What Is Speedsoft?

What is speedsoft FI

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How’s your last gameplay?

Recap: Airsoft is a military simulation game that uses BBs shooting out of replica firearms.

But, I’m not here to talk about how to play airsoft, in particular. 

I’ve learned a little something called SPEEDSOFT, and I’m stoked to share this with you.

If this is your first time hearing about speedsoft – that’s not a problem, keywords are speedball and airsoft that gave birth to speedsoft.

In general, it’s known for its fast close quarter combat gameplay.

But, of course, you’ll want to grasp what it’s all about.

That’s why here we bring you a fully loaded article about speedsoft. We’ll talk about:

  • A brief definition of speedsoft;
  • The basic rules of this particular play style; and
  • A full-load more!

If you’re planning to shoot into the world of speed combat, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep your scroll down, mate.

It’s time to fasten our gear and activate game modes!

What is Speedsoft?

Let’s break down the word speedsoft to speed and soft. Previously said that the word comes from speedball and airsoft.

So, it’s combat but with a whole new level of speed. Not just players but the shots – BBs are everywhere, literally and figuratively.

Speedsoft is a play style where a player focuses on fast-paced combat similar to a competitive paintball. Compared to milsim players, it focuses more on speed rather than strategy, tactics and is far from being cautious.

You could tell that it’s an aggressive and competitive milsim-based game.

Not only that…

Like Skirmish and MilSim, Speedsoft games can be played indoors or outdoors quickly and appropriately but could last for 4-5 minutes – more on this later!

The goal is to run light as fast as possible while hitting the opposing team as possible to bring home the bacon.

The Basics of Speedsoft

What Is Speedsoft

“Speedsoft is easy peasy” – speedsoft players.

Well, they’re not spreading fake news. Compared to a milsim game that lasted for an hour or days for some, speedsoft is particularly fast-paced in time.

Here, the objective of the speedsoft players is to move and shoot fast to eliminate as many opponents as possible and win short rounds.


Movements are not limited – players can slide, dive, run, hide, and vault. It’s more rapid movements and less waiting. Thus, players require quick thinking and rapid shooting.

So, if you’re the strategic type of person – communicate your strategies with your teammate before the game starts, not to fall behind.

Just so you know,

…speedsoft offers two forms – SupAir speedsoft and SpeedQB. SupAir speedsoft is indoor combat that uses inflatable obstacles, while SpeedQB can be indoor or outdoor with wooden barricades as cover.

Where Does Speedsoft Come From?

What Is Speedsoft


It has been widely popular after being popularized by a group called SpeedQB in Southern California in 2016. SpeedQB is a premiere competitive airsoft league that evolved from a conventional game into an international SpeedQB tournament for the airsoft community.

They have a set of rules and regulations, rankings, and standardized field configurations. They also offer airsoft products and partnered with several companies that carry the same vision they have.

How To Play Speedsoft?

This gameplay was monitored by referees and officials watching on both sides of the field. They have the power to call and pull players out of the game if needed. They also have the final call to any disagreement.

Here’s how you play speedsoft…

Speedsoft is a fast-paced style airsoft game consisting of only two teams with five members.

Substitutions are allowed before and after each set, equivalent to four sets and four rounds plus a tiebreaker set if needed.

One round lasts approximately four minutes. A five-second countdown is started before the game begins, and a whistle is blown to signal each team to start.

From then,

Teams will break from the starting area, where they must point their weapon towards the wall until the round begins.

Speedsoft, or SpeedQB in particular, works in a point-based system.

100 points are for grabs each round. 25 points are earned for being the first to get flag possession and 25 points for a flag hang which ends the round.

Flag hang is hung on the opposing team.

If the flag carrier got hit, the player should drop the flag where he got hit.

10 points are rewarded for each player who hits an opponent. Thus, a team could score a maximum of 50 points.

If a player broke these rules…

A 10 point penalty could be deducted from the team’s score. If caught cheating, a team would automatically lose the round following these offenses:

  • First Offense: The cheating player would be marked with a wristband.
  • Second Offense: The cheating player would be pulled out for the rest of a particular set plus no, substitution allowed. Only 4 players will be allowed to play.
  • Third Offense: The cheating player would be pulled out for the rest of the day, but substitution is allowed after the set.

