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If this is the first time you hear about CYMA Airsoft, well – they’re only the largest airsoft manufacturing facility in China.

The brand is known for affordability that doesn’t compromise durability. That’s why this brand is so popular among airsoft fans.

But of course, you’ll want to know more than that!

That’s where we come in with this fully loaded article about this particular airsoft brand. The main content is CYMA, of course, and whether it’s a good brand for you.

But we’re also here to talk about:

  • A brief history on the brand;
  • What they do and how they became successful and popular among the airsoft industry;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of their products;
  • Why CYMA is a highly recommendable option for beginners;
  • What models are their specialty and the specs of each; and
  • A full-load more!

If you want to know more about which guns are more effective at close and long-range, you’ve come to the right place.

So keep scrolling, comrade!

It’s time to take a shot at CYMA… 

CYMA Airsoft

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced airsoft fanatic…

Chances are…

You’ve heard of CYMA before. But don’t be discouraged if you haven’t! Maybe you’ve been using one, and you just didn’t know.

After all, a lot of airsoft houses have chosen this brand as their OEM. CYMA’s products are some of the most rebranded items in the industry.

You’ll find this brand listed along with the tough ones – like the list you’ll find in this link.

They’re available in Europe and the USA. 

They’re based in China, but you can buy their items anywhere, especially now with the online option.

You can just add your orders to your shopping cart, and in a few days, you’ll have your new airsoft gun!

And let me tell you…

CYMA may not cost that much – but it’s worth a lot!

In the airsoft industry, most brands specialize only in the quality of their products. Some choose to be price leaders. That is, offering their guns at the lowest possible price.

But you’ll rarely come across manufacturers who make cheap products that function just as well as the expensive ones.

Of course…

There’s a huge difference in durability and the integrity of the materials used. But CYMA products are known to be competent, even compared to their elite counterparts.

And in this article, we’ll explain to you why…

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CYMA Airsoft: A Brief History

CYMA Airsoft

CYMA is one of the oldest and most popular manufacturers of airsoft products in the world. That’s why you can trust the professionalism of this manufacturer.

Established in 2000…

Since then, the company hasn’t stopped manufacturing airsoft guns with unmatched quality control.

They started with simple models like spring-powered pistols. 

Then skip a few years, and they branched out to AEGs (automatic electric guns) and added shotguns and rifles. 

And now, they have a vast amount of gun types to choose from.

How do you think they achieved success?

It’s simple, really.

The company specializes in imitation – completely legal, so you can relax! They just do what the other brands do, only with the least expenses so they can sell it for a cheap price.

Think Tokyo Marui, AK, or VFC. Those brands are known for the best designs. And they’re considered elite because they’re more expensive than others. 

And CYMA has cheaper versions of those! 

In other words…

They make clones of the designs they selected and take down any sign, license, or rights. And just like that, it’s theirs!

As for us, airsoft enthusiasts – we can buy and enjoy the good ones without breaking the bank!

It’s the oldest trick in the book, wouldn’t you say?


CYMA’s factory may just be the largest airsoft manufacturing facility there is – or among the largest in the world.

And a vast number of Airsoft products and items have selected CYMA to be their OEM (official equipment manufacturer.)

Is CYMA a Good Brand?

CYMA Airsoft

When we think of ‘CYMA’…

We think of unmatched quality control of manufacturing airsoft guns where performance meets affordability.

Like we mentioned earlier, they clone the best-made products already available on the market.

By the way…

We’ve met airsoft enthusiasts who are not fans of what this manufacturer does.

But for us, CYMA’s way gives us access to quality products with what little we have in our pockets. Who else does that?

Going back to the point… 

So yes, we can say that CYMA is a good brand.But every brand has pros and cons. That includes the CYMA airsoft guns.

Let’s hop-up into it…

Pros of CYMA Airsoft Products

The biggest advantage…

is that CYMA airsoft guns are designed for convenience and accessibility.

