Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Do Airsoft Guns Hurt

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Airsoft is fast becoming the most popular nerve-wracking, and enjoyable outdoor game. But you might be wondering whether getting hit with airsoft BBs will cause you pain if you decide to get serious with the game. 

Here’s the truth…

Do Airsoft Guns Hurt by getting shot. But that shouldn’t stop you from playing your favorite airsoft games.

The amount of pain you’ll experience if you get hit is way less than the pleasure you’ll get playing airsoft games. So, don’t turn your back on this exciting sport.

What Factors Make Airsoft Painful?

To make airsoft playing less painful, our expert team researched common factors that affect how much people get hurt, playing airsoft.

The level of pain you’ll experience depends really on your distance from the shooter, the weight of BBs, the airsoft gun’s power, your clothing, pain tolerance, and more.

  • Fps Rate

The higher the muzzle velocity of an airsoft gun, the more pain you’ll get when you’re shot at. Meaning that the hit is harder when the airsoft BBs travel faster.

BBs flying 100-200 feet per second will only feel like a poke on your skin. Those between 200 and 250 fps will leave you feeling a little pain.

Where the shot is from an airsoft gun with BBs moving at 250-300 fps, you’ll get a welt from a shot within the 60 feet range.

Let’s be honest…

The faster the fps, the more the BBs sting. 400-500 fps can be brutal, breaking through the skin, especially when the shot is under 50ft.

At times, BBs shot 500 feet per second may pierce through a protective gear to cause injuries to the skin.

That’s why the average airsoft field restricts fps to circa 350. These restrictions, alongside wearing protection like a face mask on the eyes, will help prevent injuries to your face and skin.

Do Airsoft Guns Hurt
  • Range Of The Shooter

While playing airsoft games, you want to be as accurate as possible, covering plenty of distance.

You might not know that varying distances have a different impact on the eyes and body of people.

Here’s something…

Airsoft pain varies from a quick pinch to a festering sting.

If your distance from the shooter is closer, the impact you’ll feel on the skin is higher, regardless of whether you get hit on your face or another body part.

Getting shot within a point-blank range will probably make you feel a bee sting for a few seconds, or even cause you to bleed. Yet you won’t feel a sting from a long airsoft gunshot.

Look at this…

If you get shot with a 300 fps airsoft gun, you’ll only feel a bit of pain. Where the distance is 50 feet, you’ll get a welt that maybe lasts a few days.

When an opponent’s airsoft BB hits you from a long distance, you’ll be hurt less. It often feels like a tap, especially when you wear eye protection or face protection.

That’s why airsoft fields came up with the ‘bang’ rule against hitting those in close range. 

  • Area Of The Impact

Aside from the fps and range, airsoft pain differs based on the area of impact.

Airsoft guns can hurt you pretty badly or give you injuries when someone hits you on your bare skin. It’s even worse on areas like the eye, face, neck, fingers, and groin.

Here’s the truth…

Airsoft gun impacts on bare skin can be very painful. That’s why you need protection. Wearing eye protection and other gear during airsoft sports will help reduce injury.

Shots on the delicate area of your face will cause you more pain than anywhere else. And you don’t want to get hit around the eye. It can lead to a loss of sight.

Also, a hit on the neck or the groin, especially from a close distance, can cause injuries.

Yet, shots around the hand, back, and legs really do not cause much pain, especially on first hits. 

  • Weight Of BB

BBs come in various weights, ranging from 0.12g to 0.40g.

These weights affect the impact that shots have on you. The more the kinetic energy of airsoft BB, the more pain you’ll feel when hit.

Airsoft guns traveling 370 fps on a .20 gram pellet release the energy of 1.27 joules.

But wait, there’s more…

The same gun airsoft gun will shoot at 2.86 joules. That’s a dangerous measure of kinetic energy. It will cause severe pain.

The heavier the projectile you use for playing airsoft sport, the more pain you’ll experience with a shot.

  • Clothing 

When you wear protection for your body, it makes the difference. You’ll hardly get hurt by an airsoft BB.

Here’s the truth…

You may feel little pain from the airsoft gun hit, but it won’t be as much as the hurt you’ll get on bare skin.

Wearing protection around the eyes, hands, and groins is optional in some airsoft arenas. But for your safety, you need to wear gloves, masks, vests, combat shirts, and others.

They will do a lot to reduce painful shots.  

For instance, if an airsoft gun with high fps lands on you within 20 feet or even less because you wear protection, you may only get a small bump.

Playing airsoft games is more enjoyable when the guns don’t harm you. 

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Can Airsoft Cause Permanent Injuries or Kill You?

Like paintball and other outdoor games, airsoft guns can injure you during a game. That’s why field staff are quite particular about field rules on protection.

Now, how much does airsoft hurt?

Airsoft can break the skin, give you some welts, and even damage your teeth or cause bone damage.

It’s pretty rare for serious damage to occur. But, guns with high velocity shot from a close distance may damage your skin, bones, or teeth.

But then…

Though an airsoft gun may cause pain, it won’t kill you. Well, except if someone stands directly in front of you, hitting your eyes with a 500 fps gun – this could casue serious damage.

We know that the BB will not only blind the eye. It can enter the head, causing real harm. But who would want to try that?

Generally, airsoft guns cannot kill, but they can cause damage to your body. 

BB guns with as high as 1200 fps make use of metal BBs that are more likely to make you bleed.

How to Make Airsoft Less Painful?

Airsoft is huge fun, but first, you need to find a way to avoid the pain that comes with playing your favorite sport.

While you can’t control factors like velocity and how close your opponents are, it’s easy enough to protect yourself from hurt whenever you play.

  • Invest in Protective Gear

Airsoft plays are more exciting than paintball etc (we think!). But you may incur an injury if you’re not safe.

Protect sensitive areas like the neck, face, ribs, and groin. Covering up will reduce the impact of shots.

You don’t need to protect all areas, but eye protection with goggles or masks is compulsory on most airsoft fields.

Yet, there’s more…

Use ear protection, neck guards, soft armor, tactical gloves, and others for safe play.

The back and chest are sensitive, too. You’ll need tactical vests, which will also come in handy for holding magazines and sidearms.

With protection, there’ll be less pain, and you’ll be escaping stings and severe damage.

  • Be a Good Player

Being a good player includes protecting yourself and avoiding inflicting wounds on your opponents.

To make airsoft less painful, make sure you wear protection always. A face mask or a pair of goggles and helmet are great for a start off.

While aiming at targets, avoid shots you know will be painful. Don’t shoot within 10 feet, and aim for their bodies, not the head.

Also, when not playing, make sure your gun remains unloaded. 

CONCLUSION: Do Airsoft Guns Hurt

During airsoft games, you’re likely to get hurt. 

But dont let that stop you from enjoying yourself on the field. A few bruises are worth the fun and exercise you’ll get from playing!

Plus, with necessary precautions, the pain is minimal.

By wearing appropriate gear and being responsible on the field, airsoft is bags of fun.

So, play safe, and enjoy an exhilarating time with your buddies. 

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