Best Airsoft Field In Every US State

Best Airsoft Field in Every US State

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As an airsoft nut, you’ll love to play your favorite airsoft games on a field that gets your blood pumping faster. That way, it feels like you’re at war for real.

Here’s the thing…

Airsoft is not like other games you might be able to play out in your yard. You need to run around some type of terrain and against people to enjoy it.

That’s why we’ve gone around all states in America to find you the Best Airsoft Field In Every US State. 

Buckle up, look at this review on the best airsoft field in every state of the U.S.

You will learn:

  • The happening places in the United States;
  • The facilities and features of each airsoft field;
  • Why they are better than others within the area;

And Lots more…

Are you ready?

Let’s get started…

Best Airsoft Field in Alabama

Best Airsoft Field in Alabama

Mt. Doom Paintball & Airsoft

3071 Co Rd 515

Hanceville, AL 35077


Hours: Saturday-Sunday,10am-6pm

Cost of Entry: $10

Size/Facilities: 200 acres, Sports Club, Stadium, Outdoor Equipment Store

Field Rules: Come with your own gun

Special Events: Alabama Airsoft Association games

For almost four decades, the Mountain of Doom Paintball Field has continuously been the favorite place of many airsoft nuts.

Get ready to exert your energy on gunning down your opponents while buzzards and black crows watch with their beady little eyes.

As one of the top twenty consistent airsoft fields in the world, Mount Doom Paintball Field hosts up to six big airsoft games a year. They also welcome groups of hundreds and even smaller ones to play both on weekdays and at weekends.

All you need to do is reserve a space with them on the mountain.

And guess what?

With $10, you’ll gain entry to the 200 acres of woodlands for an entire day. 

They currently don’t rent out airsoft equipment, so you have to come in with your guns.

Peradventure you run out of ammo, they’ve got your back with the sale of ammo and other airsoft items like the eye protection.

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Best Airsoft Field in Alaska 

Best Airsoft Field in Alaska

Interior Alaska Airsoft LLC

2925-, 2999 Repp Rd

North Pole, AK 99705


Hours: Saturday- 10:am-6pm

Cost of Entry: $11-$17

Size/Facilities: Indoor CQB

Field Rules: Compulsory full eye protection

Special Events: Night moves, Operation pew, The Collapse of North Korea

Located on an easy to find site between Fairbanks and the North Pole, this airsoft field is your sure bet to enjoying Airsoft play in Alaska. 

Here’s the thing…

The Interior Alaska Airsoft LLC promises to give you an enjoyable airsoft game whenever you visit them. Its mission is fun, safety and affordability. 

That’s why it’s no news that all year round and on every Saturday, you’ll have a good time with buddies on the field. 

Every game day is action-packed. You will run around top-notch props and kick over structures. Making you enjoy the reality of being in a battle. 

Airsoft players always look forward to meeting new friends and playing with their groups any day and at any time. 

That’s not all…

To get into their Tactical Tail Gater Day, you’ll pay only $11. For the VIP Day, you’ll drop $17 to obtain a pass. Having a VIP pass means that you’ll access their 4’x2′ tent space. 

Hurry to get your pass so you don’t miss out on exciting games. You’re not the only one who wants in on the goodies, you know.  

Best Airsoft Field in Arizona

Best Airsoft Field in Arizona

Fightertown Paintball and Airsoft

9825 N 121st Ave

El Mirage, AZ 85335


Hours: Saturday-Sunday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Cost of Entry: $17

Size/Facilities: Tactical arena, Staging area, Field Rules, Use only .20 Bio BBs, Have complete sealed eye protection on, Use manufactured barrel cover, not socks or gloves

Special Events: Airsoft Swapmeet

Are you a newbie in Arizona or just want to breathe some fresh air? Then, you need to visit one of the best airsoft fields in the United States. 

This premier airsoft park will give you the most unforgettable airsoft experience you can get on outdoor fields as a pro.  

Their rental package is the best. And you can buy your airsoft gun and other equipment from them. 

Guess what? 

You’ll receive a pass to the airsoft arena on the purchase of an airsoft gun. And you can do that with either your debit card or credit card. 

If you and your buddies want your own game, away from the public, say after a long time of staying apart, all you need do is put a call through. Without an extra buck leaving your pocket, the tactical airsoft arena is yours all weekend.  

