Start Your Airsoft Adventure With Only One Hundred Bucks

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Do you know that a hundred bucks or even less are already enough to start out in airsoft?

In case you love or are just starting to love combat and shooting sports and want to take it out into the field but doubt if it will be worth it…

…let’s face these doubts now.

Can you Start Your Airsoft Adventure With Only One Hundred Bucks? 

Airsoft is an addicting game for many people around the world and there’s no denying that and you want to know Is Airsoft an Expensive Hobby?

But while people find this fun rough game thrilling, most are trying their hardest not to get too caught up or addicted because of the common belief that airsoft is an expensive hobby. 

Is airsoft really that expensive?

And if it is, are there any alternatives to this highly competitive but thrilling game?

Only way to find out.

Set your targets, in 3…2..1…

Fire away.

Airsoft Guns

Before asking if playing airsoft is indeed an expensive hobby, you have to know very well what you are dealing here with first. 

If you already know some things about shooting games, then you are most probably aware that you’ll definitely need an airsoft gun first and foremost. 

Your airsoft gun could be either an airsoft hand pistol or an airsoft rifle. 

What’s the most common choice?

Well, as many of you already know, most beginners start with the airsoft rifle. 

And I can’t blame them. Even I, as a beginner, wanted the real and rough action in my first game. 

But apparently, not all. 

Some new users opt to use their very first airsoft pistols, instead. 

Using an airsoft pistol teaches airsoft players who are just starting out ultimate patience and the basic skills you need to know which are also the building blocks of airsoft gaming.

Beginners are even learning how to make wise decisions under pressure, too!

There are a few types of airsoft guns and pistols. 

There’s the spring type which is manually operated or cocked before every single shot. These are the classic entry-level firearms for those who are still learning. 

Then there is the gas powered airsoft gun.

These airsoft guns are usually powered by CO2 or green gas and can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. 

Most airsoft weapons are also either made from durable plastic or real steel that looks like the real thing. Some are ready-made and some are hand assembled. 

Now, if you’re thinking of leveling up…

Then you can get airsoft rifles in many different types and models. 

You’ll also do well to remember to buy BBs save for the ones that come with your gun.

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Q. How Much Does it Take to Play Airsoft?

Now here’s the burning question. 

How much does it take to play airsoft, really?

Is it an expensive hobby, indeed?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can build a basic loadout for airsoft games at a very affordable price…even less than $100!

This cost covers the basic and essential airsoft gear and equipment including your gun of choice, ammunition or airsoft BBs, accessories such as eye protection, mask, and if you wanna go extra, a holster or a gun bag. 

Then there’s the airsoft field, but hey, you’re not paying for it yourself. You have a team!

Take note. 

While many people believe that airsoft is an expensive hobby, not all airsoft guns cost a lot of money. 

There are so many cheap and impressive ones being offered in the market today especially to beginners, like you.

Is Airsoft An Expensive Hobby

Q. Airsoft Guns Can Be Expensive, But They Don’t Have To Be

Okay, fine. Airsoft can be an expensive hobby….

…but they don’t have to be. 

Let me tell you this.

Airsoft is expensive for those who do not know how to develop or find ways or hacks to complete their loadout and just rely on the commercialized airsoft firearms and equipment that can be found in the nearest toy store in town.

The truth is, it’s actually an inexpensive hobby that can be more affordable than other hobbies or sports such as dirt biking, paintball, archery, or other adrenaline-inducing shooting sports.

that is– if you will be wise enough to find more practical ways.

Q. There Are a Number Of Ways You Can Have An Airsoft Gun For Less Than $100

And I mean it. 

Unlike an average paintball weapon with ammo and gear, a good airsoft gun can cost as low as $12. 

Heck, some even come with a free BB jar!

Other gear such as eye protection, mask, and the gun bag can also cost around the same price range. 

Now if you’re a picky beginner…

…and you want to, at least, show off a badass shining weapon, you can still save money because some high-quality airsoft guns and firearms cost just around $25 to $50!

Q. You Can Spend As Much Or As Little On Airsoft

I’m sure you already know…

…that if you ask a seasoned airsoft player if airsoft is an expensive hobby, around 70% of them would answer you:

“You can spend as much or as little on airsoft.”

That and in different variations. 

And that’s what I would answer too; because it’s true. You, indeed, can decide to either spend as much or as little on your airsoft games. 

Times have changed. It’s not about the price and quality now. You can get yourself a good airsoft gun for less while still enjoying impeccable quality. 

It all boils down to practicality, passion, and patience now.

Patience in coming up with new ways to be practical and save money, and patience to find these cheap but impressive gems somewhere.

Q. Airsoft Does Not Have To Be Expensive

This incredibly fun sport doesn’t have to be expensive. It just depends on your skills and passion. 

A passionate airsoft beginner wouldn’t simply get the flashiest weapon he first sees and call it a day. 

He will do his research and find ways to enjoy this sport while still saving his money. 

Aside from looking up great airsoft gun models online (tip: there are myriads of cheap but good guns around the net!) he can also rent in the meantime. 

There are so many ways. It just depends on how badly the player wants it.

CONCLUSION: Can you Start Your Airsoft Adventure With Only One Hundred Bucks?

Can you Start Your Airsoft Adventure With Only One Hundred Bucks?

Despite its popularity, airsoft is still quite unpopular if you compare it to other sports such as ball games. 

That’s why there are many misconceptions about this great hobby that keep people from trying it out…

…not knowing what they’re missing. 

But actually…

Just like any other sports or games that require the right uniforms and equipment, airsoft also needs the right stuff to start you up.

But it can be as inexpensive as the others, you just have to look for the ways. 

After all…

If you are passionate enough, nothing will ever go wrong.

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