What Is The Most Reliable Airsoft Gun?

What Is The Most Reliable Airsoft Gun? Fl

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Hi, there, airsoft warriors!

How’s it going  with your last gameplay?

Have you unleashed the sheer magnitude of your beastly weapon?


You’re still planning to go into the world of airsoft but don’t know the right and reliable gun for you?

Worry no more!

You’ve come to the right place. You only need to keep your focus and start reading so that you won’t miss any essential information we will let you know What Is The Most Reliable Airsoft Gun.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just buying your first weapon or an experienced player that wants to expand your gun collection.

Here are the things you should know:

  • The things you need to consider in an airsoft gun;
  • Different gun types and amazing features;
  • And more in a bang!

Are you ready?


What to Look for in an Airsoft Gun

What Is The Most Reliable Airsoft Gun?

Since there’s a lot of variants and models you can choose from. Here are the things you need to consider:

  • Velocity limits
  • Length and weight
  • Budget and brand
  • Battery space
  • Type of rail system
  • And some small but important details!

First, you might want to ask yourself – where do you plan to use your gun?

Velocity limits or FPS of your gun vary depending on your chosen field. If your little beast exceeds the field FPS limit then you won’t be able to use it. Thus, velocity limits are the most important consideration in choosing your weapon.

Generally, indoor fields require a lower limit of 350-380 FPS. Outdoor would be around 400-450 which is a bit higher compared to indoor fields.

But if you’re into plinking, FPS doesn’t really matter. Just be careful and make sure to always check the field you plan to play beforehand.


FPS is directly dependent on the weight of BB. Most airsofters prefer a higher weight of BB for wind resistance and more accurate shooting. Thus, a heavier BB would be great if you plan to play outdoors. Increasing FPS means you need heavier BBs.

Of course, you can still use lighter BBs. However, lighter BBs often break and are blown by the wind especially in outdoor gameplay.

Don’t use very light BBs – 12 grams BBs are good in indoor battles. Use heavier BBs for pretty accurate and reliable shots.

Second – you might want to consider the length and weight of an airsoft gun.

If you think that a longer rifle would give you an advantage in a short distance range, think twice or even thrice before purchasing a gun.

So, if you’re planning to play at short distances or smaller fields…

A small and lighter gun would be a great investment. A long barrel, on the other hand, would just annoy you. Instead of shooting your opponent you might end up firing corners and unnecessary areas that have nothing to do with winning the game.

A longer gun is good for outdoor airsoft fields but you can also shoot using a short rifle given that it’s well designed and easy to maneuver.

Of course, we want a gun that is light and easy to maneuver especially for newbie players.

Since I’ve mentioned the newbie players…

…budget is always at stake. For a recommendation, use 50% of your budget for your chosen gun. This could help you to purchase other things like a good battery and charger, extra magazine and gear, and non-fogging eye protection.

If you can spend more on guns…

You can opt for a higher-end airsoft gun with a quick-change spring like the E&C lines. There are other top brands and models available on the market like the G&G as a starter gun.

If you can spend a little higher – Tokyo Marui, VFC, Systema, Krytac, and other expensive guns are waving at you on the market!

What Is The Most Reliable Airsoft Gun?

As for the airsoft brand – why do you need to consider it?

There are brands available on the market that are hard to find parts especially if you need one.

For example, you can’t mix and match ICS products to other aftermarket parts. Thus, if you have broken parts, you need to purchase from them.

Not only that…

Magazines of rare guns are hard to find and can be a bit more expensive on your part. Not to mention, weirdly shaped magazines that are harder to find as well.

If you know someone with expertise or even a teammate, try to mix and match magazines with them. This will benefit each one if you run out of mags and prevent you from being knocked down by your opponent.

Thus, the more common your airsoft brand, the more available parts you could opt to. Rare guns are great but if you want to establish yourself in airsoft, find a gun that has common parts and is more reliable as your primary weapon.

Otherwise, you might have difficulty in customizing your gun if there are broken parts which could lead to spending more – and we don’t want that.

Last but not the least…

Consider battery space like a reared wire battery with side storage in stock. In this way, you can store lipo or nickel batteries just in case your battery runs out.

Also, the type of rails for accessories attachments like fiber optics, lasers, lights and more. There are guns that would become heavy when attachments are placed. Thus, you need to get hold of your gun when deciding which accessories to attach.

It’ll help you to know whether or not you can easily maneuver during gameplay given the number of attachments.

The Different Types of Guns

What Is The Most Reliable Airsoft Gun?

Electric Guns – Automatic Electric Here are the different type of airsoft guns:

  • Guns (AEG) and Automatic Electric Pistols (AEP)
  • Gas Guns – Green Gas, CO2, and High Pressure Air (HPA)
  • Blowback Action and Non-Blowback Gas Pistols
  • Spring Powered Guns

If you’re looking for more reliable and versatile airsoft guns…

AEG is powered by a battery and uses motor compression air to release BBs. On the other hand, AEP are rare and in smaller sizes that result in low velocity.

Gas guns come in three options – GG, CO2, and HPA. It requires more maintenance than AEG. So, if you’re a starter player – opt for cheap airsoft guns.

What about the maintenance?

Green gas used  the same gas as propane except without the smell and oil built in. CO2 has higher pressure than GG. It’s often sold in 12 gram capsules that you can install in your magazine.

The higher the pressure means higher power but in the long run could lead to broken parts.

HPA is housed externally using a hose leading to your mag. The good thing about HPA is an exact pressure is pressed into your mag but can be expensive and not beginner-friendly.


Gas Blowback functions like a real gun by the blowback system where the chamber slides with each shot and locks when mags have been emptied. Most pistols available on the market are blowback.

