Can You Wear Glasses Under Airsoft Masks?

Can you wear glasses under airsoft masks

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Simply put – yes, you can!

Glasses wearers…

No need to worry. You’re not going to miss out on the fun adventures of playing airsoft. Finding the airsoft mask that can fit over glasses is relatively easy. 

The trick is in getting full protection, at the same time the comfort and convenience.


You can do it, but not without issues. Wearing both glasses and goggles may give you discomfort, heaviness, or fogging. All these will impede your safety in the airsoft field. Not to mention your enjoyment.

So, what are you supposed to do?

We’re here to give you tips and tricks to answer your question Can you wear glasses under airsoft masks?:

  • Wearing airsoft goggles or helmets over your eyeglasses;
  • Fogging remedies for better vision;
  • The best airsoft OTG goggles we’ve tried; and
  • Lots more!

Get your gun ready!

We’re coming in hot…

Making Sure that your Airsoft Goggles Fit Well with Your Glasses

The easiest thing to do is to wear OTG goggles.

What’s that?

OTG stands for “over the glasses.” 

The best airsoft goggles are specifically designed to accommodate your eyeglasses. They’re readily available on the market as airsoft or paintball face masks with foam gaps. Others call it temple cutouts. They’re also relatively cheap.

But what if you can’t find one?Or maybe you already have goggles, and you just want to use them instead of buying a new one? You can do that too.


There are certain things that you need to do to make sure that your headgear is comfortable. And the first thing on the list is to choose a face mask, helmet, or goggles that are slightly bigger than your head. The extra space can be your eyeglasses’ new home.

Next, opt for thin glasses frames. This is kind of difficult for those with high prescription grades because their lenses would be thicker. But there’s the ultra-thin option that you can avail of. You just have to pay a little bit more.

Another option…

Get these things called prescription inserts. It looks like your standard eyeglass frame, but it’s designed to fit inside a helmet or goggles. Inserts are more expensive than the regular frame, though.

That’s it.

As much as possible, go to a physical shop to purchase your full-face protection gear. It would reduce the risk of future problems with the fit and comfortability of your masks.

What if my Airsoft Mask or Airsoft Goggles Don’t Have Space for Glasses?

The easiest way is to wear contacts.


Some people would rather wear glasses. Contacts can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re prone to dryness in your eyes. So, if you really can’t help it, there’s a remedy for this problem.

Most masks, especially the paintball mask, have comfort foam gaps. You can reduce the foam by cutting off tiny sections from it. Make sure to be precise. You don’t want it coming loose, and you’re back where you started.

It’s better to shed off little by little until you get to the suitable space that you need for your frame.

But there’s another thing…

It’s called fog. And it’s a real nuisance… 

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Accessories That Reduce Fog Buildup for Airsoft Goggles or Mask With Glasses

Can you wear glasses under airsoft masks

Here’s the thing…

Fogging happens when moisture condenses at the colder areas of your airsoft goggles or mask – that would be the lens. It happens more when your face mask is not well-ventilated because there’d be less air circulation.

That’s why some airsoft players prefer the wire mesh mask instead, especially over the full-seal goggles. They tend to fog up so much, reducing visibility.

No one wants to go to the battle blind, right?

Now, think about it…

The lenses of your goggles, plus the lenses of your eyeglasses – how much fog is it going to build up? 

You don’t want that. 

If nothing’s going to stop you from wearing your glasses with your mask – or if you don’t have a choice – then you have to face the fog problem.

The good news is…

There’s a way to prevent fogging on the lenses of both your eye protection gears. You can find goggles or paintball masks with built-in fans – that is, if you’re ready to break the bank for that.

But, you can also buy products that were made for this specific problem.


Anti-Fog Coating 

You can go to your eyewear clinic to have your lenses coated. But unlike the other lens coating items, this one needs to be applied more than once. It’s best to put them on right before you play airsoft.


Do not touch your lenses once the coating is applied. It quickly gets removed. 

Anti-Fog Wipes

Just like wet tissue, this product is very convenient to use. It works just as well as the other products in preventing fogging.


You’ll have to wipe your airsoft goggles and eyeglasses every so often. The effects are not as long-lasting as the coating or the cream. But the advantage of these wipes is that it’s readily available and easy to use.

Anti-Fog Cream

Compared to the wipes, the cream has more long-lasting effects. It’s also more convenient than the coating product because you can apply the cream to your lenses yourself.

