What Airsoft Gun Has The Highest FPS

What Airsoft Gun Has The Highest FPS FI

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Since many people find airsoft enjoyable, several airsoft brands and products are now available for use on airsoft fields. Each product comes with peculiar features and distinct power levels, resources, and more. 


Which brand, product of what airsoft gun has the highest FPS? And does FPS matter in Airsoft?

Q. What Does FPS Mean In Airsoft?

FPS, which is feet per second, refers to the muzzle velocity or speed at which a pellet discharges from an airsoft gun when shot. Apart from the FPS of a gun, other factors affect how fast a shot can go.

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Q. How does FPS Affect BBs?

There is a straightforward relation between FPS and the discharge of BBs. When you fire a gun, BBs fly out of its muzzle. An airsoft gun with high FPS will shoot BBs faster than one with low FPS, so each BB hits targets faster. 

But that’s not all…

While the highest FPS gun will most likely reach a target faster, factors like the wind, the BB’s weight, the hop-up, and a gun’s power source also affect the speed or movement of a BB.

Q.How BB Weight Affects FPS?

The weight of BB used during airsoft play will affect the FPS. The BB weight affects the velocity, kinetic energy, and pallet flight. 

Most airsoft players prefer to use heavier BBs such as 0.25g, although the most popular BB weight is 0.20g. 

Here’s the thing…

The lighter the weight of the BB, the faster it will move in the air. But note that because of its lightweight, the wind often prevents it from covering much range. 

Heavier BBs like 0.28g and 0.30g will cover more range but won’t move as fast as lighter BBs. They also lower the FPS of guns. So they are more suitable for fields with BB weight limitations. 

To get the best out of your gun replica, find out the recommended BB weight. That’s because using the appropriate weight of BB will give you more range and accuracy, even if it’s not the gun with the highest FPS.

Q. How To Check Or Measure Airsoft Gun FPS?

An airsoft gun with the highest FPS will impact range and accuracy. 

But, airsoft fields are generally against using an airsoft gun with the highest FPS. 

Why’s that? 

Because of the speed, guns with the highest FPS shoot BBs so quickly that they hurt opponents’ skin. 

That’s why you need to measure the FPS of your airsoft weapon with a chronograph

The chronograph is a handheld device for measuring your gun’s output. It will tell you how many FPS your gun covers. You can buy one or go to an airsoft field to measure your gun’s FPS.

What Airsoft Gun Has The Highest FPS

Q. What Is The Recommended FPS For Different Types Of Airsoft Guns?

AEG guns generally require between 300 and 400 FPS to give you the right amount of range and accuracy. 

You need circa 300 FPS for Close Quarter Battles and circa 400 for outdoor combats. Many AEGs have their FPS above 400, but you don’t need more than that, especially since most airsoft fields have field limits. 

Airsoft pistols and revolvers require between 250 and 350 FPS. 

But if you’re a sniper, you’ll need more FPS because of your role during games. You need about 500 FPS to shoot opponents at a distance better.

Q. Most Powerful Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Most guns with the highest FPS are sniper type rifles. The average rifle shoots at 500 FPS. 

Some products with stronger spring action shoot up to 700 FPS, even though they are not sniper rifles.

While FPS isn’t the only thing that gives more range or accuracy, they’ll help you hit targets more, thereby making airsoft games more enjoyable. 

Let’s take a look at a few powerful airsoft rifles you’ll quickly get at regular stores near you. 

  • Novritsch SSG24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle – 650 FPS

Novritsch SSG24 is one of the highest FPS airsoft guns you’ll find on the market. The spring-powered airsoft gun fires up to 650 FPS with BBs weighing 0.20g.

This Novritsch product comes with a hop-up system and well-constructed inner barrel to give you good range and accuracy. And it works right out of the box, without the need for any modifications.

Here’s more…

The airsoft gun holds 28 BBs and helps you track how many BBs you have left with its transparent magazine.

What Airsoft Gun Has The Highest FPS 02
  • KJW M700 Gas Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – 500 – 550 FPS

Keep your head high with this lightweight rifle that shoots between 500 and 550 FPS using gas.

Look at this…

The KJW M700 rifle comes with a scope rail, bipod, adjustable hop-up, and sights to give you stability, precision, and accuracy.

Though its magazine holds only ten rounds, its single-shot bolt action will help airsoft players hit a target even at the first try.

This airsoft gun is high-powered and easy to use, giving you good action without stress. 

  • Echo1 M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – 530 FPS

This airsoft gun shoots 0.20g BBs as fast as 530 FPS. It comes with a bipod and two magazines with a capacity of 18 rounds.

Echo 1 M28 Bolt Action is constructed with a durable polymer, a high-quality nylon fiber, and a full metal barrel assembly to accurately shoot at targets for several seasons.

But that’s not all…

The airsoft gun has an inner barrel that’s built to reduce vibrations and noise. You can shoot as far as 150 feet without any hindrances or noise. 

  • WellFire MB11B Full Metal Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – 515 FPS

This airsoft gun has a fluted metal external barrel, a full metal compensator, and an ergonomic pistol grip.

It shoots circa 515 FPS with 0.20g BBs and is an excellent option for long-precision sniping.

The MB11B frame is pretty solid and performs well even in unfavorable conditions.

What’s more…

This airsoft gun has an adjustable stock and a rubber butt pad to keep you comfortable even as you shoot around the field. 

  • Win Gun M117 CO2 Powered “Herd Wolf” Revolver Carbine With Scope – 530-600 FPS

This airsoft gun has an extended barrel to enhance power, range, and accuracy.

The “Herd Wolf,” one of the highest FPS rifles, fires shots circa 600 FPS and comes with an accessory rail for mounting optics and red marked dots.

Here’s more…

The Win Gun product holds six rounds of magazine and has a high-powered gas system.

This airsoft sniper rifle is made with durable metal and high-quality polymer, so you can use it for several airsoft battles.

Conclusion: What Airsoft Gun Has The Highest FPS

Here’s something…

While using a gun with the highest FPS is good, you need to remember that asides from the FPS, the weight of the BB, wind, hop-up, barrel quality, and more determine how far or how accurately you’ll shoot. 

That’s why you should take into account these other factors and specific information about a gun before buying it. 

And if you get an airsoft gun with the highest FPS, make sure to follow specified field rules and avoid hurting your opponents.

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