On the contrary, non-blowback pistols or revolvers come with a fixed slide system that is cheap but reliable.

It is more recommended to use for plinking or backyard training because non-blowback guns are less competitive as primary and even secondary weapons. Truth be told, there are much less realistic, long, and heavy trigger pull that was graded as toy and for collection.

You can still use it as a sidekick weapon but not really competitive compared to GG pistols.

Aside from pistols…

Gas airsoft rifles are some of the most fun you can have during an airsoft game. Airsoft rifles offer a nice kick and a very realistic function. It’s often seen as movie props or as training tools but it is not as reliable as AEG.

For new airsoft players…

…you might want to avoid bolt action snipers powered by a spring. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a good airsoft gun but it takes a lot of experience to master this type of gun. Sniper rifles are only as effective as to how well they’re built and tuned.

An AEG can shoot up to 30 shots while a bolt action rifle would only shoot one. Unless you’re experienced enough to use one, purchase  an AEG as your first gun and put a bolt action rifle in your wish list.

Speaking of wish lists – these airsoft guns will definitely be a candidate not just in your wish list but as your  first gun.

The Best Airsoft Guns

What Is The Most Reliable Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft Pistol

If you’re a new and intermediate airsoft player…

The G&G raider is one of the best AEG for starter and budget-wise players. It’s a traditional style polymer M4 with a quad picatinny rail that allows for the use of any standard accessories such as light, lasers, and grips. The external is polymer, thus it’s lightweight but durable.

G&G raider features a collapsible stock and the magazine is a 300-round high cap mag. It’s a great M4 AEG beginner’s gun with its affordable price point and reliability in the airsoft field.

It shoots between 350-370 FPS for indoor use. It also comes with adjustable crane stock.  So, if you’re looking for your first airsoft rifle, you might want to get a grip on this G&G raider.

Aside from this…

Elite Force S&W M&P 9 is a partial blowback CO2 pistol. It’s a good M&P replica for beginners given that it’s high powered, durable, and has a nice pistol grip.

Even though a replica this CO2 blowback simulates the action of a real pistol and there’s a bit of recoil. Thanks to the CO2 mags that helps it run better even in cold weather.

The slide is metal and the lower frame is a durable polymer. It also featured interchangeable back straps where you can adjust the grip as you want.

Not only that…

This M&P beast has an adjustable hop up screw for a maximum range out of the pistol. It is also great for indoor plays at velocities of 300-330 FPS. Not to mention that it’s an officially licensed replica.

Speaking of licenses…

UMAREX Glock 17 Gen 4 is an officially licensed Glock by UMAREX – well renowned Austrian handgun. It comes with a green gas magazine out of the box like the APP-01 pistol.

ASG Optic Ready P-09 is one of the best performing and respected pistols on the market. A unique feature of this pistol is the attached optic plate. Unlike the other guns where you would have to purchase and custom-made. Thus, you can attach a red dot box out of the box.

If you’re playing in dimly lit areas, these are great and much easier to use than iron sights.

Airsoft Rifle

If you want the best airsoft rifles with high FPS…

The Elite force M4 MLOK CQB shoots at 350-360 FPS. It features a gearbox that includes a speed and snappy trigger response and lightweight rail system. Not to mention the adjustable sights and adjustable stock.

Elite Force models compete not just with affordability but also reliability in the field.

Another recommendation for airsoft noobs is the Lancer Tactical MK18 Gen 2 – this rifle features a quick change spring. It can be useful for outdoor field gameplay when you need to change your beast velocity in a matter of minutes.

Moving on…

The ASG Action Army T11 comes with two variations – full length airsoft version with a stock and compact rifle version with no stock.

This bolt action sniper rifle have an upgraded steel and aluminum cylinder, bolt release, aluminum vented piston with a steel base and low friction rings, 90 degree trigger and piston, BB spring guide, and a precision enhanced hop up chamber with concave hop arm

It is much lighter than many sniper rifles. And this gun shoots at 420-440 FPS using .20 g BB – good for outdoor battle.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable but affordable and great rifle out of the box – this one’s for you!

Aside from this…

The ASG Scorpion Evo ATEK has high quality internals and externals. This beast features ambidextrous controls, empty magazine detection, and functional bolt catch.

Aside from having a quick change spring system, Evo ATEK hasn an automated internal failure detection system allowing you to know if something’s wrong with your gun.

ASG produce their best airsoft rifle with high function and performance equally giving us the real handgun feel during gameplay.


The Krytac Kriss Vector AEG features a folding stock that properly locks into place. Just like the previous beast, it also has quick spring change, an electronic trigger unit, upper and lower rail systems for aftermarket accessories.

This AEG has a fire selector switch for single fire, semi auto (two round burst), and three fire modes – interesting right?

Other parts of this beast include a trigger guard as safety mechanism, hop up unit, full metal construction sling points, ambidextrous parts, battery compartment, and some that might surprise you!

Cybergun SIG SAUER MCX used to train law enforcement agencies with full metal body compact AEG, three-prong flash hider, adjustable hop-up system, metal slide, and rear sights, aluminum handguard, telescoping stock, and ambidextrous parts.

It has an impressive 120 round magazine and shoots at around 320 FPS both semi automatic and fully automatic

Conclusion: What is the most reliable airsoft gun

There are a few models available on the market these days. Some of which might intimidate you but don’t fear – we’re here to guide you.

New and improved real handguns from pistols and rifles of different types of metal gearbox system, even polymers continuously dominate the airsoft community.

For example, Tokyo Marui, Vega Force Company, and other reliable airsoft brands.

But regardless of brand – your preference is what matters most. We’ve given you the things you need to consider and what to look out for in an airsoft gun – you should now be more than equipped to find your reliable airsoft companion to uplevel your game!

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