How Far Can A 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot?

How Far Can A 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot FI

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Airsoft games are pretty exciting, especially when your shot gives you fantastic range and accuracy.

As a team member, you’ll want to play your part by making sure your BBs fly high and you cover good ground to achieve winning results.

Here’s the thing…

Several factors affect the range you’ll get from shooting an airsoft gun, whether it’s an airsoft rifle or pistol. One of them is the gun’s FPS. Others are the barrel length, BB weight, and hop-up system.

But what is the average range you’ll get with airsoft guns? And how far will a 400 FPS airsoft gun shoot?

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are replica guns for hunting, training, and playing games that’ll give you a military experience.

But unlike the actual weapon, an airsoft gun makes use of plastic BBs. And they have orange muzzle tips to differentiate them from real firearms.

Look at this…

They are safe to use and will help you take down opponents even from a distance. All you need is one with a reasonable FPS rate, hop-up, solid inner barrel, and other factors providing effective range and accuracy.

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Q. What Is The Maximum Range of An Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft range varies between guns. While you’ll get as much as a hundred yards with heavily modified sniper rifles, the results you’ll get from another gun might be barely 10 yards.

The average gun shoots an effective range of circa 30 yards. And you can go as high as 50 or even 100 yards out where you upgrade the velocity or fine-tune the hop ups. It all depends on the FPS rate, BB weight, and hop up system.

Here’s the thing…

The average airsoft field allows players to use bolt-action guns with 550 FPS and limits other gun types to around 400 FPS.

At the end of the day, the FPS factor and others affect the range you’ll cover.

There’s no max range for airsoft. Your range depends on the weapon configuration and a few other things. But typically, you can effectively cover distances between 30 and 60 yards.

Q. How Do BBs Affect Your Range?

How Far Can A 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot

The size and weight of the ammo you use in your gun will affect your range.

If you use heavy BBs, you’ll cover more range on the field.

Here’s the thing…

Heavier BBs retain energy better than lighter ones, making them cover more distance.

The only problem is that the pellets will move slower and may not hit anything fast.

And if you plan to have your weapon cover more range, pay attention to your BBs. Clean off the wax so that it doesn’t contaminate your hop up system and cause poor performance.

Factors to Consider

While thinking about the shooting distance you’d get from a 400 FPS airsoft gun, don’t forget that you need to consider some things.

You’ll need to know how much effective range you can get with a 400 FPS airsoft gun and the effect of hop ups, barrel quality, BB weight, and others on your range. 

  • Range vs Effective Range

Range refers to the distance covered by your BB after a shooting round.

You’ll get different ranges on a gun, based on the gun’s power source, FPS, wind, BB, or how smooth the barrel’s bore is.

Guess what?

It can be as high as 100 feet or as low as barely 10 feet. That distance covered is the range of your weapon.

Effective range points to the distance you’ll usually cover when you shoot. This range is generally shorter, but you’re expected to hit targets consistently at that distance.

For a 400 FPS sniper rifle, you can hit an object or person within a range of 200 feet, where you have all factors in place. But if you want accuracy, or you’re looking for a consistent range, you’ll get circa 100 feet. 

  • Average 400-FPS Distances

Now, how far can a 400 FPS airsoft gun shoot?

Again, it depends on these factors.


On average, without upgrades, you’ll cover as much as 25-35 yards consistently. And where you fine-tune the gun, you can get as far as 40 yards on a shot.

Depending on the type of gun and how fast the FPS is from off the shelf, you can upgrade an airsoft gun to give you as much as 50-70 yards anytime you shoot the gun.

The only thing is that it may cost you a lot of money, having to reconstruct and reprogram the weapon. 

  • FPS and Range

Your gun’s FPS will affect its range. And one with more FPS is at an advantage over another with reduced FPS. And that’s because the weapon works fantastically with heavier BBs that travel smoothly through the wind to give you improved range and accuracy.

But here’s the truth…

If a 250 FPS gun has better quality than a 700 FPS gun, it’ll cover more range. That’s because the range is determined not only by FPS but the gun’s barrel length and hop-up.

For example, a gun with a longer barrel or smooth bore will give you more accuracy. The BB will travel faster.

So, consider the FPS without neglecting other features or functions of a gun. Also, clean your gun properly. 

  • Hop Up Quality

The hop-up applies backspin on the BB so that as it leaves the gun’s barrel, there’s more gravity. This mechanism will give you more distance with accuracy.

If your gun’s hop-up quality is high, or if you can adjust it, you’ll cover more range, especially where other components are in place.

Look at this…

Even with low FPS, you can cover more distance with a high-quality hop-up. But where it’s poor or improperly set up, it will affect your gun’s range negatively. 

  • Smooth Bore

Another factor affecting the flight path of your BB is the inner barrel construction. To achieve more range, you’ll need an airsoft weapon with a perfectly circular barrel.

The bore of your barrel needs to be smooth and create a center hole. That will prevent a BB from hitting the sides of the barrel and negatively impacting the BB trajectory and accuracy.

Make sure that beyond the gun having 400 FPS or even more, it has a smooth bore.

But that’s not all…

Even a high-quality barrel is at risk of dirt or scratches that affect range. That’s why you should clean the barrel regularly and carefully.

How Far Can A 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot
  • BB Weight

Without modifications or upgrades, you’ll hit targets accurately, even from a distance, when you use heavy BBs.

Why’s that?

A lighter BB won’t travel as far because of the wind. But, wind and light covers like leaves and tree branches won’t affect heavy ammo.

The only thing is the slower travel you’ll get. For instance, switching from .20g BB to .30g BB will reduce your gun’s velocity by 25-75 feet per second. 

But what do you need speed for, if not to hit targets accurately whether they are far from you or not?

Conclusion: How Far Can A 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot

How far can a 400 FPS airsoft gun shoot? 

Here’s the truth…

Your gun won’t shoot as far as you want it, with a lightweight BB, bad quality hop-up system or poorly constructed barrel. And that’s even with a high FPS!

That’s why you should make sure that these other things are in place to give you optimum range and accuracy. With a fine combination of quality airsoft gun features and FPS, the rest is history!

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