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Chances are…

you just want to get to the bottom of the controversial name that is Lancer Tactical.


you’re new to Airsoft and looking for a good starter airsoft gun…

Lancer Tactical has come so far and if you’ve been around for some time, you’d know what happened in their first, second, and third-generation airsoft guns.

But if you’re not…

then this is the best time to find out. Lancer Tactical sure has one of the most interesting developments in the airsoft realm today.

And let me tell you now, many people see Lancer Tactical airsoft guns as good starter weapons!

Today, we’re diving deeper into Lancer Tactical airsoft guns as we also look at:

  • How Lancer Tactical reinvented itself;
  • Is Lancer Tactical good for beginners?
  • Their best and worst features;
  • How it compares with other airsoft names out there;
  • And lots more!

Now whether you’ve used Lancer Tactical before or not, there’s much to surprise you here.

Heck, we were surprised ourselves.

So without further ado…

Let’s get the prize!

A brief history of Lancer Tactical

A brief history of Lancer Tactical

The company is fairly young if compared to other airsoft brands out there.

Lancer Tactical started in 2012 but I kid you not…it’s been through a heck lot.

Starting with their Gen 1 series, if you’re into airsoft for quite some time, you’d know that it was like the black sheep of the airsoft community back then.

And if you’re a newbie…

you might have already read something about Tactical Lancer’s reputation.

But over the years, the airsoft gun company has reinvented itself, and without any bias, I’d say it’s one of the best reinventions and improvements we’ve seen so far.

The company is based in Los Angeles, making it really easy to reach them in case you have to.

Tactical Lancer was formerly partnered with one of the biggest airsoft gun manufacturers, CYMA but has since changed its manufacturer.

Lancers are usually made in China but some are made in Taiwan in partnership with Lonex who manufactures their high-quality parts and components.

Most of the airsoft weapons made in Taiwan are premium models.

What’s great is…

Lancer Tactical is marketed mainly to airsoft beginners.

When their first models came out, they built a reputation for having one of the most affordable and beginner-friendly airsoft guns on the market.

So if you’re one of these beginner players looking for a good starter gun, you might want to read on.

Lancer Tactical’s line of products is vast.

Aside from airsoft guns, you can also have airsoft gear and even paintball accessories. Not only that but they also have accessories for military and law enforcement training.

As for the guns, Lancer Tactical offers different kinds of airsoft guns but they’re best known for their automatic electric guns (AEGs).

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran…

Lancer Tactical has something for you.

We’re talking about their diverse collection from full polymer body guns to hybrids of polymer and metal to full metal for the pros.

Yes, they have them all.

Most AEGs are even optimized with blowback recoil for that great shooting experience.

In case you’re wondering…

Lancer Tactical airsoft guns may still be looked at as new kids on the block that are still under development but it’s actually catching up fast and is quite well-known now all over the USA, with their emphasis on being good airsoft guns for starters.

Yep, affordable and efficient. Read on to see how it’s not really necessary to get the most expensive ones out there, especially if you’re still practicing.

Affordable ones can work miracles, too.

Are Lancer Tactical airsoft guns good for you?

Are Lancer Tactical airsoft guns good for you?

As mentioned earlier, Lancer Tactical wasn’t the most popular airsoft brand once upon a time.

But don’t let this history affect your decisions today.

Why is that?

We don’t just shoot with airsoft guns. We study them and observe the trends in their companies once we get one of their products.

What we’ve seen is an exceptional character development that was incredibly fast.

If you’ll ask me if Lancer Tactical airsoft guns are good, like, seven years ago, I wouldn’t have said ‘yes’ as fast as I will today.

Their Gen 1 series had its flaws and quality control issues. But what’s great is, this brand is ever-evolving and we’re just holding our breaths for a new upgrade every single time.

In case you’ve used one of their first guns…

you’d know that Lancer Tactical AEGs as well as their pistols among others, were formerly made of ABS plastic.

As a part of their overall makeover, Lancer Tactical now makes use of polymer for the guns’ bodies, making them a treat to hold and a lightweight dream for beginners.

Speaking of build and body…

Lancer Tactical AEGs and airsoft guns can belong to either the entry line with a full polymer body, hybrid line with a polymer body and a metal rail system, or the Pro line with its full metal collection of AEG, rifle, and pistols.  

