How Much Does A Good Airsoft Gun Cost?

How Does An Airsoft Gun Cost FI

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Now, you’re wondering How Does An Airsoft Gun Cost… or just to buy a handy airsoft gun.

But do you know that there aren’t really very precise price points when it comes to airsoft guns?

Wonder why?

It’s because what you need to know instead are bits of factors that affect the price of an airsoft gun. 

That means…

…that you have to determine first the qualities and factors that you want to have or want to focus on before you buy and play airsoft. 

Do you want to focus on power? Range? Or maybe accuracy?

Or perhaps you just want to save money and are looking to get cheap airsoft guns for practice. 

Then there are also the different types.

Are you looking into getting airsoft sniper rifles? Or some handy airsoft pistols for your sidearm?

Sniper rifles and airsoft rifles have more specifications than an airsoft pistol, and because of that, they also differ in their price range.

Now if you already know what you’re looking to get, then there’s no reason to stall.

Let me walk you through this little guide to start you off.



What Do Airsoft Guns Normally Cost?

As mentioned earlier, there’s never an exact or fixed price range for all airsoft weapons. That’s all thanks to many different brands in the market today.

But these different brands and types are there for a reason. 

And that is so there would be something for every kind of player. 

If you’re just starting out and practicing, you’d want some basic entry level options that can let you practice how to properly hold your weapon, cock, charge, and shoot. 

You can find airsoft guns that range from $25 to around $120. Mid-tier ones can go from around $150 to $250. 

But if you’re planning to go serious…

…then you’d better start looking for an airsoft weapon with much higher quality.

The most common choices for airsoft players that are just starting out are the automatic electric gun, airsoft shotgun, and spring powered guns that cost around $100 to $300 depending on the brand, features, and build.

On the other hand…

…the more advanced airsoft assault rifles and airsoft sniper rifles are much more expensive, thanks to their greater range and stronger power. They can cost around $300 to $370 and even more if you’re aiming for a high-end brand. 

You can also get their upgraded versions or put your guns through several upgrades just like what most people in the airsoft community usually do to have the best of the best airsoft gun. 

But then, expect to spend more on upgrades.

How Much Does A Good Airsoft Gun Cost

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Q. What Makes Up the Price Differences?

Airsoft guns aren’t classified by brands only.

The most common factors that affect a gun are power (how strong the punch of your BB will be), accuracy (how precise the BB can hit the target), range (how far the ammo can shoot across a distance), as well as its material, durability, and how realistic it looks.

You can choose to get the best airsoft rifles that excel in all these qualities, or just one that focuses on one of them if you already have a game plan for your airsoft games. 

That said…

Expect most low cost guns to lack in one or a few more of these qualities.

 But being on a tight budget doesn’t also necessarily mean that all that’s available for you are cheap quality guns, as well.

How Much Does A Good Airsoft Gun Cost

Q. How Do Brands Affect the Cost of Airsoft Guns?

To make it simpler, airsoft guns’ price range is mostly categorized in either high-end, mid-tier, and low-end or low-cost ones. 

High-end guns consist of highly realistic replicas of military units guns which are mostly full metal, very well-known, and established names, as well as guns that are customizable or can be upgraded without any issues with deadly accurate specifications and range. 

On the other hand…

The mid-tier guns are mostly upgraded versions of low-cost ones and some are decent replicas and clones while lower-tier guns are basic entry level ones with mostly lightweight materials and a decent amount of power and range.

Q. How Do Materials Affect the Cost of Airsoft Guns?

Now that we’ve mentioned materials, yes, the make of airsoft guns also affect its price.

Obviously, a flimsy plastic pistol that can break fairly quickly would be way cheaper than, say, a gas powered airsoft rifle with mostly metal parts and a durable plastic body. 

Sniper rifle is almost always made of very durable materials so it can withstand every strong blow. 

In addition to this…

Full auto gas guns such as green gas and CO2 are also mostly more pricey than spring guns. 

A good airsoft gun also lets you add accessories such as a scope, hop up, and laser. The same goes for a pistol. 

If you’re looking for the best sidearm, look for a full metal one.

Then there’s your BB.

BBs can be either plastic or steel. More powerful guns use heavier BBs but some airsoft fields don’t allow steel ones as they tend to hurt more.

How Much Does A Good Airsoft Gun Cost

Q. How much airsoft guns cost tier by tier breakdown?

High-end airsoft toys such as Tokyo Marui and KWA tend to cost around $300 to $400. Most of them are ultra-realistic clones or guns with realistic features with feels also identical to their original counterparts. 

On the other hand…

Mid-tier or mid capacity guns such as the Classic Army, Lancer Tactical, G&G, AND JG cost around $240 to $300 while low-tier ones, as mentioned earlier, can cost as low as $25 to $200.

Q. In Airsoft Price May Not Reflect Quality

Now you might be thinking…

…that the more expensive an airsoft gun is, the better. 

Actually, no.

Despite all this, price doesn’t always equate to quality, especially today that many different brands have been sprouting left and right. 

It’s easy to make a gun look premium and neglect its internal quality.

On the other side of the coin…

You can get yourself a really cheap but affordable sidearm from a trusted brand, may it be old or new. 

What matters is, it fits your needs.

CONCLUSION: How Does An Airsoft Gun Cost

How Much Does A Good Airsoft Gun Cost

One of the mistakes beginners make is buying an airsoft gun that’s popular and widely rated. Sometimes, the expensive ones, too, thinking that with a good pricey gun, training and practicing will somehow be much easier. 

Although it’s sometimes true, what you should always remember (and I had to remember when I was starting out) is to identify your gaming and shooting style first, and then that’s when you’ll identify your need, as well.

To wrap it all up…

While power, accuracy, and range are all important factors, at the end of the day, what you should go for is the one that answers your needs in the best way possible.

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