Homemade Airsoft Targets?

Homemade Airsoft Targets

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Homemade Airsoft Targets: It’s highly probable that as an airsoft gun enthusiast, you’ll get the urge to shoot some bullets from time to time. If you’re a novice or an experienced shooter, you’ll want to experience the rush that follows with locking in on a target and pulling the trigger.

If you are unable to attend a game on a regular basis for one reason or another, this shouldn’t exclude you from spending quality time with your airsoft guns and ammo. You’ll enjoy some practice shooting at home if you already have room and maybe some spare time.

To begin, you might wish to learn how to create your own airsoft targets. But don’t worry; this task is simple to complete and may not even necessitate the purchase of any materials.

What are you waiting for?

Below are a few ideas that could pique your interest.

DIY Targets For Airsoft Guns

Homemade Airsoft Targets

There are lots of DIY Targets you can craft depending on what you need to achieve. The simplest way to do it is to embed a printable shooting target into whatever flat surface and you’ve made yourself – one of the greatest DIY airsoft target ideas.

Nevertheless, if you would like to be able to re-use your bullets, you’ll have to build a trapping structure too. Boxes and containers made from various materials will suffice for this. Place the box on its side with the opening towards you, then devise a method of hanging the shooting target in front of the opening, and you’ve got yourself a handmade airsoft target trap.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, this is not enough.

We’ll get into details on how to DIY different Airsoft targets, but first, you need to know what materials you need for the Airsoft targets.

Materials Needed

Now, you’ll be wondering how to build these DIY targets and what stuff you need to do it.

Well, we got you covered buddy!

What’s great about this DIY target is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it and you can buy the cheap materials from a nearby store in your area. 

DIY Plinking Target

  • A table or any other elevated surface
  • Old soda cans, bottles, or any other large item you have available to shoot at

DIY Trap Target

  • A fairly large cardboard box or any other box-like item composed of any component
  • An old towel or cushion that may be stuffed into the box
  • a roll of tape
  • Printout of a shooting target
  • a few pieces of string and snaps (optional)

DIY Multitarget

  • A sizeable box made of a thick and sturdy material like wood or plastic
  • Large size nails and screws
  • Hooks
  • Binder clips
  • Hinges
  • Metal shooting targets
  • Empty soda or tin cans
  • Balloons (optional)
  • A large piece of cardboard that will cover the width of the box
  • A shooting target printout

DIY Paper Target

  • Printer Paper
  • Post-it notes
  • Notecards
  • 3M Spray Glue #61

DIY Traditional Target Stand

  • A 10 ft 1.5” PVC pipe
  • 2 PVC elbow joints
  • 2 PVC T-joints
  • 2 1″ wood, the length will depend on the height you want your stand to be in
  • A piece of cardboard that will cover the width of the stand
  • Binder clips
  • A shooting target print out

Types of Airsoft Targets

If the information above left you perplexed, some clarification on the many types of airsoft targets may be required. As the list indicates, there are several different types of airsoft targets that you may use for target shooting at home. The things listed above are only a few of the options available, but some may be more difficult to DIY, so let’s start with the most basic.

The first is a target for plinking. Plinking alludes to the act of firing at an improvised target and has long been seen as a popular pastime among gun enthusiasts. Because plinking targets aren’t specified and may be anything, it’s the quickest to try at home.

In case, you don’t already know…

A trap target is a shooting target that catches the bullets that are ejected during the operation. Because it allows airsoft players to reuse ammo, it is the most common DIY target design. This target is made to capture and keep spent bb’s throughout shooting practice, making it the perfect option for people who want to put their airsoft target practice to good use.


A traditional target stand is precisely what its name implies: a shooting target mounted on a stand. It’s the most common type seen at shooting ranges, dynamic training packages, and some military simulation airsoft games.


A multitarget is an upgraded trap target, not a regular target. It also has reactive targets and targets that dangle from the ceiling. It may also be used as the ideal DIY airsoft target because it can be modified to fit any type of setup.

Making Your Own Airsoft Targets

Now that you know the difference between these Airsoft targets, we’ll get to the most exciting part of this article. If you are decided on what kind of target you’d like to use, then follow the  steps on how to make it below:

DIY Plinking Target

  • Collect the objects that you want to make as your targets.
  • Place the stand in the desired location.
  • Put the targets on the stand’s top. It will be preferable to line them up down the length of the platform so that you can quickly access your targets.
  • Ready to shoot!

