How to Make an Airsoft Field in Your Backyard

Trenches in yard

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Problem: You love playing Airsoft as much as possible. If it were up to you, you’d schedule a battle with your friends every day of the week, and maybe even daydream of how to make an airsoft field in your backyard…

But life unfortunately has different plans.

Tweens and teenagers have to go to school. You may even work a part-time job after school to earn money for more Airsoft weapons and gear! 😊

Adults have to work, spend time with their families, and take care of many other responsibilities. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to go to the closest Airsoft playing field as much as you’d like. So, battling for supremacy or simulated survival has to wait.

More often than not, it has to wait too long.

You aren’t alone if you feel this way. Many of your compatriots live with the same struggle.

The best part?

There’s hope. And there’s a better way.

Forget about trying to get to the closest Airsoft field at any given time. Switch up your thinking and bring the field to you instead by learning how to make an airsoft field in your backyard!

Solution: You have a gorgeous backyard just itching to be used!

More than likely, some of you own acres of land with ample space. Others might not have too much space, but enough to transform your yard into a battlefield.

It’s time to get creative…

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can flex your imaginative muscles and use whatever’s at your disposal.

Some things to consider:

  • Set up an Airsoft field in your own backyard
  • Set up a field in your friend’s or relative’s backyard
  • Transform a local park or sports field into a warzone (with proper permission of course!)
  • Turn the woods near your home into an Airsoft battleground
  • Convince your neighbors to play and set up a huge battle zone spanning multiple backyards
  • Assess your options and surroundings and discover other potential solutions

And finally, remember to be safe and have fun!

How to Make an Airsoft Field in Your Backyard

Ok, here’s the deal…

Ideally, if you have a large enough backyard, you’re in great shape to host Airsoft battles in your neighborhood and community.

And with some help and a little creativity, you can accomplish this task easily and inexpensively too!


But how do you get started?

First, you need to learn basic steps that will teach you how to make an airsoft field in your backyard. I’ll provide them in greater detail below.

Second, you need access to lots of space. Whether it’s your own space or community space depends on your situation.

Third, you need players to populate your battlefield. Otherwise, you’ll create this beautiful playing field that no one will ever use.

Fourth, it’s all about tapping into your creativity. Come up with battlefield ideas and set the stage for your upcoming war or training session.

And lastly…

Having the right equipment is critical to your success. It’s imperative to have ample amounts of Airsoft weapons, ammo, accessories, and gear on hand.


Without authentic gear, you’ll feel like you’re playing with plastic army men instead of acting out a simulated wartime situation.

Are you looking for a lifelike experience? Or, would playing with G.I. Joe dolls in the dirt meet your needs? If you’re anything like me, I already know the answer!

Gathering Your Equipment

At this stage of the game, it’s necessary to gather all the equipment you’ll need to create your battlefield.

You’ll need to purchase some of these items in stores. At other times, you can find things around the house or in your community to use.

By now, you should see that your DIY efforts will pay off big if you put your heart and soul into them.

And gathering the best equipment will improve your playing field.

How so?

With additional equipment, you can set up forts, outposts, trenches, prisons, foxholes, barriers, and innovative ways to take cover.


The more authentic your battlefield, the more fun you’ll have with your friends and other Airsoft players. It will help you create an exciting experience like you’re on an actual real-world professional Airsoft field.

Some equipment to consider includes:

  • Barriers and blockades
  • Metal garbage cans
  • Sandbags
  • Used tires
  • Tables
  • Palettes
  • Sheds
  • Shovels
  • Barrels
  • Bricks
  • Spray paint
  • Wood
  • Trees and bushes
  • Other usable items to make a bunker


After gathering your equipment (new or used this fine) it’s time to focus on designing an Airsoft field in your backyard.

The Best Additions to Backyard Airsoft Field Designs

Creating an Airsoft field is a lot of fun. But you have to get the process right in order to create an enjoyable experience for all.

Adding certain features to your battlefield will make it appear more authentic and legitimate. It will create an air of reality – like you’re actually in the middle of a military engagement!

Some additions are easier to create than others. But they’re used to deliver a lifelike experience in a simulated environment.

Here’s why:

After you’ve added all of your design additions to the field of play, you’ll have trenches, sandbags, home bases, prisons, and other extras that transform your backyard or local woods into a replica warzone.

Get this…

Trenches in yard

How would you feel if you walked into your backyard and six different trenches were dug in strategic locations? You’d get really excited about engaging in battle in this location.


On top of the trenches, what if you also saw sandbags stacked high, metal garbage cans strategically placed with fire coming out of the top, and other battlefield fixtures?

You’d likely jump for joy. I know I would! Because the fun is about to begin and it’s going to get crazy in no time.

