How Far Can A 350 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot Visual Guide?

How Far Can A 350 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot FI

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Guns travel different distances at varying speeds. 

Airsoft players want to hide from their opponents and hit them from the farthest distance. 

They need to know whether the fps (feet per second) of an airsoft rifle or pistol will cover reasonable ground to help them win in combat 

Here’s what you’ll see: 

  • How Far Can A 350 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot ;
  • The factors determining the range you’ll cover during games;
  • How to enhance your gun’s range and accuracy;

And lots more…

Q. Can 400 fps break skin?

Can 400 fps break skin
Source: Unsplash

An airsoft gun moving at a 400 fps speed can cause you to bleed and leave a bruise that will last a week. It’ll hurt more than a wasp sting.

Every airsoft player should note MED while playing on the field. MED is the medium engagement distance between airsoft players.

Some fields make policies stipulating how close you can be to your opponents. But different areas recommend varying MEDs. While some are close, others cover a significant distance.

And yes, there are fields with no distance rules at all. 

You don’t agree to any restrictions when you play on such these fields. So you need to gear up.

Here’s the thing…

For your safety, shoot only at the prescribed MED.

An airsoft rifle or pistol with a velocity of 400 fps will hurt you pretty badly if you’re at a close shooting distance from the shooter.

Avoid shooting at someone within 30 feet of you. Or use of an airsoft weapon with lower velocity – these airsoft guns are less likely to break the skin.

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Q. Does a 250 fps airsoft gun hurt?

You’ll most likely experience pain like a sting or flick from pellets while playing airsoft. But the energy workout and hangout with your buds will more than compensate.

Depending on the speed per second of the BBs, where you’re hit, and your type of protective gear, the pain will differ.

Airsoft guns that travel between 200and 250 fps will affect you because they’re usually fired up close. But they probably won’t hurt too much – even if your skin is exposed.

The ones with 250 to 350 fps covering more range with speed might give you a sting or flick. The pain dissipates in a few seconds though.

You’ll find this…

When BBs fly a long distance, they gradually lose kinetic energy and speed. So they’ll have less effect when they’re covering a greater range.

If you take a hit to a body part like your neck, with a soft tissue covering, you will feel more pain than one taken to the shoulder, for instance.

My most painful hit was the one I got on my knuckles when I left my gloves back at home. My skin broke a little, and it stung the entire day.

That’s why you need protective gear. Coverings like a helmet, face mask, gloves, scarves, and even a bonnie hat will protect you from cuts and scrapes.

Q. How Far Can a 400-FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot?

The average gun shooting around 400 fps with 20g BBs can cover a range of 100 feet. Pistols with the same fps cover a less effective range of 50 feet.

But here’s the thing…

Even with 400 fps or a higher fps, your airsoft gun won’t cover as much distance if you miss a few bits of housekeeping:.

If you have a dirty barrel, lousy hop up, or carry lightweight BB, your 400 fps airsoft gun won’t reach its max range.

Adjust the hop-up, clean the inner barrel, and check the air compression to increase the distance you’ll cover with a 400 fps airsoft gun.

If your airsoft gun allows a heavier BB, go for it. 

Since the wind does not affect them, you’ll gain better accuracy and cover more feet.

And the hop-up will put backspin on BBs to make them travel faster.


Cleaning your barrel is essential to cover more range with 400 fps.

400-FPS Airsoft Range
Source: Unsplash

To hit opponents with your airsoft rifle or pistol, choose a gun with a higher fps rating, and pay attention to the other factors that affect range and accuracy.

Your effective range, which is the distance you will usually hit targets, depends on different factors like the BB weight, airsoft gun fps, and hop quality.

Q.  How far will an airsoft pistol shoot?

airsoft pistol range
Source: Unsplash

Questions like this are tricky.

On average, an airsoft pistol has an effective range of 20 meters. The best guns will get you a range between 30 and 40 meters.

With internal upgrades, you’ll get up to 60 meters from a gun that runs as fast as 600 fps.

Here’s more…

Using the right ammo will make a huge difference to your range and accuracy.

Also, use heavier BBs if you want a higher range. They will cut through the air smoothly.

Hop-ups and proper maintenance also determine how far your airsoft pistol will shoot.

Clean your gearbox, lubricate it well, and you’ll see a difference in how far your shots go. 

Q. Does FPS affect the range of an airsoft gun?

Yes, FPS affects the range of airsoft guns.

It’s the joules that an airsoft gun produces. Without it, BBs cannot reach their targets.

Guns with more fps are at an advantage over others. They can accommodate a higher BB weight. The BBs resist the wind and travel smoothly with better accuracy at higher range.


FPS is not the most important factor affecting the range of an airsoft gun.

The range is a combination of feet per second, hop-up system, and barrel length.

For a good range, get a gun with a high fps and an average barrel or hop- up.

Consider the wind, distance, ballistic drop, and inner barrel length too.

Longer inner barrels will give you higher accuracy than shorter ones. The BB can travel faster, and the wind won’t hinder its distance.

To increase the range of your shot, especially with a good fps, maintain your gun well. Clean the inner parts and lubricate as you would with a real gun.

Seal it properly. Otherwise, a 300 fps will beat a 600 fps gun.

CONCLUSION: How Far Can A 350 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot?

The average 350 fps gun shoots circa 30 feet distance.

But like other airsoft guns, the 350 fps has a combination of factors affecting the range and accuracy.

To optimize your range and hit at opponents even from a distance, you need to get the best airsoft gun.

Buy a high-quality brand with high feet per second and other components like a long barrel and adjustable hop-up.

Regular maintenance with the use of prescribed BBs will also make a huge difference to your Airsoft games.

What’s more…

For optimum accuracy and range, keep practicing. As you keep running around the field, hitting targets, and getting hit, you’ll gain the power of balance and hone your skills.

Game in game out, you’ll learn more about how to enhance your accuracy and range, optimizing for your best fps.

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