Springfield Armory XDM Review

Springfield Armory XDM Airsoft Pistol

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This is the ultimate honest Springfield Armory XDM Review with guide and tips. 

If you are a frequent airsoft gamer, you understand how devastating it can get if you show up with a gun that is inferior and inaccurate.

The thrill is not there and it just seems like you are just playing around with a toy gun and getting beat!

Now who wants that?

You want to come prepared with a legit pistol that will bring out the thrill, out-shot, and beat everyone in the process.

Isn’t that what we all want?

In this article, we will review the Springfield Armory XDM pistol.

We will cover:

  • realistic build and details
  • interchangeable magazine extensions
  • cuztomizeable parts

Springfield Armory XDM Review

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Factors to consider before buying an Airsoft Pistol

Buying an airsoft pistol is quite an investment. So it is important to arm yourself with the basics before getting your own.

Below are a few things to consider before purchasing an airsoft pistol.

Consider The Range Of The Pistol

Having a gun that can shoot far is ideal but keep in mind that airsoft pistol’s ranges are impacted by the type of power that the gun uses and the way the gun is made.

What does that mean?

For example, a spring-powered pistol will not shoot as far as a gas-powered pistol.

Also, keep in mind that spring-powered pistols roughly shoot between 150 and 350 FPS. This is much lower than rifles which are typically in the range of 300 to 500 FPS (or higher).

The higher the FPS (feet per second), the more accurate the gun.

Another consideration that impacts the accuracy and the range is the hop-up.

A pistol with hop-up adjustments makes it easier to improve the range and accuracy of the gun.


For Pistols, Think Sights Over Scopes

Personally, a red dot sight will be just perfect because they are quick on target.

Plus, the scope can easily loosen during maneuvers. You can be dead before you try to get them back on target.

It is also important to note…

…that sights are more affordable and hence economically convenient. I tend to use scopes on sniper rifles, where instant aim and firing is not as imperative.

Metal vs. Plastic

While both metal and plastic pistols will work just fine, metal body guns bring out the natural and authentic look and feel of a firearm.

Although they might end up bending or denting much faster, a plastic body may not be good enough.

All said and done, choose the one that feels more comfortable for you.

Springfield Armory XDM Pistol Review

Springfield Armory XDM

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Springfield Armory XDM is a blowback Airsoft Pistol that can shoot 6mm airsoft pellets up to 330fps.

In case you are wondering…

…the XD stands for Xtreme Duty.

It uses a red fiber optic front sight has a two-dot rearview. This gun comes with a 14 round magazine and interchangeable magazine extensions.

This model is an upgrade from Springfield Armory XD pistol and it comes with a Picatinny accessory rail under the front of the frame.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Feels legit
  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality
  • Picatinny accessory rail
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Ambidextrous magazine
  • Green-Gas powered

What's Bad

  • Not beginner-friendly


The pistol is a quality handgun that comes with a nicely weighted metal slide and barrel assembly.

This feature gives this gun a realistic feel and mimics the real XDM pistol.

As if that’s not enough…

…the frame of the gun is a polymer, with a look and feel that is almost identical to the real deal! And, this gun comes with an authentic grip and safety trigger.

Weight and Size

Perhaps the most noticeable feature with this model is its smaller grip insert, which makes it a perfect fit for your hand size.

What’s more, the weight and size make the pistol feel very real, which is what we all want. Right?

Also, its perfect design makes it easy to operate and control, which helps you maintain a high level of accuracy.


As mentioned above, this airsoft comes with a 14 round magazine, which is a relatively higher capacity than its lower version.

As if that’s not enough, this model comes with replaceable back-straps, which makes it reliable and durable.

And here’s the kicker:

If you are the type who yearns for more magazine capacity, this model is customizable to extend the magazine capacity.

Optic Front Sight

On top of the slide, this model uses a red fiber optic front sight meant to make the target more and easily visible.

If you prefer views over scopes, this one will be a perfect fit for you.

On the other hand…

…if you perform better with a scope, then, by all means, this one may not be a good service.

Springfield Armory Airsoft Pistol

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Our Wrap Up

To conclude, as a lover of airsoft games, it can get quite hectic to find just the right features for your gun at a budget-friendly price.

In all honesty, the best models in terms of power, range, and sight can be quite expensive. It gets even worse if you more into upgrades.

Simply put…

…since I discovered the Springfield armory DXM, my game has improved by far!!

From control to accuracy, to flexibility all thanks to this model.

The fact that the gun is quality and reliable enough to perform other multiple needs and uses also got me very excited as a gun owner.

Thanks to its user-friendly features, I highly recommend this unit to players of all kinds.

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Last update on 2021-05-16
DISCLAIMER: Some or all of the product links on this page are affiliate links. The operator of this website receives a small commission if you purchase products through these links, HOWEVER, there is no added cost to you. These commissions help to fund the operation of this Note: Some images may be displayed from the Amazon Product Advertising API.

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