Can an Airsoft Sniper Rifle Kill A Bird [New Research]?

Can an Airsoft Sniper Rifle Kill A Bird FI

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Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms for playing Airsoft, hunting, and training. But you need to know how much power they have.

As an Airsoft addict for over three decades, I know that beyond hunting birds or squirrels, you’ll want to know can an airsoft sniper rifle kill a bird, the rules surrounding hunting, and how appropriate and effective airsoft weapons are for killing animals.

In this post, you’ll find answers to:

  • The suitability of an airsoft gun for hunting;
  • Whether they can kill a bird;
  • Rules regarding Airsoft gun use;

Lots more….

Can an Airsoft Sniper Rifle Kill A Bird
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Q. What is an Airsoft Gun?

It is a replica gun for airsoft sports, designed to shoot spherical projectiles made of plastic and sometimes biodegradable resin material.

These BB guns have less penetrative pellets. And they are available as rifles and pistols.

You may find it hard to distinguish them from genuine firearms, even with their orange muzzle tips.

What’s more…

Many people now use them for military training because of their features and resemblance to a real gun.

And for someone like me who can’t get enough of the shooting game, the war-type feel my friends and I get from using an airsoft gun just makes Airsoft the go-to game.

Here’s something…

Airsoft guns are safe to use. They’re effective for shooting at opponents in Airsoft games or scaring off the birds, squirrels, or stray animals you see hanging on your property. Just make sure you wear your protective gear from the head down.

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What is an Airsoft Gun
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Q. Why are Airsoft Guns Not Suitable for Hunting?

The truth is that high-powered airsoft guns with heavy BBs can kill some animals. If you properly aim, they can be your pest control tool.

They can kill squirrels and crows, and pigeons – small ones.  But they might not kill bigger birds or rabbits outright.

Now here’s something…

Would it be appropriate to put these birds through suffering without the certainty they’d die?

It’s generally recommended to shoot at small animals with alternative weapons like shotguns and pellet guns to finish them off in one go. Don’t cause them injury with plastic bullets.

Shoot small birds with guns that have high FPS. And target the bird’s head. That’s a better way to ensure a humane and ethical means of killing them.


You can’t kill big animals like dogs and deers with these guns. You can only hurt or rupture their skin. And this will infect them, not hurt them.

There are regulations around hunting. So even if you have a powerful gun to do the job, make sure to check the legalities of doing so in your area. Covering these bases will guide you on how to hunt.

Otherwise, use something else to chase the small birds and squirrels off your property.  

Why are Airsoft Guns Not Suitable for Hunting
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Q. How Can You Properly Make Use of Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns are pretty useful. If you buy one, you can use it to play an airsoft game, train military personnel, or as a prop on a movie set,

For over a hundred years since the Japanese developed them as a substitute for real guns, people have enjoyed airsoft games.

Airsoft lovers invent new games like the Fortress, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag to simulate combat.  

Here’s more…

More people in the military now use airsoft guns to train others on how to use a weapon. This puts trainees at less risk of accidental death.

Also, those in the film industry find them practical for shooting scenes.

Others use them for hunting, but you should minimize using them for hunting birds. They are not generally effective.

Q. How many FPS does it take to kill a bird?

To take down a squirrel, you’ll need to impact energy of up to 3ft-lbs. For birds, two ft-lbs is just enough.

If you’re using a .177 air rifle, you’ll need a velo15 FPS velocity for birds and 415 for squirrels.

Here’s the thing…

A gun delivering 600-700 FPS muzzle velocity is your answer to traveling 20-30 yards out to kill a bird.

Now, guns of .22 can give the required three ft-lbs to kill birds.

But remember to aim for the bird’s heart-lung cavity. That’s precise aiming that gets the work done.

Q. What are the Rules Regarding Airsoft Guns and Hunting?

Airsoft guns fire at high speeds. So they pose a risk of injury, especially to the eye.

That’s why there are laws regarding their use. States have restrictions on the purchase, possession, and use of airsoft rifles and pistols.

Cities like Windsor in Colorado and other select towns prohibit the use of these weapons altogether.

When it comes to hunting, some jurisdictions prohibit shooting at certain animal species. You can contact the local authorities if these animals become a problem for you.

But the common rule is that you must be older than 18 to buy one.


State laws on hunting vary. To avoid getting in a legal bind while protecting your property, do some reading on the regulations guiding hunting and the use of airsoft guns in your area.

Q. How Effective is Hunting Squirrels with Airsoft Guns?

While it’s pretty hard to kill a squirrel with an airsoft gun, the powerful ones can do the job.

Many will tell you how it’s no easy task taking down squirrels since they are small and swift. But with the best rifles that travel many feet per second, you’ll find the job much easier.

My team and I devoted 132 hours just to test the airsoft guns on the market. Check out our other articles for details on them all.

Airsoft guns like BB Tac M62 and GameFace GF529 with high precision come at a reasonable price, and they are effective at getting squirrels running. Even without an intent to kill, you would throw them off balance, enough to never return, perhaps.  

Q. Can Airsoft Guns Kill Birds?

Because of their uncanny semblance with real ones, many people ask this question.


The answer depends on several factors.

First, your gun needs the power to achieve this. Then, the thicker the skin and feathers of a bird, the more challenging it becomes to kill them.

With a high-powered airsoft rifle, you can kill a bird with a skillful shot.

Only be careful not to target a protected species. 

Otherwise, you could end up in trouble.

CONCLUSION: Can an Airsoft Sniper Rifle Kill A Bird?

So yes, you have your answer – an airsoft sniper rifle can kill a bird. 

Any bird? Any airsoft rifle?

Well, an airsoft gun can kill a bird. But you need a certain level of precision and power to take down birds and other animals. You can’t kill the big ones, but you can injure them.

And there are rules surrounding how to carry out hunting, and where to use your weapon.

Now what?

If you want to give it a go, you need a full grasp of how to handle an airsoft gun, and what the laws are in your area.

These BB guns may not be the most suitable option for hunting. 

Though they can kill birds, it can be a cruel way to do it.

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