Your fast movements are necessary, but you need to follow the rules to honor the game and opposing teams. Run and shoot at the same time to eliminate opponents

Quick reminder: Quick shooting increases the possibility to hit your opponent but don’t overshoot. Players compete with a common objective to win while having fun.

Where can you play Speedsoft?

where can you play speedsoft

One thing is for sure – you can’t play in your backyard unless you have your land for airsoft games.

Absolutely not in public places like parks. You don’t want to endanger others and mess with the cops.

So, where can you play?

Indoor Fields

There are recommended airsoft places that you need to look for, like indoor airsoft fields. It’s great when the weather outside is bad, but you suddenly want to speedsoft.

Most indoor sites have inflatable obstacles, simulations, and other features to look out for. You can go solo or book as a group.

If you’re not into spending your buck on airsoft guns…

Some indoor fields would let you rent gear and guns, so you would worry less about spending right off the bat.

Outdoor Fields

Like indoor airsoft play, outdoor sites would have obstacles, barricades, and more features.

However, sometimes, it would be as simple as an open field without the necessary features. So, make sure to check before you play.

It would also be possible to rent gear and guns, especially if your newbie friend needs one.

Private Estate

If you have a comrade who owns the land – why not? – a good reason to play speedsoft.

The important thing to do is to seek permission to show respect to the landowner. Don’t forget to clean obstacles and BBs before you leave.

where can you play speedsoft

Speedsoft Tournaments

If your team wants a hardcore play – join tournaments and win amazing prizes.

These are some recommendations where you can legally play speedsoft. You can also find places via airsoft fields databases or seek help from local airsoft teams.

This way, you can ask and learn insights you need to know, especially if you’re a beginner-level player.

Quick reminder: Different game sites allow certain gun power (FPS). FPS are checked using a chronograph. To make sure, check your airsoft guns before going into fields.

Speedsoft Loadout

Here’s the cool thing about speedsoft games – minimal loadout.

To maneuver fast, players opt for lightweight loadouts.

Speedsoft loadouts include tennis shoes, athletic clothing, lightweight tactical rigs, colorful full-face masks, and an airsoft gun.

Speedsoft players don’t need ghillie suits, military grade boots, and heavy gear. Most speedsofters are into colorful but badass personal style.

Not to mention maneuverable guns and an accurate weapon for combat. You can go semi-auto or full-auto with your chosen beast.

Speedsoft loadout

Usually, CO2 and green gas are the go-to guns of players. AEGs are also a good choice, but they often require heavy modifications.

If you’re thinking of airsoft pistols…

…you’re in the right direction. Players would opt for lightweight pistols that would be a good replica gun for close quarter combat, and pistols would have 30 rounds of HI-CAPA mags or even a custom pistol.

Not only that…

The compact rifle is a beast built for close quarters combat that would hold up to more than 200 rounds of mags.

And unless you’re playing extreme outdoor milsim games, don’t use a bolt sniper rifle as your main weapon.

Most importantly, don’t forget to back yourself as many BBs as you can- mega mags will be a wise choice, if I may recommend.

Quick reminder: It’s wise to have a lightweight kit for better maneuverability. A good choice of running shoes would be of great help. Try to avoid bringing a sniper rifle because setting it up might slow you down – remember this is a fast-paced airsoft.

How Is Speedsoft Different From Other Game Modes?

We’ve talked about the importance of lightweight speedsoft loadout and stark contrast in swift nature style and game tactics.

Compared to milsim games wearing full military loadouts, you can style yourself from head to toe. Wear your badass lightweight gear and colorful clothing to stand out during the game.

To further compare…

Milsim players would last for hours or days during combat. They are more slow and cautious with their movements. The use of bolt sniper rifles are recommended, especially for long-range combat.

Skirmish is a one day combat with various modes of games. It’s primarily good for beginners who acquire cheap weaponry and want to de-stress while improving skills before going into extreme combat.

Conclusion: What is Speedsoft?

Indeed, a new way to play airsoft – speedsoft is another style of play that mainly focuses on the players’ speed.

Lightweight guns are a must to better maneuver during combat. Remember that you need tons of BBs as a backup. Follow the rules and know exactly where you can speedsoft legally.

This way, you can hit your opponent with your best shot.

So, if you haven’t chosen a reliable gun for your next combat – try here.

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