Best Airsoft Field in California

Best Airsoft Field in California

Airsoft Extreme Arena

3390 Keller St B,

Santa Clara, CA 95054


Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 11am-6pm

Cost of Entry: $20

Size/Facilities: 8000 sq. ft

Field Rules: Use only rifle with 350 FPS, No full auto fire allowed, Must sign a liability waiver, Use only a full-face hard mask

Special Events: Private parties, Custom private games

When next you’re in town, visit the arena for some good airsoft action. 

This airsoft field has been serving both veteran airsoft players and beginners since 2013. 

It features up to 8000 square feet of space for airsoft games. And the arena opens on weekends to any airsoft warrior above ten years. 

The indoor and outdoor airsoft field is what you need for the most extraordinary experience. 

Enjoy the Arena and Danger Zone. Choose the one suitable for your beginner buddies, kids, or exercise. 

What’s more…

You’ll enter at the lowest price possible. You only need to make paid reservations, which you can reschedule without a charge. 

Also, take advantage of the Airsoft shop, which provides full sets of airsoft items like kneepads and gloves for a token rent fee. 

And if your airsoft gun’s not been spitting action enough, you can ask the technicians to repair, modify or upgrade it for you. That’s with no need for an appointment. 

Best Airsoft Field in Colorado

Best Airsoft Field in Colorado

American Paintball Coliseum

5095 Peoria St

Denver, CO 80239


Hours: Monday-Friday- 11AM- 8PM, Saturday- 9AM-8PM, Sunday- 11AM-6PM

Cost of Entry: $30

Size/Facilities: Birthday parties, Tactical training, Field Rules, Use only airsoft guns chronographed at 355 FPS with 0.20g BB., Special Events, Private events

Are you looking for an airsoft field near you? You can stop now. We’ve got the best field in Colorado. 

How’s that? 

Keep the fun coming right at the gate of Denver’s best airsoft field.  

With only $30, enjoy a time of your life pulling the trigger during airsoft battles. And load up, socialize or enjoy drinks with friends right outside the field. 

Also, reserve private matches with your friends, or hold corporate events and parties. 

Look at this…

You’ll get some action around boats, planes, and buildings like you’re really at war. 

A peek into their armory reveals a collection of items. You’ll find airsoft guns, battery-powered engines, safety gear, and other essential items you’ll most likely need to run around the field without any hassle. 

Make a reservation ahead, so they prepare your gear against your arrival. But not to worry, even without an earlier prompt, the owners can fix something up for you. 

Now, there’s more…

The airsoft field is open for use every day of the week, but at different hours. So don’t forget to check their timing. And yes, they will allow you airsoft nuts to do your after-hours events. Just ask!

Best Airsoft Field in Connecticut

Best Airsoft Field in Connecticut

Tactical Airsoft

1220 Kennedy Rd

Windsor, CT 6095


Hours: Wednesday-Thursday: 11PM-7PM, Friday- Saturday: 11AM-10PM, Sunday: 11AM-8PM

Cost of Entry: $25-$35

Size/Facilities: 3200 sq. ft, 2 story buildings

Field Rules: Must use barrel covers, No gun firing in retail, rental, tent, ready room, or respawn, No use of propane to charge gas-powered guns, No entry for children below 10 

Special Events: Reunions, Holiday gatherings

So that you’ll freely play your favorite games and tick the activities on your list, we’ve brought you one of the largest indoor airsoft fields in America.  

One thing you can trust Tactical Airsoft for is their top-notch service. Right over the phone, make all reservations and get all the information you need for a good time on the field. We are so sure that no one would bother you with any new rules or issues. 

What’s more…

Tactical Airsoft has a facility as large as 3200 sq. ft. But that’s not all there is to this top-notch airsoft field. Just by a two-story CQB house, marina, vehicles, and more, you’ll access their changing arena, repair and retail area, and of course, a heated playing field. 

They’re your ‘go-to’ for different levels of Airsoft playing and game modes. Yet they have the lowest prices in the Tri-State area.  

Best Airsoft Field in Delaware

911 Airsoft

14639 St Johnstown Rd

Greenwood, DE 19950


Hours: Saturday: 8AM-5PM 

Cost of Entry: $30

Size/Facilities: Kill House, Apartments, Market, Field Rules, Full seal eye protection is required, No use of full auto, except LMGs, Bolt action rifles must be 500 FPS or lower

Special Events: Parties, Teambuilding events, 911 Airsoft is one of the best airsoft fields in the United States.

