What Are The Top 5 Airsoft Brands?

What Are The Top 5 Airsoft Brands?

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Hi, there, airsoft peeps!

Maybe you’re wondering why more and more people play airsoft?

Aside from the suspense and thrill, you get to experience…

I would say the joy and satisfaction of having a gun in your grip – either it’s your first, second, or tenth airsoft gun.

When you have the beastly beauty weapon right out of the box – you just can’t get enough of it!

If you’re curious to dive into the airsoft world…

Don’t worry!

Here are some of the best airsoft brands you could choose from to know which gun is the best for your grip.

So, let’s have a blast, warriors!

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Top 5 Airsoft Brands



Let’s start with UMAREX.

Umarex is a German airsoft brand that has specialized in premium airsoft replicas of guns since 1972. Thus, it’s one of the top airsoft brands on the market alongside Tokyo Marui, Systema, and more!

With over 1000 members worldwide, Umarex is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of replica firearms. They’ve expanded their reach through exporting in Egypt, France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

Some of their most signature licenses are Beretta, Browning, Colt, Heckler and Koch, IWI, and Ruger Smith & Wesson to offer serious airsoft players an authentic shooting experience from a trusted and known brand. Umarex also produces high-quality airsoft products, including CO2 canisters and tactical lasers.

Speaking of licenses…

UMAREX Glock 17 Gen 4 is an officially licensed Glock by UMAREX – well renowned Austrian handgun. It comes with a green gas magazine out of the box like the APP-01 pistol.


Germany is known for having ‘big hands,” and most models of UMAREX were inspired and used in military training and law enforcement.

If you’re confident with your big hands…

you can opt for Umarex H&K G3 GBBR. Most UMAREX’s G3 was already produced more than 10 million times with collapsible stocks and fire selectors for ease of use and convenience. Not to mention that their rifles have been used in the military’s main service since 1959.

Not only that…

Here are some of the models you can choose from:

  • Umarex Glock 17 Gen4 Gas Blowback Pistol
  • Umarex VFC HK M27 V2 AEG Rifle
  • Umarex Heckler & Koch G36C EFCS Keymod Blow Back AEG

If you’re wondering about the externals and internals…

The trigger responses are light and snappy. Some models have internals with the exact parts of a real gun, such as the Umarex Glock 17 Gen4 Gas Blowback Pistol.

They also produce high-quality airsoft guns and accessories such as CO2 canisters, tactical lasers, AEG, spring-powered guns, and gas-powered replica firearms to offer airsoft players an authentic shooting experience.

Not only that…

UMAREX offers smaller pistols which are good for budget players. However, some of their models can be a hit or a miss. You can purchase a very good high-quality gun or something that will make you irk.

It depends on the model, so you better be wise in choosing the great gun for you.

Quick reminder: The bigger the guns, the more it will cost you. So if you want an entry-level gun, their pistols are a good choice.



Like UMAREX, ASG or Action SportGames manufactured realistic airsoft guns, high-quality accessories, and tactical gear. ASG is based in Denmark and is known for over 60 countries nationwide and is considered one of the best airsoft brands available on the market, like Tokyo Marui, Vega Force Company, and other top airsoft brands.

They also produce several popular licensed guns that offer players realistic military simulation models that shoot with accuracy and reliability.

ASG has a great and compact streamline of gas pistols that are perfect for CQB.

Not only that…

ASG produces their best airsoft rifle with high function and performance, giving us the real handgun feel during gameplay.

ASG Optic Ready P-09 is the best performing and respected airsoft pistol on the market. A unique feature of this pistol is the attached optic plate, unlike the other guns where you would have to purchase and custom-made. Thus, you can attach a red dot box out of the box.

If you’re playing in dimly lit areas, these are great and much easier to use than iron sights.