You can find them anywhere, not just because the company has a very effective distribution system. The brand is so popular that even experienced airsoft players ask for them.

And they’re accessible because of the relatively low price that you can buy them for. You’ll have one in your arms without breaking the bank.

That also goes for the gun accessories – like batteries, barrel mounts, sights, etc.

As for convenience….

Most of their products are lightweight relative to other brands. 

Experienced airsoft players claim that they’re easier to control. Hence, you can quickly find your accuracy with these guns.

They have exceptional specs too!

A vast amount of airsoft products and brands kept showing up in the last few years. 

Some of them will promise you something cheap. Some will promise quality. At the same time, others will give you the highest muzzle velocity and power that you can get.

But, did you know?

The highest FPS or Joule isn’t always the best. There are safety precautions and the type of airsoft field to consider.

And – as we’ll talk more about later – certain specs aren’t suitable for beginners.

Cons of CYMA Airsoft Products

Since they’re inexpensive…

You have to expect that durability is relatively less than other brands. 

That said, CYMA items don’t break down easily. They’re still of good quality with specs that most airsoft fans look for.

There are some, though, that don’t like the products that this brand offers. We can’t speak for them, but we think that they’re just looking for more powerful replica guns.

And also…

If you want gun accessories or spare parts, you’ll have to be loyal to the brand. 

Batteries and barrel mounts from other manufacturers may work. But if you want to be sure about compatibility, just get them from CYMA.


Some CYMA models are of less quality than others. Not just in terms of build or make. They differ in specs, which is the most important thing.

You just have to look for the type of gun you want and see where the brand’s got it right.

We’ll get into detail about those models later…

Is CYMA a Good Brand for Beginners?

CYMA Airsoft

Like we mentioned earlier…

With CYMA, performance meets affordability. In other words, it’s of good quality for a very cheap price.

So again – we say ‘yes.’ 

CYMA is a good brand for beginners because its airsoft products are both easy to use and accessible.

As a beginner…

You wouldn’t want to spend so much on something that you’re not yet sure if you’ll pursue. Playing airsoft might just be a one-time thing for you.

While you decide on that, you’d better not spend so much on it yet.

If you buy a CYMA, you’ll save a vast amount of money. It’s one of the cheapest brands on the market.

But not only that.

CYMA’s airsoft guns are easy to handle. They’re relatively lightweight and not too powerful. That’s a huge factor when you’re not used to handling guns yet – even the replica ones.

And they’re accurate enough. It’ll be easy to learn using CYMA guns.

In short…

If you use CYMA on your first airsoft game, you can have fun with lightweight guns. At the same time, you’ll quickly learn to hit your targets without your gun sticking or jamming during the game.

And you can have all those advantages for a relatively affordable price.

CYMA Products and Specs

CYMA has a large selection of models. Nothing you can’t expect from the largest airsoft manufacturing facility, right?

So, they have pistols, rifles, etc.…

And for each gun type, CYMA has at least one competent model. 

This judgment is subjective so, just a little disclaimer – we’ve selected the models based on our perception combined with reviews we’ve read about each particular item.

The result?

We’ve come up with a list of the best models for each gun type manufactured by CYMA.

Scroll down for each of their pros, cons, and specs. From there, you can decide which one may be a match for you!

CM032 M14 DMR

DMR or ‘designated marksman’s rifle’ is like the middle ground for standard and sniper rifles. Its accuracy is from the middle to long-range.

CM032 is CYMA’s code for M14 replicas.

This model speaks of professionalism. Combined injection-molded polymer and some metal parts gave it that durable and realistic look and feel.

It has a 500-570 mm barrel which lessens the noise, and the cheek riser is adjustable.

Another thing…

The Metal Version 7 gearbox can be compatible with other Version 7 components.

It can fire a 0.45-gram BB from 330 to 360 FPS with an effective range of 90 meters. That’s decent enough for a DMR.


The CM048 AKM (assault rifle model) is one of the cheapest of the cheap.