Every other Saturday, they allow walk-on games. It’s not surprising that many airsoft lovers prefer this airsoft field that caters to your relaxation and fun. 

Best Airsoft Field in Delaware

Here’s something…

This airsoft arena asks each player for only $30 at entry. Relish several airsoft games, a rental package, a large party space, and a safety briefing. 

They’ll give you bottles of BBs and thirty minutes to set up a party and another to take it down when you finish. 

Hold smaller parties while regular games are on. But make sure you arrange with them so that they can prepare your items and suggest the best option for you, at reasonable pricing. 

Without an extra buck, you’ll benefit from their rental package, which includes an airsoft gun, face mask, a mag of BBs, and a deadrag. 

Best Airsoft Field in Florida

Best Airsoft Field in Florida

Battalion Airsoft Arena

2253 Dennis St

Jacksonville, FL 32204


Hours: Friday – 3PM – 10PM, Saturday – 10AM – 8PM, Sunday – 10AM – 6PM

Cost of Entry: $15-$20

Size/Facilities: 4,000 sq. ft indoor field, 6,700 sq. ft Players’ lounge, Airsoft store

Field Rules: Use barrel covers on all airsoft guns

Special Events: Mid-Night Madness, Speed Challenge, Valentine’s Day Special

Are you confused about where to spend your free day in bubbling Florida? 

Do this…

Visit the Battalion Airsoft Arena, the indoor airsoft field with up to a whopping 40,000 sq. feet and players’ lounge of 6,700 sq. ft for a fun time with the whole family. 

The largest in the Southeast, Battalion Airsoft Arena is the most appropriate location for your enjoyment and comfort. 

There are side games like Foosball, Ping Pong, PS3 game consoles, and more while you regain your energy from playing around the field. You don’t even need to pay for this. 

Chilling at the Player Lounge will cost you just $15. Now, that’s some value! 

At their shop, you’ll find the best guns and accessories like rails, bipods, lasers, safety gear, Battalion Sportswear, and more. 

Consider this…

At the Battalion airsoft field, there’s a restaurant at the center, serving pork sandwiches, nachos, milkshakes, giant pretzels, and more for your rejuvenation after an intense airsoft game. 

So, get shooting. 

Best Airsoft Field in Georgia

Best Airsoft Field in Georgia

Power Ops

2051 GA-138

Conyers, GA 30013


Hours: Saturday – Sunday- 11AM-6PM 

Cost of Entry: $22

Size/Facilities: 100,000 sq. ft of outdoor space, 2-story buildings

Field Rules: Use facemasks when indoors, Pay 24 hours before use

Special Events: Operation Joker X, Operation Commando

Power Ops is Atlanta’s first outdoor CQB airsoft field. It features an airsoft park of 100,000 sq. ft located in Conyers. 

There, you’ll find hills, airplanes, and solid structures that will make your experience even more enjoyable. 

And guess what? 

Your little ones can enjoy some good gaming too. That’s because Power Ops offers both adult gaming and kid games. Also, enjoy your private games in this state-of-the-art facility. 

Besides being the largest CQB field in the area, and beating other outdoor airsoft fields in capacity and gun battle reality, Power Ops offers a top-notch rental package. 

Whether you’re new to airsoft or a veteran at heart and action, you can use their guns and other rental equipment for a token. 

Something to remember…

For a great time here on the field, you need to make your reservations early. You’re not the only one who wants to get a chip of a good deal. So, guarantee your entry by paying in advance. Then, all you’d need to do is come in a face mask. 

Best Airsoft Field in Hawaii

Best Airsoft Field in Hawaii

Dogs of War

1832 Cowpens Street,

Kapolei, Hawaii 96707


Hours: Monday- Friday 11AM- 6PM, Saturday- Sunday 9AM-6PM

Cost of Entry: $25-$30

Size/Facilities: A village, A storefront, Grasslands

Field Rules: Under 18 must come with an adult for registration 

Special Events: Private parties

At Dog of War, you’ll surely enjoy the different structures and exciting areas that make airsoft real and keep your adrenaline on.

At The Villages, you can play SMG games, especially with a pistol. Interest yourself in an array of games like Marco Polo, Pirate Ship, Control Point, and Force on Force. 

What’s more…

You’ll enjoy their primary field, with an African shanty town structure. Run around, playing games like Pieces, Zombie Defence, and Medic run. But don’t forget that their field limit is 415 FPS, and the rounds per second is 25. You can use both the semi-auto and full-auto fire mode. 