Here are some models you can choose from:

  • ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 (2020 Edition) BSG
  • ASG CZ 805 BREN A1
  • ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 Carbine
  • ASG Scorpion Evo ATEK
  • ASG Action Army T11
  • ASG Optic Ready P-09

If you’re a rifle enthusiast…

The ASG EVO 3 comes with a feature that it’ll stop firing when the magazine is emptied, and players will have to reload and activate the functional bolt catch just as they would firing a real steel replica of EVO 3.

Most ASG rifles have a quick change spring system and an automated internal failure detection system allowing you to know if something’s wrong with your gun.

The grip is larger but enough for smaller hands with ambidextrous controls and light mag release. Not to mention a collapsible stock when you want to use it in CQB.


The ASG Action Army T11 comes with two variations – a full-length airsoft version with a stock and a compact rifle version with no stock.

This bolt action sniper rifle has upgraded steel and aluminum cylinder, bolt release, aluminum vented piston with a steel base and low friction rings, 90-degree trigger and piston, BB spring guide, and precision enhanced hop-up chamber with concave hop arm.

It is much lighter than many sniper rifles. And this gun shoots at 420-440 FPS using .20 g BB – good for outdoor battle.



Here is another manufacturer of real steel guns.

Guay and Guay, known as G&G is a Taiwanese producer of airsoft guns and parts since 1984.

They began as a distributor of Tokyo Marui guns before placing their replacement parts under the G&G brand in 2001.

G&G has been producing high-quality airsoft guns and parts that offer great value since 2004.

 So, for new players- G&G is the gun for you!

The G&G Combat Machine 16 is one of the most popular airsoft models out there, offering durability, speed, and plenty of opportunities for modification.

Here are some models you can choose from:

  • G&G Airsoft G&G CM16 Wild Hog 7″
  • G&G Airsoft TR16 CRW Viper DST *blowback* Gen 2
  • G&G Airsoft ARP 9

If you’re a new and intermediate airsoft player…

The G&G raider is one of the best AEG for starter and budget-wise players. It’s a traditional polymer M4 with a quad Picatinny rail that allows for the use of any standard accessories such as light, lasers, and grips. The external is a polymer. Thus it’s lightweight but durable.

G&G Raider features a collapsible stock, and the magazine is a 300-round high cap mag. It’s a great M4 AEG beginner’s gun with its affordable price point and reliability in the airsoft field.

It shoots between 350-370 FPS for indoor use. It also comes with adjustable crane stock.  So, if you’re looking for your first airsoft rifle, you might want to get a grip on this G&G raider.



I bet you agree that Lancer Tactical is one of the best airsoft brands available on the market.

Since 2012, Lancer Tactical’s area of expertise is they produce high-quality automatic electric guns and tactical gear for airsoft warriors looking for good quality airsoft guns for your buck.

This airsoft brand is used by law enforcement and for military simulation around the world.

Here are some models you can choose from:

  • Lancer Tactical LT-04 Gen 2 M4 RIS Combo AEG
  • Lancer Tactical LT-25 M4 SPR Interceptor Polymer Combo AEG
  • Lancer Tactical LT-32 M4 SPC 8″ ETU Hybrid AEG
  • Lancer Tactical MK18 Gen 2

Another recommendation for airsoft noobs is the Lancer Tactical MK18 Gen 2 – this rifle features a quick change spring. It can be useful for outdoor field gameplay when you need to change your beast velocity in a matter of minutes.

As a matter of fact…

Lancer Tactical produces models that are exact replicas of the most famous airsoft rifles like the M4 series. Their line of rifles are beasts in the field of airsoft because of speed and durability.

If you’re an avid fan, a veteran, or a noob in airsoft…

You will have a blast with this brand as your primary weapon.

What about the internals?

The internals of the guns produced by Lancer Tactical is relatively solid given their price point, and you can always opt to upgrade and modify based on your preference.

Also, Lancer Tactical guns usually have plastic externals or a full-metal body (metal airsoft guns). However, Lancer Tactical is a bit more expensive than other brands but better quality than CYMA.



Stand out and shout with CYMA.

