Is Airsoft an Expensive Hobby?

Is Airsoft an Expensive Hobby

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Wondering whether Airsoft is going to be expensive as well as a whole barrel load of fun?

You’re not alone – as an Airsoft specialist, I get asked this all the time.

Of course, you’ll need to buy a gun, BBs, protective gear, and accessories, but the couple hundred dollars you’ll part with are worth every dime.

To know is airsoft an expensive hobby, read on.

You’ll see for yourself:

  • What makes airsoft a great hobby to have under your belt;
  • Why it’s worth your money
  • Whether it’s expensive or not – in the grand scheme of things;
  • How much its costs compares to other hobbies

  And lots more…

Without any more ado, let’s dive in!

Is Airsoft an Expensive Hobby
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Q. Is airsoft a good hobby?

Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms. And airsoft players will tell you what a terrific sport and hobby Airsoft is.

Airsoft games are not only fun to play; you’ll get fitter in the process.  

This hobby is ideal for you if you want to pump some adrenaline while spending quality time with your friends on the field.

What’s more…

When you play airsoft games, either as an entry-level player or a veteran, you’ll work with people in teams to hit targets and get the best scores.

Making new friends will be easy for you, and you’ll become better at collaborating with – or leading your teams.

You’ll bond with airsoft players both while shooting and running around the field.

This hobby will teach you endurance, focus, and hand-eye coordination. The warlike simulation also keeps your brain active.

And at the end of the day, it won’t cost too much of your ‘hard-earned’ to play airsoft.  


Airsoft is a great hobby, and it comes at a cool price.

Without spending a lot of money, you’ll have a fantastic time with your buds and meet new people at the same time as learning pretty interesting life lessons.

Now, nothing beats that!

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Is airsoft a good hobby
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Q. Is Airsoft worth the money?

Let’s be real. It can be pretty intimidating browsing through an airsoft gun catalog.

There are thousands of airsoft guns. Many of these weapons are expensive. 

As an AirsoftNut, you can pay thousands of dollars for an airsoft rifle.

You might ask…

Why’s the cost of an airsoft gun so high? Is it worth the money?

These firearm replicas are usually hand-assembled for starters, which means they are time-consuming to produce and high quality.

Sometimes, they have more features than real firearms. 

The costly airsoft guns are of full metal. And they have a ton of small rotating parts, and precision cuts – that we all know are not cheap.

That said…

… Airsoft is cheap when you compare it to games like dirt-biking, golfing, or PC gaming.

Whether you use a spring-powered, gas-powered airsoft gun, or one powered by battery, airsoft is a fantastic game.

You’ll enjoy it. In the end, you’ll understand it’s money well spent.

Q. Is Airsoft an expensive hobby?

Compared to shooting sports like paintball, real firearms, and archery, Airsoft is relatively affordable – you can really go as cheap or expensive as you like.

Any high cost depends on certain factors.

Here’s one…

If you buy unnecessary accessories right out the gate, you will find Airsoft expensive. But going for simple gear will minimize that.

There’s a lot of high-quality airsoft firearms on the market today. And they come at varying costs for different pocket depths.

You can decide to spend a lot of dollars on airsoft weapons and gear. There’s an endless hub of airsoft guns available for you.

I have a few friends who are airsoft lovers, and they got their first guns pretty cheap. As they grew in the hobby, they increased their investment to a few thousand dollars – but you don’t have to do this…

Also, you can use low-cost airsoft fields.

As I said, what makes airsoft expensive is how much you choose to spend on gear and accessories and whether you want to get the real high-end guns or not.

Q. What is cheaper airsoft or paintball?

Both airsoft and paintball involve shooting with a weapon and running around a field. You’ll need guns and gear to play them, too.


Airsoft is not as expensive as paintball. The guns are cheaper in general.

For as little as $40, you’ll get an airsoft pistol. You can’t get a good paintball gun at that price!

Plus, the cost of the paintball’s ammo is premium too. You’ll get a 2000 bag of paintballs for circa $60. For $8, you’ll get the same number of BBs for your airsoft rifle.

Going to an airsoft field will cost you somewhere in the region of $20. You’ll need to part with double that to get onto a paintball field. And that’s at an entry-level tier.

Still, a lot of paintball fields won’t allow you to fire with your own ammo. To play, you’ll probably need to use their paintballs – at an additional cost, of course.

 cheaper airsoft or paintball
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Q. How much does Airsoft cost?

With a couple of hundred dollars, you’ll get a decent airsoft gun. A gun you buy at $150 can be good for ten years – or more.

You’ll need to buy BBs to get the gun running, though. And the good thing is that airsoft BBs are not expensive.

Buying a mask, gloves, and other protective gear might cost you circa $50. How does that compare with other hobbies you’ve had?

Here’s something…

The cost of these guns ranges from a few dollars to a thousand bucks. You’ll get one for as low as $10 and as high as $2000.  It depends on your budget.

But don’t forget the price of a gun also determines its performance and quality. So don’t go too cheap. Don’t expect to hit an enemy who’s a hundred feet away from you with a $10 rifle.

With $200, you’ll get a nice airsoft gun with some gear to protect you while you’re playing.

Make sure you do your research before buying a pistol or rifle. 

Apart from the cost, check the gun’s features and accessories. 


CONCLUSION: Is Airsoft an Expensive Hobby?

Airsoft guns are not expensive. 

You can enjoy the hobby without breaking the bank.

Many airsoft addicts will tell you how keen they are to spend on airsoft. 

According to the level of your budget, you can choose to spend what you want on gear, accessories, or upgrading.

With only a few dollars, you can get a top-notch quality gun to enjoy some time downtime with neighbors and friends.

But if you want to invest more, that’s okay. 

Airsoft is worth the money, any day of the week. 

Airsoft’s a cool hobby for teambuilding, exercising, and fun reunions. 

And it’s cheaper to play than many other field games – like paintball and archery – where you’ll need to spend more on ammo and entry to fields, etc.

With airsoft, you can still have fun and get pumped, and it won’t break the bank.

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