How To Put A CO2 Cartridge In An Airsoft Pistol?

installing co2 cartridge in airsoft pistol

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installing co2 cartridge in airsoft pistol

If you are reading this article, then you must have just gotten your first CO2 airsoft pistol. Congratulations on your purchase. Today starts the day that you learn more about airsoft and all that comes with it. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to put your CO2 cartridge on your pistol. We’ll also give you the basics and guide you on how to take care and maintain your CO2 pistol.

What is CO2 for Airsoft?

Let’s start off by telling you a little about your chosen power source. CO2, if you have ever taken a science class, is gas that we produce every time we exhale. What airsoft players have done is compress this air and placed it in a 12-gram compact cartridge you can insert in your gun to power it. CO2 is one of the most popular gasses in airsoft in any type of gun and gas blowback pistols. It is compact enough to easily bring it with you and it shoots with a whole lot of power compressed at a pressure of 800 psi (Pounds per Square Inch). The muzzle velocity on a CO2 airsoft pistol can go up to 400 FPS and go as far as 40 yards. It is one of the most powerful gasses to use in airsoft.

How to Install a CO2 Cartridge In Your Airsoft Pistol

Learning how to install CO2 cartridge in airsoft gun could be one of the easier things you can do. Here is a guide on how you install your cartridge into your pistol:

Locate where to insert the CO2 cartridge

You have to know where you install your CO2 cartridge. It can be different for all the pistols available. Some may have it in their magazines, and some on their grips. Wherever it is, there must be a cut-out for where you insert your cartridge.

Insert the CO2 Cartridge

Once you have located where to place your gas, now it’s time to insert it. Your cartridge is shaped like a tank with a narrower tip on one side. Inside your magazine or your grip, there must be a place where you puncture the CO2 cartridge. Insert the narrower tip to meet the pin that will puncture your CO2 cartridge.

Tighten It

Once it’s inserted on the right ends, you now tighten it to keep it in place and to puncture your cartridge on the right end. Most CO2 pistols need the use of an Allen Key to tighten the cartridge. However, there are some airsoft pistols that have their own tightening mechanisms. You don’t need to tighten it to the maximum, just tighten it until you hear a short hiss and stop until is slowly tighten up. Replace the cover if it has one or replace your magazine in your pistol and you are good to go.

Tips on Maintaining a CO2 Pistol

Maintaining your pistol is the most important thing if you want to keep using it for a long time. Most airsoft users tend to forget that even real guns need maintenance.

Take it apart

So, just like your real firearm, you need to take it apart at least once a season just to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. You also need to lubricate some parts of your gun to keep them working well for you.

Leaving CO2 Carts in your pistol

Never ever leave a cartridge inside your airsoft pistol for too long. CO2 is pressurized and it will not be good for the inner workings of your pistol. It is best to take out the cartridge before storing your weapon to ensure the safety of your airsoft pistol.

Do not overtighten

When you overtighten your screws, the pin that punctures your canister will eventually bend. And when that happens, you would have to replace that part of your pistol because it will no longer be able to puncture any of your CO2 cartridges.

Our Final Thoughts

Owning a CO2 airsoft pistol is hard work. There’s a lot you need to do to maintain it. However, once you master all of the steps and keep your CO2 pistol in excellent shape then you need not worry. They shoot at great range and power, but you may need to adjust them from time to time depending on the field requirements if you’re joining tournaments. Overall, CO2 airsoft pistols are amazing sidearms to own.

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