Here’s how:

Directly coat each lens with the cream, then use a clean towel or tissue to wipe up the excess. Do it in gentle, circular motions.

You may have to do this over and over again, but not as much as the wipes.

Anti-Fog Spray

The spray is convenient, but it’s also a bit messy. You just have to be careful where you aim it. And like the cream, you also need to clear up the excess using a cloth or tissue. You’ll also need to apply it now and then when the effects wear off.

So it’s not that much different from the other two products.


It’s the most accessible product to get a hold of. Plus, it’s generally cheap.

Dish Detergent Soap

But wait…

There’s still the good old home remedy – detergent. It’s the cheapest alternative, and it works just like the spray does.

Just get an empty spray bottle, and fill it with ¼ detergent to ¾ water solution. Apply it to your lenses, wipe off the excess.


You can simply put one to two drops of mild liquid dish soap on each lens and use a cloth to spread it evenly. Again, you’ll have to do these repeatedly, for they don’t last as long as the coating.

Foggy Lens Hacks To Avoid


Fake news is something that plagues the internet these days. Type in a keyword, and lots of stuff pops out. Some of them look so believable, but once you try them, you’ll find that you’ve been duped.

We were victims of this too.

So we’re here to give you what not to do to avoid fogging on your lens.

The worst advice…

… is toothpaste. You’ll read this hack all over the internet, but it’s one of the worst things you can do to your lenses.

Another alternative that the internet suggests is potato. They say you’re supposed to cut it and rub the moisture on your glasses.

Yes, they may reduce condensation, but toothpaste and starch have a very gritty consistency. It will give your glasses and goggles tiny scratches that you’ll only notice when it’s too late. You’ll just realize that you already need to buy new glasses. 

So they cost more than the commercial products that we mentioned earlier.

Other Alternatives

Wrap or Headband

A headband or a wrap around your forehead will do wonders. It’s simple and primitive but very effective in absorbing moisture inside your full-face mask. Thus, it reduces humidity and condensation.

Take note:

It’s best to use cotton or other absorbent material. In this case, prioritize function more than form.

Get Contacts if You Can

Once again…

We give you this advice. If you wear contacts, you wouldn’t have to worry whether or not your eye protection mask will accommodate your eyeglasses. It will also lessen the surfaces of condensation.

Our Top Recommendation

That said… 

If you decide to buy OTG goggles for your full-seal eye protection, we have recommendations for that too. 

You’ve probably heard of the Lancer Tactical goggles. Its full seal design is wide enough to fit over glasses. And its straps are adjustable. 


You won’t have to worry about fogging because this product has slanted vents. They’re designed for better air circulation while keeping flying BBs from attacking your eyes. However, other reviews say that the coating of goggles like these wears off in a few months.

And another one…

… is the ESS Land Ops goggles, also with a full seal design. Even the US Army authorized this product for their military training. Just like the others, these goggles are well-ventilated and coated to prevent fogging. 

But unlike full-face masks, the protection of these goggles doesn’t extend to your lower face. You’ll need to buy a mesh mask to go with it if you want your full face covered.

If that’s what you’re looking for…

You’ll probably want to check out the Dye Precision I4 goggles. Aside from its interchangeable lenses, comfortable fit over glasses, and anti-fog coating, this brand also offers lower face as well as eye protection.

But not only that!

The Dye Precision I4 is known for the best peripheral vision that you can have from masks. Its ventilation is also designed for better sound escape. You need it to communicate with your comrades.


You can use it for airsoft, but it’s a paintball mask. So the shape of the cheek area is not fit for looking through your iron sights. But if you’re bringing airsoft guns other than your rifle, you’ll be fine.


Those aren’t the only brands available on the market. Others may be just as good. 

Just be sure to look for those made with low carbon steel and ABS plastic. These are reliable protection against flying BBs. 

CONCLUSION: Can you wear glasses under airsoft masks

Can you wear glasses under airsoft masks

There we go…

It’s essential to protect your eyes, nose, chin, and your whole head when you go to battle. But first and foremost – you have to actually be able to see, right?

Do OTG goggles appeal to you? Or you’ll just stick to your good old mesh and pair it up with contacts? It’s all up to you…

I hope we helped you come up with your final judgment.

See you on the field, comrade!

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