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Hi, there airsofters!

How was your last airsoft game?

Did you bring home the bacon? If not, that’s fine – you still have your chance.

Just so you know…

More and more are into airsoft these days, and new and reformed airsoft guns from various brands continue to saturate the market.

But, I’m not here to go one by one through the different airsoft brands. I’m here to talk about a specific brand, GandP Airsoft, that’s been recognized and has made a reputation for itself in the airsoft industry.

So, here’s what you need to know and what some might have been curious about.

  • Is G&P a good airsoft brand?
  • Where are G&P airsoft guns made?
  • Are they worth your buck?
  • And more banging G&P deets – coming your way!

Without further ado…

Let’s have a blast!

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A Brief History on G&P

G&P Industrial Co. Limited since 1995 is a company that produces military equipment and distributes wargame products. In 1996, they changed their name to G&P and introduced a line of high-lumen flashlights in response to market demand.

Since then, G&P have established their reputation as a trusted company among military equipment and airsoft enthusiasts.

Is G&P a good brand?

GandP Airsoft

G&P continuously steps up their game in the airsoft community. They are known for their skull frog markings which you can find both in their guns and accessories.

It is one of the best airsoft brands available on the market today. They produce some of the most authentic and high-quality airsoft guns and airsoft products in the world.

G&P also offers sexy and badass replica firearms with amazing externals and internals that you could mix and match with other brands like Tokyo Marui, Ares, and more!

They are known for their high capacity performance and customization. You can take any G&P airsoft gun to any destination you wish regarding upgrades and additional accessories.

Thus, G&P is an excellent option, especially if you’re a noob in airsoft or want to have a budget-friendly gun as your starter.

So, what makes it a good brand?

Let’s first talk about their magazines. You can buy G&P magazines at more or less $13, which can be pretty solid and compatible for M4 and AK lines. It comes with mid-caps black or tan color and also has high rounds per second (RPS) with 130 capacity BBs.

That’s what makes this brand interesting…

They’ve produced accessories, like grenade launchers, flashlights, etc., that you can mix and match for their different models and even outside their platform.

Is G&P a good brand?


G&P is known for its Automatic Electric Gun (AEG). These are the most common types of guns you can find on the market.

AEG are battery-powered guns and come with almost any model or style that you might want to opt for.

So, if you’re a noob, veteran, enthusiast, or collector per se – AEG gun is an excellent choice.

You can choose a gun for indoor, outdoor, or even for backyard training. If you want a long or short barrel for close-quarter combats, they’ve got it all covered for you.

Is G&P a good brand?

Suppose your problem is the hot and cold climates…

AEGs got your six because they’re reliable guns for any type of weather and changing environment that comes with a semi-auto or full-auto system. Here’s what I can impart on some features of G&P.

G&P made guns that are fully licensed by other brands like, for example, Daniel Defense MK18. It’s a real steel replica firearm made by G&P. It has striking features right out the box from the color, coatings, and markings – it’s fantastic!

Not to mention the rail systems with sharp and rough edges allowing you to have a smooth grip.

G&P AEG does not come in one color. Some are two-toned colors that can be good for camouflage during outdoor or field gameplays.

Some airsoft players prefer black-colored guns because they find them sexy to carry.

Well, I guess black is everyone’s color because it’s good for color combinations.


You might encounter models when ejecting the mags – there might be a little bit too much paint which, of course, you can smooth using sandpaper. Also, some models require lubricant due to toughness when removing mags or changing controls.

But, these are manageable and easy to resolve setbacks. Overall, G&P’s internals and externals have amazing features for all ages and players.

Is G&P a good brand?

Moving on…

Their airsoft guns also have electronic fire control units or fire selectors, which you can switch to three-round burst or single burst, depending on your preference.

These selectors are very smooth to switch to semi-auto or full-auto, but some models are not ambidextrous.

Aside from these…

There are models that you can adjust the stock and hop-up unit. You can also store your battery in the stock tubes as long as it has room for large dean connectors.

Dean’s connectors on G&P rifles are beneficial for serious and advanced players as it allows for better electrical connection, thus, increased performance.

Is G&P a good brand?

What about the trigger?

Most G&P guns have a soft and snappy trigger pull or response compared to other brands, shooting relatively well.

Also, the cool thing about this brand is…

they are not too expensive nor the cheapest. I would say that they’re in the middle when it comes to price points. For this reason, this brand is recommended for airsoft newbies or starters.

Not only that…

Most G&P models come with flip-up front and rear sights, ambidextrous mags release, and multi-objective training system (MOTS), which you can find on many of their M4s.

Aside from being perfect CQB partners, these days, the G&P internals are awesome when it comes to quality and reliability, setting a standard for other M4 AEG.

Since G&P has plenty of auto-market parts, upgrading and customization can be easier for both internals and externals. In this way, you can maximize the full potential of your gun.

Is G&P a good brand?

How about their HPA?

Just like AEG, it’s also recognized by airsofters, especially their unit of machine guns. One example of this is the G&P HPA 249.

It comes with a picatinny rail system allowing you to have external add-ons. Not to mention the great trigger response that comes with a MOSFET.

In summary…

G&P products are not just for beginner level airsoft players but even for advanced and veteran airsofters on the field. Their products are designed and built for players to stand out in the field and use their maximum skills through the help of G&P replica firearms to the extent that they can withstand climate and stress during gameplay.

G&P’s imitation replica and accessories are undoubtedly quality hand-made and well-thought to satisfy the needs of the airsoft community.

Here are some available products and airsoft guns:

  • G&P Steel Handguard cap for M4
  • G&P Western Arms M4 Gas magazine reinforcement and caskets
  • G&P SR25 Bevel Gear
  • G&P SPR carbine M4 RAS
  • G&P style SPR Trigger guard
  • G&P M203 Grenade Launchers
  • G&P M16 A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle
  • Salient Arms International SAI Gry Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle
  • PTS Magpul MOE M4 Carbine AEG Rifle
  • And more!

Where are G&P airsoft guns made?

Where are G&P airsoft guns made?

Most G&P airsoft guns are made in Taiwan, and every airsoft player across the world acknowledges the brand.

Taiwan is known to manufacture a lot of things, particularly airsoft guns – why so?

Of course, their location and materials are good for creating replica firearms of high quality and reliability and new products at affordable prices.

If you’re thinking of buying one…

You don’t need to go to China to purchase yours. G&P guns are available at a variety of markets and online shops across the globe.

Here’s what you can do to purchase your first imitation firearm:

  • Go to a page, site of category shop to search for your preferred G&P airsoft guns.
  • Sign in or register to create an account (email password).
  • Fill out important details for shipment of the products you wish to buy.
  • You may contact customer service if you encounter problems with the purchase you made.

Disclaimer: Once you purchase your replica firearm. Be careful not to openly display or expose your imitation firearm in a public place because you might discomfort others. All airsoft players are required to have the tip of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.

Conclusion: GandP Airsoft Brand

G&P Airsoft

There you have it, warriors, showing!

Here, we’ve talked about a brief history of G&P as airsoft gun producers. They’ve started it out as a newbie starting to shoot a plinking target.

Thanks to their quality products that made them known by the airsoft community. The G&P’s replica firearm (imitation firearm) is undoubtedly well-designed and by the people behind the name.

This review also samples AEG guns like Daniel Defense MK18 and G&P HPA 249 with amazing and reliable features.

Of course, there are a lot of G&P new products available on the market which you could choose from. You can still search and research what is good and what is not for your grip.

Your choice of gun is up to you – as long as they’ve got your back, then you’ll have a good time during your indoor or outdoor gameplays.

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