What Is The Best Airsoft Brand For Beginners 2024

What Is The Best Airsoft Brand For Beginners FI

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If you ask us…

The best beginner airsoft brand and model is most definitely the Sig Sauer S1G1 MPX. You just can’t go wrong with that dude.

But of course, that fan-made comment is not going to cut it for you.

What you need is more than just a description. Playing airsoft is as serious as it’s fun, so you’re probably here because you want to weigh out your choices.

Lucky for you…

We have all the details right in this article! We’ve gathered our collective knowledge about airsoft guns, especially what worked best for us as beginners. 

We also added stuff that we’ve read online about the most popular airsoft gun types for beginners. So you know What Is The Best Airsoft Brand For Beginners.

So in this article, we’ll be looking at:

  • How to tell airsoft guns for beginners apart from others;
  • Eight of the most popular airsoft gun brands;
  • What airsoft gun falls into the affordable price range;
  • The features that made them the best airsoft guns for beginners; and
  • Much more!

And just a little clue for you: Sig Sauer is on the list!

Your airsoft experience doesn’t start when you go out to the field. It begins right here while you’re rummaging the internet for the right gun, right goggles, and right everything.

This might be the last item that will complete your tactical gear, so what are we waiting for?

The field’s hot and ready…

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What Is The Best Airsoft Brand For Beginners

Entering the airsoft world for the first time might be confusing – we’ve been there. So we’re here to help you ease a few lines on your forehead!


Before we continue with the best airsoft guns, let’s explain first how to tell if an airsoft rifle is a beginner rifle. 

Or whatever gun type, for that matter.


If you take down a notch the great airsoft guns for experienced players, you’ll have the best gun for the beginner.

For example – you’d want guns with only 300 to 350 FPS muzzle velocity. It’s not too slow that you lose your range and accuracy, but also not too high that you might hurt someone.

Another one is the material. The best airsoft rifles are mostly made of metal. They’re generally more durable and are closer to the weight of a real gun. 

But you’ll want the lightweight guns when you’re not used to the feel of them yet.


You’re going to look for a vertical foregrip if you want to try airsoft rifles. It’ll help you control and maneuver your weapon better.

Although, it’s recommended to start with airsoft pistols first.

There are also negotiable features – a few things you need to test first if you’re comfortable with as a beginner. Namely, the iron sights, red dot sight, trigger guard, telescopic folding stock, etc.

All these…


Popular Brands Airsoft Guns

Experienced airsoft players have their go-to brands. But that choice isn’t an overnight decision. Years of playing gave us first-hand information about what works for us and what doesn’t.

Which is why…

We encourage you to read carefully about each of the airsoft brands that we’ve listed below.

Each one has pros and cons. And the best airsoft guns for you, specifically, depend on the feature that you think you want to prioritize.

You might think…

How can a beginner know what features comprise the best airsoft gun for them?

Once you’ve read through this article – as we explain what is and what is not to love about the top airsoft brands – you’ll know. Or at least you’ll get an idea.

We were beginners once too so we’re speaking from experience here.

Now let’s get going!


Let’s start with one of the most common names you’ll hear.

No, it’s not Tokyo Marui. Most of their products are too professional for our tastes.

If you’re looking for an entry level airsoft gun, people are going to point you to G&G. We can’t say it’s the best airsoft gun. But for beginners, they’re highly recommendable.

Why so?

Their gas pistols have an excellent air seal. It means, there’s very little air wasted every time you fire the airsoft gun. Then you won’t have to keep reloading your magazine now and then.

They’re made of polymer so they’re not that durable, but it makes them lightweight.


It has a lot of customisable parts, including a tactical foregrip. You can do some trial and error on which features would work for you.

ARES AMOEBA AM-008 M4 Carbine

Most guns have a relatively fixed FPS rating. But with the Ares Amoeba’s quick change spring system, you can easily adjust it to your liking.

As mentioned before…

We recommend that you go to the safe zone as a beginner. It means a lower FPS.

Another thing that makes this brand popular for beginners is the lightweight material it’s made of. All of those specs will make your first airsoft experience fun and worthwhile.