Next is the Grasslands. Feel at home on Dog of War’s sniper field where you’ll feel at home shooting at longer ranges. 

For only $25 during the week and $30 at weekends, you’ll access the airsoft arena and a storefront where you can pick up stylish and highly graded airsoft guns and equipment. 

Best Airsoft Field in Illinois

Best Airsoft Field in Illinois

CPX Sports

2903 Schweitzer Rd

Joliet, IL 60436


Hours: Saturday and Sunday- 9AM-5PM

Cost of Entry: $20

Size/Facilities: 147 acres, 20 fields, Field Rules, Maximum velocity is 275 FPS, No entry allowed for anyone under 10

Special Events: Bones & Ashes March 5-6, Living Legends May 13-16, Endless Legends October 1-3

CPX Sports isn’t another airsoft field. They are the theme park of everything airsoft. 

To check if we’re right, purchase a ticket to access a combination of twenty fields on 147 acres of space. You’ll be glad you made it to the best airsoft field in Illinois. 

This airsoft pack is just by the filming location of popular TV series, Dallas. So yes, while playing reality, you’ll get a tiny bit of feeling like you’re in a movie.

Still, there’s more…

Not only is their on-site shop fully stocked, gulp down the most delectable food after your games. 

But make sure you secure a space at the facility by purchasing a ticket beforehand. They won’t refund you if you don’t make it to the airsoft arena. But you can sell your ticket to someone else. 

No doubt, you’ll have a blast playing airsoft games on this airsoft field at the north of Dallas, to the corner of Plano, especially when you bring your team on a special group rate!

Best Airsoft Field in Indiana

Best Airsoft Field in Indiana

Blast Camp

563 W 600 N

Hobart, IN 46342


Hours: Wednesday- Sunday 9AM-4PM

Cost of Entry: $30

Size/Facilities: 23 acres of gaming area

Field Rules: No alcohol or narcotics, No glass or metal ammunition , Full eye protection with ASTM certified goggles, Remove magazine before going off the field

Special Events: Private parties, Monthly themed events by Cobra Airsoft Legion

For over three decades, Blastcamp has remained unique when it comes to airsoft playing. 

Who wouldn’t love playing on a field that was formerly a US Army Air Defense site? 

Plus, the historic location comes with multiple terrains, open areas, close-quarter battles, and the woods. You can’t find airsoft any more real around you. 

Blastcamp is a destination running special ops for many years. And their service is premium. 

Look at this…

Beyond offering walk-on games, they allow private parties once you’re up to ten. And yes, you can join hundreds of other players in the daylight mil-sim ops. 

You can easily switch to playing paintball with your younger kids. But for the sake of airsoft addicts, the entire 23 acres are open for only airsoft on selected days. 

Their store operates to allow you to play hard without harming yourself. They have a collection of airsoft guns, accessories, and gear. 

So, take a shot on these unique fields whether you’re a veteran airsoft player or one of the new ones. 

Best Airsoft Field in Kansas  

Best Airsoft Field in Kansas

Drop Zone Paintball Park

1224 1 Rd

Overbrook, KS 66524


Hours: Saturday: 10 AM – 4 PM, Sunday: 10 AM – 4 PM

Cost of Entry: $30

Size/Facilities: 80 acres

Field Rules: No use of alcohol

Special Events: Bachelor parties, Group outings

The Drop Zone Paintball Park is the oldest in Kansas. Airsoft and paintball lovers come from all over, including Lawrence, Olathe, and Manhattan, for a great time in the park.

With only $30, and less for groups of six or more, you’ll access their Snipers Plateau, Bunker Hill, Castle, Dog Leg, and Air Ball Course.

Prepare to run around towers, trees, bunkers, and streams.

There’s more…

The playing area, which is over 80 acres, is well shaded to protect you from heavy wind and sun.

Easily switch to playing paintball games like Trench Warefare and Castle Battles, which airsoft lovers enjoy whenever they come around.

To play airsoft on the field, you would need to be a private group. And yes, come with your own gear, except you want to stop by at their store first to buy airsoft equipment.

Also, there are no regular days for hosting airsoft. This means that you can play airsoft anytime you want. All you need to do is give them a call early. They’ll fix you up some space and time.

