What Is A Good Beginner Airsoft Gun?

What Is A Good Beginner Airsoft Gun

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The world of airsoft sucks you in from the moment you venture into it. But for a beginner player, the euphoria can quickly transform into stress when trying to find an airsoft gun that’s both accurate and easy to use.

But here’s the thing…

We’ve all been there. So you need not worry. 

You’ll soon find out the most important things to look out for when choosing a starter airsoft gun from the many products available on the market. You want to know What Is A Good Beginner Airsoft Gun? Lets move

Airsoft Guns

An airsoft gun, whether a gas pistol, carbine aeg rifle, or spring rifle, looks just like real guns, but they are only replica rifles. 

They can’t kill a person or cause any serious injury on your skin, like a real gun, would. But, they will make you feel like you’re in a real battle. 

Look at this…

The 6-millimeter round pellets that fly out of airsoft guns can cause light bleeding and welts, especially on the body’s sensitive parts like the neck and face. 

That’s why you should exercise caution when playing airsoft. Make sure you have your protective gear and follow airsoft field rules.

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Q. What Do I Need to Know Before Getting Into Airsoft?

Before you begin playing Airsoft, keep in mind that getting hit would most likely cause some bleeding and give you welts, especially if the shot is from a very powerful airsoft rifle or pistol with high FPS, or the person is within a close range. 

But the excitement and fun you’ll get running around the field with your buddies are worth more than a minor pain. Right? 

What’s more…

Airsoft guns are replica guns. Be careful how you carry them, or you’d get in trouble. If you want to play with your friends, it’s best to enter an organized airsoft event in your locality. 

Perhaps you stay in a rural environment and want to play in your yard, that’s no problem. Let your neighbors know about your new hubby, or invite them to join. You don’t want them to report you for being a nuisance and part with your money or even get locked up. 

I’ll say that you find the nearest airsoft field around you. With $20, you’ll find a nice place for CQB and clothes. You can also rent gear and other items at an extra price.

Q. Who Can Buy and Use Them?

In the United States, anyone can buy and use an airsoft gun. But people under 18 need parental guidance or consent to enter an airsoft field.


Some cities classify airsoft rifles and pistols as firearms. That’s why you should check the airsoft rules that apply to your location. 

A good example is California, where it is illegal to sell an airsoft gun to children under 18 without parental consent.

In Michigan, kids younger than 14 cannot own an airsoft gun except there’s an adult to supervise them.

What Is A Good Beginner Airsoft Gun

Camo will make you less visible, which means that you’ll avoid getting shot at often. Black clothing is an invitation to your opponents to shoot you.


It depends on the style of the airsoft game you’re playing. For instance, if you’re playing CQB, you can wear camo as it would certainly help. 

But it’s not a do-or-die as other neutral-colored clothing with mild patterns would do fine.

Milsim, on the other hand, demands camo or nothing else.

Q. How Are They Used?

People use airsoft guns for several purposes. 

Airsoft has risen to the top as the most dominant combat sport. Airsoft players enjoy playing airsoft games with sniper rifles because of the grip, internals, trigger response, red dot sight, torque motor, play style and sounds effects, and performance that are just like the ones you’ll get using real submachine guns. 

But there’s more…

Some other folks use airsoft guns for hunting birds and other small animals. 

In places like the UK, law enforcement officials fire airsoft rifles or gas pistols to control teen gang members during a skirmish.

It is also common to find people using a combat machine to play tactical games.

And yet, there are those who use airsoft guns during military training to avoid hurts and death from real guns.

  • Getting Your First Gun

Before getting your first gun, do some research. Find out which ones are the best beginner airsoft guns amongst the options you’ll see. 

But before that, let’s find out the types of guns you’ll find on the market, based on their power source. 

There are three types of airsoft guns. You’ll find spring airsoft guns, gas guns, and electric guns popularly called AEGs. 


Beginners don’t need to buy a sniper rifle at this time. Get a good beginner airsoft gun you can easily maneuver, which will help you with targeting. You can always pick up a sniping role later. 

  • Firing a Gun

Remember that airsoft guns look just like real guns, but for the orange tips. So, all the rules that apply to firing a real gun apply to firing an airsoft gun.

First, make sure your finger is not on the trigger when you’re not shooting. That way, you won’t accidentally fire at someone. The bullets might not be lethal, but they hurt!

Now, to shooting!

To hit targets consistently, choose a correct shooting stance when firing an airsoft gun.

Also, extend your hands fully. In tactical games, you can hold the gun to your chest to minimize fatigue.

Also, you’re not John Wick, so hold your beginner gun with both hands. It will help your precision and give you more range and accuracy. 

  • Playing the Game

Ready to play?

When you get to the playing area, check out their rules. Field rules differ from place to place. Here are a few of the general ones: 

  1. In any close quarter back field (CQB field), you must put on eye protection.
  2. You have to call your hits. You’ll only enjoy airsoft games with honest folks. If you get hit, even from a friendly fire from your teammate, make sure you call it.
  3. There’s a required minimum engagement distance that ranges between 10 and 25 feet, sometimes less. So, no shooting at close range.
  4. Accept the ref’s judgment. Arguing will get you thrown out.
  5. Follow instructions given by the refs in charge, or you’d be kicked out. 
  • Safety First

When it comes to playing airsoft games, especially as entry level players, safety is a big deal. A lot of things can go wrong, especially when a player is careless with their gun.

Here’s what you can do…

First, if you have to play in a yard, choose one without pets or valuable properties. 

Also, put on protection. Wear your eye protection, gloves, boots, and all. You can pick these up at reasonable prices from popular stores like Amazon. 

Make sure players around you have their protective gear on, and do not shoot at someone who’s not wearing any. 

Always hold your gun carefully, and remove magazines when you’re done with a game. Also, keep the gun in its case. An accidental discharge can make a person go blind or break a tooth.

Conclusion: What Is A Good Beginner Airsoft Gun

So you now know what to look out for in the world of Airsoft. You’ve also learned the rules of the game and the importance of safety when handling an airsoft gun.

What’s next?

Check out a few brands. The popular ones are Tokyo Marui, G G, Lancer Tactical, BBTac, Classic Army, and Elite Force. You’ll also learn a lot from our review on the Best Airsoft Guns for Beginners in 2021. 

Go knock yourself out!

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