Sig Sauer ProForce P229 Review

This is the only complete Sig Saucer ProForce P229 review you will ever need. 

Anyone who is in the armed forces knows the importance of training with a gun.

Getting familiar with what you are going to use on your job will surely be beneficial for you.

That’s why Sig Sauer came out with a training platform with the Proforce line. The Sig Sauer ProForce P229 is one of the pistols included on this platform.

Keep reading our Sig Sauer ProForce P229 review to take a look at what this airsoft pistol can do for you.

We will cover:

  • Features identical to the P229 firearms
  • Built for a real gun training
  • Interchangeable magazine
  • Picatinny rail

So if you’ve been wanting the real deal but still want to train before getting one, this Sig Saucer ProForce P229 review is for you!

Let’s jump right into it.

Sig Sauer ProForce P229 Review

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

Getting your own airsoft pistol can be as intimidating as buying a real one. Here are some things that you might want to consider before getting yourself an airsoft pistol:

Realistic Feel

When looking for something that you can use for training yourself in gun handling, you need something as realistic as the real thing.

Especially when you can’t get to the range to practice.

You would want an airsoft pistol that is almost identical to the firearm that you are going to use on a regular basis.

Magazine Capacity

Magazine capacity is also important for you to consider because you don’t want to keep inconveniencing yourself to reload as often as you would want.

Pro tip:

Get in more rounds with a higher magazine capacity.


Being able to customize your airsoft pistol is a great advantage.

It means you can add your favorite accessories to your pistol and allow yourself to train with all those said accessories.

Still going on that realistic pistol vibe.

Sig Sauer ProForce P229 Overview

The Proforce line of Sig Sauer is their new tactical training line. This Proforce P229 is a one to one replica of the real 229 firearm.

So here’s the kicker:

These airsoft pistols are being used by the coast guards for their training.

The ProForce P229 is a gas airsoft pistol that is available in CO2 and green gas options with a full blowback feature.

Talk about versatility!

It has a 23 round capacity magazine that can shoot up to 310 FPS with green gas. Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable hop-up for your shooting preferences.

Sig Sauer ProForce P229 Pistol Grip

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Quick Glance

What's Good

  • A high-capacity pistol magazine
  • It comes with a functional de-cocker for double-action or single-action shooting
  • Full size and real weight of the firearm version for better practice
  • Adjustable hop-up

What's Bad

  • Takedown lever has a lot of resistance
  • Extra magazines would cost you quite a lot

Sig Sauer ProForce P229 Barrel

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Size and Weight

The Sig Sauer ProForce P229 mimics the original firearm with all its features.

One of them being the size and weight of the pistol itself.

This airsoft replica has the same size as the 229 firearms. It is super identical to the point that the Coast Guard has picked up these airsoft versions to use for their training.

How can you beat that?

Interchangeable Magazine

This High-capacity pistol can do 23 rounds per magazine.

What’s cooler:

The magazine comes in two forms. The green gas magazine and the CO2 magazine.

If you do get the green gas option, you can opt to buy another magazine with the CO2 variation and interchange them whenever you play to fit your needs and playing style.

Picatinny Rail

A Picatinny rail always comes in handy with sidearms like this one.

If you are using this for training, you can add additional accessories that you would be actually using with your real firearm.

This would give you the real feeling of having all the accessories on it.

Additionally, this can also be useful for those into airsoft tournaments where they could use all kinds of lights and lasers in with their sidearm.

Sig Sauer ProForce P229

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Our Wrap Up

We enjoyed doing this Sig Sauer ProForce P229 review article.

The Sig Sauer ProForce P229 is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to realism.

Sig Sauer has made a realistic airsoft pistol that you can compare to the original. Get a complete weight and feel of the pistol as you are training when you can’t get to the range.

Add on accessories on the Picatinny equipped with the pistol.

Overall, it is a great gun for those who would like to shoot the original P229 but in an airsoft variation.

If this pistol is not for you, check out our best green gas airsoft pistols article here.

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Last update on 2021-05-09
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