Lancer Tactical has also come a long way with its designs from a very outdated platform to a modern rail system.

In fact…

What started out as very basic imitations only worthy as model guns to introduce airsoft to the newbies, now evolved to a clean and sleek build, with well-made rails that also let you mix and match your favorite rifle accessories in!

One of the best representations of this is the Lancer Tactical LT-25 Gen 2  M4 AEG with its nice clean lines, neat overall design, and very useful rail segments.

Most Lancer AEGs also have this angled handle to make it more comfortable for the shoulders, especially for long guns.

This improvement in the material used earned the Lancer Tactical another point for durability and toughness.

Now you can bring them in rocky terrains without much worries about dropping them and saying adios to your beloved AEG.

Their internals have also improved a lot.

They’re noticeably cleverly built, more so than their predecessor, giving greater opportunity for a more realistic shooting experience without worrying about embarrassing mishaps.

Made especially for starter players who are just getting in the game, Lancer’s airsoft guns are made to be as realistic and satisfactory as they can without being heavy on the budget.

Actually, it’s lightweight not only for your bank account but for your hands, too.

Their lightest guns, the full polymer entry-level guns are lightweight but tough. So you can definitely run around the field without any worry of dropping and breaking your weapon.

Another thing that makes Lancer Tactical good for newbies…

is the fact that it uses mostly standard or common designs for the airsoft gun parts so it won’t be hard to repair or replace them should you need to.

What I and other users noticed is mostly it’s springy trigger with the right amount of firmness.

This makes their guns easy to use but also safe enough especially if you’re still getting used to holding a gun.

Talking about their rifles…

Most of them support different firing modes all at the same time, such as the automatic, semi-automatic, and safe modes with high capacity magazines to let you practice without ease and fire with more rounds per minute.

Are Lancer Tactical airsoft guns good for you?

And if you thought that’s cool enough, wait ‘till you see the Lancer Tactical gen 3 airsoft guns.

What about the Gen 3 guns?

Lancer is always, always listening to their customers, and thanks to this, their upgrades are never-ending.

They may be making up to us or they might want to prove there’s more to the brand but whatever it is, it’s getting so epic.

Lancer Tactical brought their best features into the Gen 3 era and then added some more new features.

Improving further on their internals, they carried off their inner barrel, rotary style hop up unit, gearbox shell, the same steel gear set as well as compression parts along with a new 19k torque motor, and Zion arms nebula MOSFET.

And let me tell you, it’s one of the best MOSFET out of the box from an airsoft gun.


Lancer Tactical is taking it to the next level and has been partnering with different brands to make up their new and improved line.

In fact, the MOSFET wasn’t made by Lancer Tactical but by a new partner company called Zion Arms.

In addition to this…

this new Zion Arms nebula MOSFET also features active braking, 2 round burst, 3 round burst, 4 round burst, 5 round burst, semi auto-lock, binary trigger mode, and fully automatic mode.

Their Gen 3 line is also wired to the Deans connector and you can also connect them to your electronics (like computers) and program them according to your wishes.

Lancer is also constantly working on an HPA system as well as a pneumatic system for a better shooting experience.

And adding to its beginner-friendly qualities…

it’s not every day you can find a fairly cheap airsoft gun in any categories that comes with batteries and charges… all free of charge.

But yes, you also get to have your battery and charger in your purchase.

Think that’s too good to be true?

Are Lancer Tactical airsoft guns good for you?

Wait ‘till you hear about their customer service and support.

Wondering about the warranty?

In another action to make their customers extra happy, Lancer Tactical has made their airsoft gun purchase  come with a 1-year warranty each, may it be an entry-level airsoft gun, hybrid gun, or pro airsoft gun line.

How about customer service?

You’d be surprised.

They may have sucked in terms of customer support in the very far past but it’s long gone now and you can even talk to the company’s president of sales himself!

You’ve read that right.

Lancer Tactical is indeed dead set on fortifying their connection with their customers that their sales president himself reported that they’ve added more people in their customer support just so you won’t have to wait extra long just to get assistance.

And if that’s not enough yet…

the company’s president of sales himself said that you can read him via Facebook if no one in the customer service fails and he himself will resolve your concerns.