Best Airsoft Field in Kentucky

ACS Airsoft

7400 Old Hinkleville Road,  60

West Paducah, KY 42086


Hours: Wednesday- Friday- 12AM- 5PM, Second Sunday- 11AM-4PM

Cost of Entry: $25

Size/Facilities: Six acres, Open field, Dense forest

Field Rules: Full seal eye protection , Only dry fire, test fire, or tune gun at a firing range, No knives or other real steal objects are allowed

Special Events: Open play days, Charity events

Looking for something fun to do in Kentucky? 

Here’s one! 

Lead your friends to a great win, playing airsoft on Kentucky’s best airsoft outdoor field. 

Best Airsoft Field in Kentucky

Their pleasant field officials welcome you at the gates to airsoft gaming on a whole new level. 

Covered in bunkers, cars, and two-story buildings, the six-acre airsoft field will bring your buddies together for a fantastic weekend. 

After crawling through trenches, hiding in bunkers, and playing the field, stop by their local pro shop. There, you’ll see bolt action rifles, other airsoft guns, accessories, tactical gear, and ammo. They will help you complete your loadout. 

Grab their rental package for your team-building exercises, corporate events, or next birthday. 

What if you don’t find what you want? 

They’ll order it right away! And your dream airsoft equipment becomes yours for real. 

Trust them for an awe-inspiring airsoft encounter! 

Best Airsoft Field in Maine

Harris Farm Airsoft Field

271 Buzzell Rd

Dayton, ME 4005


Hours: Saturdays- 9AM-3PM

Cost of Entry: $10

Size/Facilities: 55 Acres, High-walled battle structures, Field Rules, No entry for under 12 kids, FPS limit is 400FPS with .25s, Restriction on use of explosive devices

Special Events: Operation Crimp, Wolfsschlucht

Harris Field is 55 acres of hills, streams, bridges, swamps, trees, trails, military tents, and fortifications. It is a part of NEASG, the popular Northeastern Airsoft Group.

Best Airsoft Field in Maine

This insured airsoft venue allows you to shoot as far as a range of 200-foot.  

What do you need to get in? 

It’s pretty straightforward. Get your eTicket in advance. And obey all field rules. For your own safety, cover the barrel of your airsoft rifle. Also, use full seal protection for your eyes. Their recommendation is ANSI Z87.1 that comes with a strap. 

For a time of your life, reserve a space on Harris Field. You’ll enjoy wriggling through the tents, finding your enemies hiding behind trees and hills. 

Best Airsoft Field in Maryland

Best Airsoft Field in Maryland

Tactical Airsoft Arena

20 Southlawn Ct B

Rockville, MD 20850


Hours: Friday: 6PM-11PM, Saturday-Sunday:11AM-7PM

Cost of Entry: $16- $22

Size/Facilities: 3600 sq. ft., Field Rules, FPS Limit of 300 and 330, for .25g BBs and .20 BBs, No use of temporary velocity reducers, Full face and ear protection

Special Events: Open Plays, Friday Night Pew

Finely located in Rockville, this field has multiple start points, hallways, and as many as nine rooms, all set to provide different adventures for the best of airsoft nuts. 

Offering fast airsoft games like King of the Hill, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and more, you’ll be kept on your toes on the facility. 

As if that’s not enough already…

Airsoft warriors will pay only $16.50 to get in for a good game the entire day. Throw in another $16.50, and you’ll get yourself all the equipment you need. 

Their rental package includes a loaded magazine with 1000 BBs, a chest protector, a full face mask, and padded gloves. 

Best of all…

If you’re in town for the whole weekend, gain an all-weekend pass into the 3,600 sq. ft CQB area with just $38! 

Tactical Airsoft Arena offers a multitude of features, including a rental store, eating options, and so much more. 

You’re in for a time of your life, hopping in! 

Best Airsoft Field in Massachusetts

Best Airsoft Field in Massachusetts

AllStarr Paintball and Airsoft

Webster, MA 1570


Hours: Saturday: 11AM – 7PM, Cost of Entry: $25-$30

Size/Facilities: 114,000 sq. ft

Field Rules: Chronograph all guns 

Start playing within respawn area

No hostile verbal or physical contact allowed 

No drugs, alcohol, smoke grenades, or sharp objects are permitted on the airsoft field

Special Events: Birthday parties

Allstarr Action Sports is your plug for anything airsoft, laser tag, or paintball. For over 45 years, they’ve proved to be the preferred facility for not just walk on airsoft gaming but parties and outings, too. 