DIY Traditional Target Shooting Stand

  • PVC pipe should be cut into 16” pieces.
    Assemble the pipes to construct the stand’s base. Attach two pieces of pipe to each end of the two T-joints before connecting the elbow joints. One piece of pipe connects the two parts. Place the remaining two pipe pieces on the T joints to complete the work.
  • On each pipe, place the wood.
  • Put the shooting target printout to the cardboard with clips or clamps before pasting it to the wooden frame.
  • Ready to shoot!

DIY Trap Target

  • Take a box and, if it has one, detach the top cover. If you’re using a cardboard box, tape it up all over to make it more durable.
  • Put the padding material in the box’s bottom. Put whatever you can think of inside the box to provide thickness and padding, whether it’s an old towel, a pillow, or anything else.
  • Put the printout of the shooting target to the box’s opening. You could use clips or tape as long as the opening of the box is covered.
  • Lay the box on the edge with the printout of the shooting target towards the side.
  • Place yourself in a shooting posture and begin firing.

DIY Multitarget

  • To make a DIY target trap, grab a box and decide which side will be the top surface when you put it on the side.
  • Fix the nails in place. Place four to five big nails equally on the box’s top surface. Leave a considerable amount of nails outside the box to act as plinking targets’ supports. If the box you picked is fairly deep and has a lot of surface area, you may skip it.
  • Put the hooks in place. Add four hooks to the bottom of the top surface. They should be evenly spaced.
  • Screw the screws in place. Put one screw to each corner of the hole. Don’t completely bury the screws. Allow enough space for it to be utilized as a binder clip hook.
  • Mount the metal targets to the box’s upper surface, close to the entrance. Each metal target should be attached to a hinge, which should be placed with the opening side facing you. These will be the targets of your retaliation.
  • Mount the metal targets to the box’s upper surface, close to the entrance. Each metal target should be attached to a hinge, which should be placed with the opening side facing you. These will be the targets of your retaliation.
  • Install the hanging targets and balloons, as well as the printout of the shooting target. Depending on the look you desire, you can either use thread and clip on a few balloons to the corner of the box to hang old soda cans into the hooks, or you can put your goal print out to what was once the base of the box.
  • Placing your plinking targets on top of the nails or behind the metal targets will give you the best results. For this reason, you can shoot at any object you choose.
  • Begin shooting.

DIY Paper Target

  • Prepare a standard letter-size paper
  • Paste the printed paper using your 3M #61 Spray adhesive to the cardboard target.
  • Begin shooting!

Storing Your Targets

Because DIY targets like we mentioned above aren’t very weather-resistant, it’s a good thing to keep them under cover while not in use. It’s OK to keep it in the basement, a shed, or your closet–you just don’t want it to become wet and soggy or fly away in the wind.

A Few Things to Note When Practice Shooting at Home

Before you begin your task of making a DIY target, there are several factors to take into account:

The materials you choose are important

While you may certainly use objects that are sitting around the house that aren’t being used for such tasks, choosing tougher ones will guarantee you firmer targets. Each of these DIY airsoft targets may be recycled if you choose durable materials and don’t use your most powerful airsoft guns to practice shooting them.

Your primary concern must be your safety

Because airsoft guns can be extremely strong, it’s always important to emphasize safety when handling and shooting them.

If you’re practicing shooting in your backyard, keep away from any potential targets because if you’re not cautious, you may strike someone. It’s better to keep your back to structures to avoid hitting and damaging windows, walls, and other components of the house.

Conclusion: Homemade Airsoft Targets?

Practicing shooting at home, particularly with the appropriate target, might be an excellent alternative to playing real airsoft games. Fortunately, making DIY airsoft targets isn’t hard, so you can create a few barely breaking a sweat.

You have various alternatives to pick from, as indicated by the list above.

While there are many additional choices, the list above covers some of the simplest DIY ways, making it a good place to start. I hope you found these informative and entertaining Airsoftnut.com. While you’re at it, try sharing this information to your colleagues and airsoft buddies, because they may find it convenient for their target shooting practice. BB Rifle Airsoft Gun

That’s all for our DIY airsoft targets!

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