A-plus for the tremendous effort and care!

The best Lancer Tactical Airsoft Gun

Now, before you go and get your own Lancer Tactical for your first ever airsoft weapon, let me show you first the creams of the crop.

Now, this doesn’t pertain to the best of the best because there isn’t just one best airsoft gun out of the bunch.

Every type has its own strengths and ideal users and in turn, every type has its own best gun.

Read on to see what might work for you.

Lancer Tactical LT-19 Gen 2 M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle 

Lancer Tactical LT-19 Gen 2 M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle

This beauty came packed complete with a manual, charger, stickers, BBs, and more.

If you’re a beginner looking for a budget airsoft gun, this is your best bet.

Weighing around 4 pounds, its body is made primarily of polymer, making it perfectly lightweight.

The rails and the flip-up sight are made of polymer but its outer barrel, trigger, trigger guard controls, charging handle, rear sling point, as well as buffer tube are all made from metal.

When it comes to customizability…

you can unscrew and move the panels around so you can put your attachments just wherever you want them.

Its rear sight only has one aperture but it doesn’t end there.

Because just above the rear sight is another backup post sight to give you more options.

It’s also equipped with a tight bore with a new rotary style hop up for better accuracy.

I was able to test this baby out at around 150 feet with.28 gram BBs and I was able to repeatedly hit the target numerous times.

This makes it great for airsoft newbies.

A gun to give you great accuracy without much extra effort is important, especially if you’re just still learning the basics.

Lancer Tactical Full Metal Gear with 10 keymod Rail Interface System 

Lancer Tactical Full Metal Gear with 10 keymod Rail Interface System

This one works as badass as it looks.

Take its magazine capacity for example, which is a great 300 rounds. It would suck more than anything else to run out of BBs just when you’re getting in the right rhythm so this is a feature which, we think, is a great feature for practicing players.

Its body is made of metal but the internals are all metal.

This gives it just the right weight. Not overwhelmingly heavy and not unsatisfactorily light.

Now, this is where it gets exciting.

It shoots up to 420 FPS. Now, for some (not all) airsoft fields, this is the limit. So you’re not only getting accuracy here but also power.

Just keep in mind…

this guy hurts. So it’s not really recommendable for close-quarter battles.

Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR 

Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR

This baby is another hybrid of a polymer body with a metal outer barrel. Needless to say, it’s also moderately weighted, just enough to make it feel like you’re holding the real thing.

What’s great about this model is its railing system.

Aside from the very convenient full-length top rail, you also have here the short lower rail segments on both left and right.

Now you can have more fun with your attachments for a better airsoft experience.

Aside from these…

this airsoft gun also has flip-up front and rear sights as well as ambidextrous sling mounts.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4 SD Nylon Polymer AEG Airsoft Rifle 

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4 SD Nylon Polymer AEG Airsoft Rifle

If you aim to be extra competitive on the field, you’ll love how this Gen 2 airsoft rifle will make a difference with its easy access spring system that’s made for quick changes.

Meanwhile, its free float modular rail interface gives you the sky’s the limit when it comes to attachments.

With a magazine capacity of 300 rounds, you’re sure to be as quick as you can be in the game.

Conclusion: Lancer Tactical Airsoft Guns


So how good is Lancer Tactical for you?

Let’s just put it this way.

If you’re just looking to get your first ever airsoft gun, you might not want to spend too much because you still have to test it all out and see what works for you or if you’ll love airsoft at all.

That’s why finding a very affordable but efficient airsoft gun is crucial and very important.

Lancer Tactical has always been affordable.

But what changed the game is their willingness to always listen to their customers.

What sold me out to Lancer is their confidence to recognize that they indeed failed in some aspects, because that shows that they were aware of their shortcomings and thus, they knew what to improve.

And this made me sure that those shortcomings were given considerable attention and improvements.

And it showed in their airsoft guns’ performances.

Truly the glow-up of the decade!

Now if you’re an airsoft veteran…

don’t think Lancer Tactical isn’t for you.

Their 3rd generation guns are so packed with advanced and innovative features that it made my heart skip like a smitten lady!

So what’s your take? Have you owned a Lancer Tactical before? Let us know and let’s discuss!

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