For those who are just starting out with their airsoft hobby, the only problem with Specna Arms are the front and rear sights. They’re not the most comfortable to work with if you’re not used to them.

But not to worry.

A Specna airsoft gun’s rear sight is removable. Once you’ve dealt with that, you’re good to go.

Also, it’s relatively lightweight and affordable. 

You’ll have to make do with some durability issues, but you can think about that when you’re sure to go further on your airsoft career.


CYMA products are some of the most affordable airsoft guns you’ll find on the market.


It will not last as long as the next starter gun (we’re talking about their budget airsoft gun.) That’s a problem if you’re planning to continue your airsoft journey. 

They’re not disposable, don’t get us wrong. 

Actually, they have sturdy full-metal body BB guns. But they tend to be heavy and expensive.

For newbies…

You can have a go with the cheaper, lighter choice. Once you’ve decided to carry on with airsoft, you’ll have plenty left in your pocket for the best guns.

What Is The Best Airsoft Brand For Beginners


One of the most remarkable traits of the ICS airsoft guns is their trigger response. There’s a very little delay which is an advantage for the shooter.

The only inconvenience…

… is that the ICS guns accept only ICS parts. When you need to replace something, you can’t get it done with just what you have. You’ll need to look specifically for ICS-manufactured products.

But if you can live with that, this brand might be good for you.


If you want to try a gas-powered electric gun, this brand is known for them. They’re relatively lightweight, and you can get them for reasonable prices.

You’ll have to be careful with them, though. Their gun models have high FPS ratings. It’s an advantage in accuracy and range, but it’s too risky, especially for beginners.


A&K is one of those airsoft brands known for their beginner-level products. 

This brand has beginner-friendly items for you, from pistols to airsoft sniper rifles – even to machine guns.


The airsoft fans are divided about this brand. It’s well-known, that’s for sure. But some players consider it to be sub-par compared to others.

Well, we think they make a good practice airsoft rifle.


If you’re up for AEG guns (automatic electric gas guns), this is another brand choice for you. Others might point you to an AEG Scar rifle – and they’re alright – but not for the inexperienced shooter.

The A&K electric guns, on the other hand, fall mid-range in terms of price, and you’ll get the quality that you paid for.


It hasn’t been here long, but Umarex (AKA Elite Force) has taken the market by storm with their gas blowback pistols and rifles. They make other models too, but GBBs is their expertise.

Just a summary…

A GBB’s firing style involves enhanced recoil to give you that real gun feel. Amazing as it may sound, it’s only a good feature for experienced players or military trainees.

For beginners, it’s a very hard gun to control and practice on.


If you’re the kind of person who runs headlong to trouble, by all means, get an Elite Force! You’ll find their products very durable and powerful.

Also relatively expensive, but good value for money.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer has a spring-powered airsoft gun that’s easy to use yet performs very well. That’s why we highly recommend it for beginners.

We think…

Its ergonomic pistol grip is what makes it beginner-friendly. Coupled with its full-metal barrel assembly – you can tell that it’s made for both comfort and performance.

For beginner guns, that’s taking the extra mile.

What else?

It exceeds the others in terms of spring magazine capacity, muzzle velocity, quick-firing response, etc.

The only problem is that spring airsoft guns are not the cheapest choices – especially not for Sig Sauer.

For a more in-depth discussion about the Sig as a beginner gun, check this review RIGHT HERE.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Airsoft Brand For Beginners

What Is The Best Airsoft Brand For Beginners

As we said…

… those above were just the most popular starter airsoft gun brands on the market.

If you ask around, you’ll hear a lot of other names. There’s Tokyo Marui,  Classic Army, Redwolf Airsoft, etc.

They’re all famous – especially Tokyo Marui – and they all have exceptional pros on the field. But as per our experience, not all of them are for beginners.


… if you’re really looking to buy one – check out our best recommendations in this buyer’s guide for the best beginner airsoft guns.

We know you’re now excited to play airsoft.

But before you go…

We’d just like to remind you – safety first, comrade!

These airsoft rifles may shoot plastic pellets instead of bullets like real guns, but there is still a risk of injury – especially in close quarter combat.


To enjoy your airsoft games, don’t forget your protective gear.

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