This airsoft brand has been recognized and respected by the airsoft industry due to its affordable airsoft guns, such as their spring and electric types.

CYMA produces cheaper copies of high-end airsoft brands like Tokyo Marui, VFC, and some higher-end brands.

If you’re looking for a budget arm- this is for you!

The CYMA low cost airsoft rifles have been popular these days for their affordable yet high-quality guns. Even their full metal body AEGs are well-made, and the quality is great.

It also comes with a solid gearbox and widely available accessories.

But since most of their guns are cheaper clones, don’t get your hopes up with durability.

Some models are slightly poor in shape compared to other CYMA models. Still, you can upgrade based on your preference, and it’ll be a reliable beast during combat.

Pricing Vs Budget

Pricing Vs Budget

Many users are most concerned about the price of the gun, and the budget is always at stake.

Here’s a recommendation, use 50% of your budget for your chosen gun. This could help you purchase other things like a good battery and charger, extra magazine, high-end tactical, and protective gear.

There are also available packages on the market to have all the necessary things for your gameplay.

You just need to be smart to choose your beastly weaponry.

If you can spend more on guns…

You can opt for a higher-end airsoft gun with a quick-change spring like the E&C and ASG lines. Other top brands and models are available on the market, like the G&G as a starter gun.

If you can spend a little higher – Tokyo Marui, VFC, Systema, Krytac, and other expensive guns are waving at you on the market!

Some would say that the more expensive the gun, the better it is in combat. I would have to agree and disagree.

What makes the best airsoft guns stand out is how the player uses them. And what makes a gun expensive is the replacement or upgrade parts a player does.

Not only that…

It depends on the type of airsoft gun a player uses. For example, gas powered guns require more maintenance than AEG. So, if you’re a starter player – opt for cheap airsoft guns. Some are cheap yet have realistic gun features.

After all, airsoft brands offer a lower price for their high-quality guns to accommodate players that manage their buck.

Surpassing Basic Quality

Surpassing Basic Quality

Since we’ve discussed the consideration of different price ranges – let’s now talk about the quality.

Of course, we want to have high-quality airsoft guns for our every day or every weekend combat.

Watch out for a reliable blowback system, AEG range, illuminated scope, and other airsoft products.

Even though you’re looking for beginner models…

you still deserve a high-end airsoft brand with high-performance product quality and extremely durable polymer materials. Real steel replicas with maximum durability and reliability steel coated metal slide and full metal externals and internals.

Uses and Objective

Uses and Objective

There are guns from various airsoft brands that can be used for plinking, indoor, and outdoor combat.

Some of the best airsoft brands offer various rifles that can be suitable for intermediate target practice and great for teens with little experience.

Not only that…

The airsoft pistol can be suitable for backyard training. Some realistic guns like Tokyo Marui also offered a great bang for your buck pistols and ICS guns for novice shooters.

So, if you’re planning to have one of the best airsoft brands – research and seek what’s best for you and consider your objective in using the gun.

Best Airsoft Brands on the Market

Best Airsoft Brands on the Market

Aside from the previously mentioned airsoft brands above. Here are some of the well-known and best airsoft brands available on the market that you could choose from.

  • Tokyo Marui
  • ICS
  • Classic Army
  • Krytac
  • G&P
  • KWA
  • Classic Army
  • Systema
  • LCT
  • Elite Force
  • Vega Force Company
  • UK Arms
  • AGM

Conclusion: What Are The Top 5 Airsoft Brands

What Are The Top 5 Airsoft Brands

In summary…

The Top 5 airsoft brands are UMAREX, ASG, G&G, Lancer Tactical, and CYMA. But there are more brands available on the market today that you could choose from.

But remember…

it’s always important to know your shooting style and preferences before getting your beastly beauty weapon.

In that way, you can make your enemy cry and bring home the bacon!

If you want more buckets of know-how on some of the best airsoft brands – zip into AirsoftNut.com and learn more.

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