Mt Doom Paintball and Airsoft

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Mt. Doom Paintball and Airsoft
3071 Co Rd 515
Hanceville, AL 35077
(256) 339-1601


Field type: Outdoor
Sa-Su: 10am-6pm

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Description of this facility:

Mountain of Doom Paintball Field is Alabama’s oldest operating paintball field and one of the 20 oldest fields in the world operating continuously since 1986. Named after the volcano in the Lord of the rings trilogy because we’re on a mountain and because many unusual phenomenon have been attributed to this area. There indeed seems to be a prevailing sense of dark mystery and are to the woodlands and fields here and this inspired some of the weirdest imaginable scenario games and stories from players that you could ever imagine. Ask some of those who play night paintball about their experiences in the woods here or ask anyone who has ventured into those areas less used on this mountain about what they found and what they heard. The black crows and buzzards follow you with beady little eyes that seem to convey foreboding. Come see for yourself but don’t say I didn’t warn you! I hold no responsibility for your sanity and if you’re caught alone in the woods after dark!

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