Airsoft Battlefield Additions to Consider

  • Digging trenches in your backyard/woods
  • Adding sandbags to create cover
  • Adding metal garbage cans to duck behind
  • Lighting fires inside of metal garbage cans for night wargames
  • Stacking tires in strategic locations for additional cover
  • Building sheds to act as home base or a strategic location that you need to defend or capture depending on the scenario
  • Gallons of water used to fill in trenches or muddy up the playing field
  • Trees and bushes in the natural environment that you can use to hide behind
  • Tents that you can erect as mess halls, meeting places, or strategic locations

This is crazy:

This short list alone should give you plenty of ideas to spark your imagination. Think of other Airsoft battlefields that you’ve played on and try and re-create them as best you can.

Or if you prefer…

Try to come up with a unique idea that no one’s ever thought of before. Or watch YouTube videos and read posts on the Internet to see if you can discover other DIY Airsoft fields that you can duplicate.


Or better yet…

I’ll share some exciting examples of potential Airsoft battlefields that you can re-create. Use this information as a guide.

An Example of a Backyard Airsoft Battlefield

Let’s say your property is relatively large and makes up about an acre of land.

How to Make an Airsoft Field in Your Backyard

In this situation, you have plenty of room to create the battlefield of your dreams. But do you have permission? That’s the first thing you need to secure.

Obviously, if you’re the homeowner you can do whatever you want and getting permission isn’t a problem. But if you’re a young person looking to redecorate your backyard, you better talk to your parents first.

See if they’re okay with the changes you intend to make. And listen to their guidance and follow it to the letter.

Your mother may not want trenches in her backyard! And your father might not want you flooding the yard and turning it into a muddy battlefield!

Once you’ve received permission, you should seriously think about making the following changes.

I’d recommend:

  • Choose two areas of your yard and designate them as starting points for each team (i.e. the northwest corner and the southeast corner)
  • Erect a tent or build a metal or wooden shed – remember to ask for permission if needed! This will serve as your home base.
  • Around homebase, dig as many trenches as you feel necessary to properly protect your base, fort, outpost, or whatever you decide to call it!
  • Around the perimeter, remember to set up lots of sandbags and metal garbage barrels that you can duck behind and take cover.
  • Place your home base in an area where there are lots of trees, shrubs, and bushes. This will act as natural cover and keep you camouflaged from the enemy
  • Create a sniper perch. Is there a tree in the area? Think about building a deer stand that you can use as a perch for your sniper.
  • Use plenty of water. You can use it to fill in your trenches to create a moat around your fort. Or you can use it to flood the battlefield to make it hard for enemies to approach your position.
  • Old tires are also excellent for additional cover. Place them strategically around the battlefield so you can hide behind them as you enter into enemy territory.

As you can see, this is a nice mockup of a potential Airsoft field. Remember to do this on both sides of the battlefield to keep things fair and balanced.

And the good news?

After you’re through creating this battlefield, you’ll love playing Airsoft right in your own backyard. You’ll never feel sad about not getting to your local field again.

Your yard will become the local field!

Heck if these kids learned how to make an airsoft field in your backyard, you can too…


An Example of an Airsoft Battlefield in the Woods

You might be wondering:

How to make an airsoft field in your backyard with woods?

For starters, find out if it’s allowed in your community. Or if you’re a daredevil, just set up the battlefield and throw caution to the wind!

Either way, just know that setting up a battlefield in the woods is a whole lot of fun. You’ll see!

When setting up a battlefield in the woods, you should consider making the following alterations to improve the playing field:

  • Designate specific areas as home base for each team.
  • Take advantage of the natural environment and make the most of it. Use trees, shrubs, bushes, streams, and other parts of the environment and incorporate them into the field of play
  • Build a deer stand or a platform in one or more trees. This is perfect because it provides space to strategically place snipers on the battlefield. Try to set up one or more sniper stands equally per team.
  • Build wooden or aluminum sheds in tactical locations – typically in the designated home base areas for each team. Use these locations as shelter or places to regroup and strategically plan your next move
  • Dig trenches to create authentic battlefield situations
  • Place sandbags, tires, barricades, and more around the field as barriers and places to hide behind
  • Water is your friend. Use it to mess up the battlefield or fill in trenches with water or create a swamp or anything else your heart desires

Simply put, incorporating these recommendations into your battlefield will make it easy to create a tactical Airsoft staging area for all to enjoy.

An Example of an Airsoft Battlefield in a Public Park or Field

So, we touched on ideas for how to make an airsoft field in your backyard.

How about in public spaces? You have to be careful setting up an Airsoft field in public places. You can’t make too many alterations or you might upset other people in your city or town.

But you can certainly make temporary changes!

Here’s how:

  • Strategically place tents in certain areas of the park or playing field. Use these locations as starting points and meeting places for each team
  • Bring barriers, tires, sandbags, and other portable battlefield dressings along for the ride. Use these items to decorate the battlefield and make tactical improvements to design a fun and challenging wargame scenario
  • Avoid digging trenches at all costs. You’ll upset members of the community and the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Avoid using water, fire, and don’t create permanent structures that can’t be easily removed. Otherwise, you may end up in trouble and we obviously wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Setting up a battlefield in a local park or baseball field can be a lot of fun. Just remember to use temporary structures and the natural environment to create the ideal battlefield scenario for you and your buds.

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