compact, and light the gun is.

The stop slide is made of metal, but the handle is made of high quality plastic. Thus, your grip will be comfortable.


The Glock 19 drop-out free magazine holds 15 rounds of .45 mm BB, which could be metal and plastic. It is rated with a minimum of 419 FPS and a maximum of 425 FPS.

The barrel moves forward after every shot and has fixed sights. As you practice, you’ll have an accurate shooting point.

What’s good about this gun…

is that it fits aftermarket accessories which not all airsoft guns could offer.

This airsoft pistol is a great gun for starter airsoft players, given its decent features and affordability. Not only can you have a high-quality gun, but a real gun replica of Glock 19.

So what are you waiting for? – this might be the right beast for you!

UMAREX Beretta PX4 Storm

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

UMAREX Beretta is a certified Beretta PX4 Storm replica. It’s a semi-automatic air CO2 pistol that’s capable of shooting both BBs and pellets.

Holding this replica would feel as if you’re holding the real gun. This pistol is made with metal and ABS plastic in some areas – just like a real firearm would have.

It comes with a double-sized magazine. You’ll need one CO2 canister per two magazines.

What about the FPS?

You can expect around 350 FPS which is good for indoor or outdoor gameplay.

The blowback action recoil will make your combat interesting and realistic. And since it comes with an accessory rail under the barrel – you can attach accessories depending on what you need.

UMAREX Colt 1911 Commander

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

The Colt 1911 Commander comes with adjustable sights, removable grip, skeletonized trigger, and hammer. You can also experience the real 1911 safety using this gun.

I would say that, like the PX4 Storm, it’s one of the best-realistic looking BB pistols on the market. It is a solid and full metal air pistol, but the grip is plastic, making it easy to hold and maneuver.

You can also change the grip if you want.

Unlike the Beretta PX4 Storm, it’s a CO2 pistol that only shoots BB. Once you reach 22 shots, the accuracy tends to drop, which is likely to happen to CO2 guns.

You don’t need to worry because Colt Commander is relatively accurate at more than 30 feet compared to other air pistols on the market.

If you’re curious about the FPS…

Colt 1911 could reach a maximum of 325 FPS given its price point. Of course, it can do better, but it’s also considered the quiet CO2 BB air pistol.

UMAREX Colt Army 45

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

Another Colt is waving at you!

The Colt Army by UMAREX is another realistic replica of the actual Colt Peacemaker revolver. Just like the 1911 Commander, it comes with full metal construction, and the handle is plastic.

Since its realism level is on point – people often mistake this revolver for a real gun.

Not only that…

You can use a .177 pellet or BB as some models come with BB cartridges and shoot around 70 per CO2 cartridge. It also shoots at 410 FPS but tends to drop after 30 shots. Not to mention the rifled bore that imparts much greater accuracy compared to a smooth barrel or bore.

The Colt Army shoots louder than the semi-auto pistols but could accurately shoot about 30 yards thanks to the fixed front sights.

In summary…

Colt Army is an amazing replica, but I wouldn’t recommend it to budget players since it can be a bit pricey for your buck.

Umarex HK45CT GBB

What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

Compared to other pistols – the HK45CT by Umarex is the David in the field of Goliath, but this beast works and shoots at 320 FPS using a 21-round magazine.

What makes it sleeker…

is the full metal upper receiver and the lower frame is a high-end polymer. It is fully licensed to make it more realistic as possible. For this reason, it gained a reputation in the airsoft community.

Not only that…

It comes with a Tri Dot sight, and you can add a pointer laser to mount on the short front rail.

Good news!

You don’t need to disassemble this gun if you’re planning to adjust the hop-up system. Just use the key and do it without a sweat.

It also features ambidextrous controls, good ergonomics, impressive recoil, and smooth blowback action.

What Buyers Are Saying

Since more and more airsofters are adding up to the airsoft industry. It gives way to firearms manufacturers to produce more real guns like Tokyo Marui, Lancer Tactical, Classic Army, and other brands.

Of course, the buyers are pleased with the variety of guns available on the market today.

No doubt that pistols are good for a newbie airsofter…

if you want to do backyard training or plinking, Glock 19 Gen 3 BB Gun Air Pistol is the gun for you. Of course, it’s also best as a sidearm if you’re primary gun lost ammo.

Not only is this pistol light, but it comes with high quality internals and is affordable for every player.

On the other hand…

UMAREX Origin .22 Caliber PCP Rifle also caught buyers’ attention with turbo nitrogen technology (TNT) that prevents recoil damage and absorbs vibration. It can be tedious to do the 13 pumps, but it’s a good warm-up for every player.

Among all rifles mentioned earlier, the most affordable one is the UMAREX Throttle .22 Pellet Air Rifle, which absorbs shock vibrations and recoil for a steadier shot.

What Makes it Noticeable

What makes guns noticeable…

Most UMAREX guns mentioned comes with different price ranges, full metal body, high quality gearboxes, tight bore barrels, and rated with more than 300 to 1000 FPS. Not to mention that they’re licensed guns of high-quality AEG range.

Best Uses

You can use these airsoft guns and other airsoft brands for various activities like target practice, hunting, pest control, close-quarter combat, and more!

Sometimes, people defend themselves from burglars by intimidating and deceiving them like they’re holding a real arm.

You bet most airsoft brands are Hollywood stars like Lancer Tactical, Tokyo Marui, Vega Force Company, and more are found in films.

Possible Improvements

These realistic guns don’t have anything to improve. Of course, some of them have solid construction like Ruger Impact Max Elite Air Rifle, UMAREX Origin .22 Caliber PCP Rifle, UMAREX Steel Strike, A-REX Break Barrel Rifle, and Throttle .22 Pellet Air Rifle.

Maybe the Origin .22 Caliber PCP Rifle could expand the picatinny rail to mount other useful accessories or replace railing to mount a scope.

For the pistol…

The UMAREX Beretta PX4 Storm has a gas CO2 canister, so the player should ensure it’s sealed and secure before shooting to avoid misfires.

Overall, these are all high quality guns by UMAREX that you can bring to on airsoft field and use in other activities.

Conclusion: What Is The Number 1 Airsoft Brand

UMAREX is one of the best airsoft brands that produce guns of quality and durability. It is considered a top airsoft brand on the market, giving satisfaction for players. Even law enforcement used their guns as military simulation models.

Other manufacturers like Tokyo Marui, Lancer Tactical, UK Arms, RedWolf Airsoft, and more airsoft brands continuously compete on the market with their AK line, spring weapons, low cost airsoft rifles for beginners, machine guns, and spring rifles.

But, in the end…

Your choice is what matters – what gun is better for you as a beginner, novice shooter, speed player, or whatever kind of airsofter you categorized yourself.

You’re the warrior in the field of airsoft, so get to know the right beast for you!

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