Tippmann Tactical Airsoft Mask Review

Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Goggle

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This is the only ultimate Tippmann Tactical Airsoft Mask Review you’ll ever need. 

One issue a team player might come across on the airsoft field is communicating with teammates.

Everybody has to wear a mask, and some can block and muffle your voice enough to be unintelligible to your teammates.

If that isn’t the truth!

The Tippmann Tactical Airsoft Mask tackles that problem.

Built around protection and communication, this mask offers superior stability with insert molding technology, creating a tight fit on your eyes while allowing you to breathe and communicate.

Lead your team to victory, keep reading our Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Mask review.

We will cover:

  • insert molding technology
  • breathable material
  • anti-fogging Spectra lens

So if you are looking for a mask that will help you ace that game and be an MVP, this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Tippmann Tactical Airsoft Mask Review
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Things To Consider Before Buying An Airsoft Mask

When you are in the market for an airsoft mask, you will find many available options. Each specific mask, make, and model seeks to meet specific needs for specific users.

Before purchasing an airsoft mask, several important things need to be considered.

What Makes an Airsoft Mask Good?

Protection is the most important aspect of an airsoft mask.

Here’s the deal:

No matter how cool or light or breathable your mask may be, if it has flawed protective qualities, it’s useless. The entire point of wearing something over your face is to protect you from flying bbs.


Most airsoft masks are made out of metal wire mesh or plastic.

Metal wire mesh masks are lightweight and very breathable, but it isn’t much of a solid surface.

However, take note of this:

We recommend steering clear of full-face metal wire mesh masks without a layer of solid plastic over your eyes, as fragments can get through if they are small enough.

Plastic masks are great at diffusing bb impacts, which makes them great in terms of protection, but they tend to be heavier and not as breathable.

Additionally, the more air slots a mask has, the more holes debris can sneak through.

Eye Protection

Your eyes are probably the most vulnerable part of your body in airsoft, so don’t flake out on investing in proper eye protection.

Look for a full seal for your eyes or full face masks, as these provide the greatest amount of protection for your peepers.

Think about it. 

You want to make sure that there is no space between your eye protection and the rest of your mask. Stay away from masks with metal wire mesh over the eyes and no protective plastic.

Cheap bbs hitting metal wire mesh can leave you with a faceful of fragments, and this is especially dangerous for your eyes.


Full face masks are becoming more of the standard in airsoft today, as they offer the most protection. Put it on and your eyes, face, and often ears are protected.

On the other hand…

…there are also half-face masks, which protect your face from the eyes down.

Some come with goggles, while others are just the mask and your eye protection is up to you. These masks are more popular with advanced players and players who wear glasses.


Making sure your mask stays on starts with your straps, so knowing what type of straps your mask has is crucial.

Some masks have a singular one size fits all strap, while others have multiple adjustable straps that allow you to find the best fit.

Straps can be sturdy or elastic.

Elastic straps can wear out over time which will alter the fit of your mask, so keep that in mind when looking for one to purchase.

Lens Type

There are a multitude of types of lenses for masks. Thermal lenses, tinted lenses, mirrored lenses, anti-fog lenses, etc.

It is important to keep in mind what your environment will be when looking for a mask.

If it is super sunny, a tinted lens will usually do the trick. If it’s hot and muggy and you’re going to be sweating up a storm, it isn’t a bad idea to look into anti-fog lenses.

But let me tell you a secret.

There is actually no such thing as a truly “anti-fog” mask, but some masks are more fog-resistant than others.

Here are a few more things you should take into consideration:

  • How heavy is the mask?
  • What is the mask constructed with?
  • How protective is the mask?
  • What types of straps does it have?
  • Does it have internal padding?
  • Head/neck protection
  • Voice projection/muffling
  • How breathable is the mask? How breathable do you need it to be?

Tippmann Tactical Airsoft Mask Review

Tippmann Tactical Airsoft Mask
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The Tippmann Tactical Mesh Full Seal Airsoft Mask is one of the best masks on the market in terms of safety and communication.

Constructed with insert molding technology, the mask gives a tight fit around your eyes, which ensures stability, while being breathable on the bottom half of your face.

And as if that’s not enough…

… protective mesh skirt on the jaw allows for clear communication and airflow, which means you won’t get too hot in this mask.

Some key features are:

  • Comes in Black
  • Visor
  • Ear Protection
  • Mesh Skirt on Jaw
  • Single Strap
  • Thermal Lens
  • 280 Degree Field of Vision with the Spectra Lens

The Tippmann Tactical Mesh Full Seal Airsoft Mask serves recreational and serious Airsoft players. These include children and mature lovers of shooting sports.

However, take note of this:

Usage by users below 18 years should be monitored by adult supervision to ensure proper safety requirements are met.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Wide range of visibility
  • Exceptional breathability
  • Does not inhibit communication
  • One size fits most
  • Ear protection

What's Bad

  • Bulky
  • Reduced lower face protection
  • One strap

The Tippmann Tactical Mesh Full Seal Airsoft Mask is made from durable plastic, metal mesh, and a woven adjustable strap.

Interior protection includes open cell foam around the goggles and a chinstrap.


This mask comes with a Spectra Lens that offers the same anti-fog properties of a thermal lens, but with a 280 degree field of vision.

Whoa, now that’s a treat.

The lens is also interchangeable with compatible lenses, allowing the user to customize their face mask to their liking.


The Tippmann Tactical Mesh Full Seal Airsoft Mask comes with a woven adjustable strap that resembles a ski goggle strap.

The strap has silicone grips for the back of your head, ensuring that the mask stays in place while on the field.

Safety Features

The Tippmann Tactical Mesh Full Seal Airsoft Mask includes a hard plastic outer shell for the top part of the mask, internal foam and chinstrap, and an adjustable strap with silicone grips.

The bottom portion of the mask has a metal mesh jaw that allows for breathability but is not as protective as other masks on the market due to the fact that small particles can sneak through the holes in the mesh.


Look and Feel

The helmet has a tacti-cool look with an upper area of solid plastic and a lower area of protective mesh.

The fit of the mask is very nice.

As a matter of fact…

…the single strap does a good job of keeping the mask snug on the head, and the internal foam paddings ensure that the upper section of the mask is kept rigid.

The mask hardly fogs up in even the hottest environments, as it is extremely breathable.

Tippmann Airsoft Mask
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Our Wrap-up

Doing the Tippmann Tactical Mesh Full Seal Airsoft Mask review is really as fun and interesting as using it on the field!

This mask does an excellent job of providing superb breathability and communication ability, not to mention its fine protective qualities and sturdy construction.

We recommend this mask to intermediate and advanced players who are team-oriented or hold breathability in higher regard.

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Last update on 2021-05-16
DISCLAIMER: Some or all of the product links on this page are affiliate links. The operator of this website receives a small commission if you purchase products through these links, HOWEVER, there is no added cost to you. These commissions help to fund the operation of this Note: Some images may be displayed from the Amazon Product Advertising API.

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