CYMA products are generally classified as inexpensive. And this model is even at the lower part of the brand’s price range.

Despite that, its durability is never compromised. Thanks to its construction, which is mostly made of steel. The stock and handguard are the only wooden parts.

So you won’t go wrong with this purchase.

It’s also very easy to use.

It’s an AEG. So there’s the problem of changing the batteries while on the field. Even experienced airsoft players are inconvenienced by that.

But all the internal components of this model are easily accessible. That includes the dreaded battery change.

There’s just the problem of the delicate electrical wires. So be careful when you’re disassembling the gun for cleaning.

As for its specs…

It has a 455-mm barrel length, and its muzzle velocity is from 390 to 430 FPS. That’s a good one for a long-range gun.

Just double-check your community standards because sometimes, fields only allow up to 400 FPS.

CYMA Airsoft

CM128 Hi-Capa

The term ‘Hi-Capa’ stands for ‘high-capacity.’ Indeed, this model has high ammunition capacity. Up to 36 BBs per reload, to be specific.

If reloading is a major inconvenience for you, you might want this product,

But what is the CM128, exactly?

CM128 is CYMA’s product code for the 2011 competition pistol replicas. Pistols are usually considered secondary or backup firearms.

Airsoft players are more into rifles because they’re long-range. But some of us think that compact handguns are cool. You do you! 

If you’re with the latter part of the population, CYMA’s CM128 will be a great buy for you.

Why’s that?

It can fire a BB from 250 to 300 FPS. That’s a good number for close-range combat. And take note – 300 is the FPS cap for most fields.

Taking into account the common BB weight, CM128 has an effective range of 35 meters.

And on top of that…

This model uses standard NiMh AEP batteries. You can just buy them anywhere. However, compared to CM048, it’s a little difficult to change the batteries of CM128.

But that’s pretty much the only complaint we’ve heard about it.

CM619 Keymod-S M4

The best advantage of this model is its weight.

Here’s another AEG model, and it’s one of the lightest of the light. 

And that’s because it’s mostly polymer, with the outer barrel the only part made of aluminum alloy.

But that’s not all.

This M4 replica can fire 0.20-gram BBs up to 410 FPS.

And unlike some of CYMA’s models, CM169 is compatible with platforms from other manufacturers.

And this might appeal to you:

CM169 has an ambidextrous magazine release and is highly customizable.

If you look at the handguard, you’ll notice how you can easily configure the rail space. That gives room for you to add your preferred accessories.

CM350L M870 3-Round Burst Shotgun

Now we come to the long gun for the short-range shooter! Most of us love this model because of how cool it looks.

But that’s not why CM350L is shortlisted here.

First of all, it’s highly customizable. My friends and I have various preferences in terms of gun length, stock options, grips, etc.

Those CM350L parts are adjustable.

What else?

It’s a three-shot shotgun! For every pull of the trigger of this spring-powered model, you’ll have three rounds.

Just like a real shotgun – unlike most replicas that would give you only one.

And since it’s a short-range gun…

Its 280-306 FPS is fast enough to be effective on the field.


To sum it all up…

CYMA’s replica firearms are of high-quality and recommendable specifications.

With these products, you’ll go to the airsoft field with reliable guns of the highest FPS – within community limits, of course. And close, middle, or long-range, you’ll be a competent fighter.

Indeed, performance meets affordability!

Add to that…


CYMA Airsoft

Since CYMA is one of the oldest manufacturers of airsoft firearms, you can trust the brand. A lot of other manufacturers have been popping up all over the world since though.

But CYMA products will stand tall.

You can’t just trade their experience and unmatched quality control and professionalism. Even the most modern brands choose CYMA as their OEM.

Suppliers like Evike are avid rebranders of this manufacturer. That says a lot about CYMA!

But of course…

There are other brands out there that might suit your taste better. You can check them all out on Airsoft Nut.

But those models mentioned above are already waiting for you…

Now get those CYMA products in your shopping cart!

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