Their staff is a combination of expertise and protocols. They’ll attend to all your airsoft needs. 

Here’s the deal…

Get your adrenaline pumping with simulated military games well suited for all ages. And your safety’s sure with an all-seeing referee staff. 

Play games like Team Deathmatch, tomb defusing, VIP, domination and more, for a wholesome experience on the fields. 


This airsoft field will accommodate all your needs. From a fully stocked airsoft store to a convenient location for birthday parties and outings, Allstarr Action Sports does fit the dream. 

They’ll even help with any repairs or upgrades you might need. 

Best Airsoft Field in Michigan

Best Airsoft Field in Michigan

DarkFire Airsoft

0 South Lake Wilson Road

Hillsdale, MI 49242


Hours; All-day on Saturdays

Cost of Entry: Varying 

Size/Facilities: 38 acres 

Field Rules: Wear full seal eye protection always, No use of guns above 425 FPS

Special Events: Open plays, Private parties

Can you guess how DarkFire started a few years ago? 

Turns out the owner found a new love- Airsoft. He knew he had to share it with the world. So he changed a recreational backyard for friends into an airsoft field where gurus and newbies converge! 

And guess what? 

Since 2017, this airsoft area has become a haven for many airsoft players on a road trip through Michigan. Right at Hillsdale, you’ll see this 38 acres of field where you’ll have some real airsoft fun. 

Those who’ve been there to play airsoft will attest that the military simulation is topnotch. 

Though not as large as other fields in the United States, you’ll get enough distance range for any airsoft game you choose. 

It gets better…

Their pro shop is the one-stop-shop for any airsoft makeover you might need. 

And they have quality products from Elite Force, UTG, Valken, and LongBow. 

They’re also working on providing you with patches, BBs, batteries, and more. 

Anything to make you shoot away without hustle! 

Best Airsoft Field in Minnesota

Best Airsoft Field in Minnesota

Crossfire Airsoft MN

1601 195th St E

Clearwater, MN 55320


Hours: Saturday and Sunday- 10 AM-4;30PM

Cost of Entry: $25

Size/Facilities: 50 acres of trees

Field Rules: No alcohol or illegal drugs before or during games, No discharge of airsoft guns except at designated areas, Use only holstered pistols, Full SEAL goggles only 

Special Events: Team training, Private parties

Not only is Crossfire the oldest airsoft field within the area, it is also the best facility you’ll find anywhere around the upper Midwest.

Why did I say that? 

30 acres of 50 are dedicated to airsoft playing. Apart from choosing from a host of blood-pumping games, get ready for new and exciting matches each week. 

At a strategic central location, Crossfire Airsoft MN provides airsoft lovers with a practical warzone. The largest outdoor field within Minnesota is a forest ranging from open pine to the thickest of bushes. 


The five fields build onto each other, offering different games at each point! 

Why not grab their rental package, which includes batteries, full goggles, M4 AEG, and an unlimited supply of .20 BBs?

Also participate in team training, open plays, and other special events. You can always check their websites to know the events or discounts available for each season. 

But wait- there’s more…

As a police officer, military, fire, or EMS personnel, you’ll gain special discounts. And if you’re a student, all you need for a 10% discount is a report card showing how good your grades are. 

Best Airsoft Field in Missouri

Best Airsoft Field in Missouri

So Go Airsoft

3801 N 20th St

Ozark, MO 65721


Hours: Monday 2-7 PM, Wednesday 2-7 PM, Thursday 2-9 PM, Friday 12-7 PM, Saturday 11 AM-9 PM, Sunday 1-6 PM 

Cost of Entry: varies

Size/Facilities: 16,000 sq. ft

Field Rules: Must sign a waiver before playing, Wear sealed goggles, Use only airsoft guns under 300 FPS with .25g BBs

Special Events: Block plays, Private parties, Open plays

If you’re an airsoft nut, you’ll undoubtedly love this indoor airsoft field that lies in the most serene area of Missouri. 

Masked marksmen often enjoy playing around the 16,000-square-foot warehouse. You can enjoy that, too. Strafing down halls and overtaking the plenty rooms as you attempt to gun down your enemies. 

Here’s the kicker…

So Go Airsoft accommodates airsoft combatants of different skill levels. You will enjoy 20-25-minute scenario matches like VIP Escort, Car-key Find, down to airsoft classes like Capture the Flag. 

Be sure to enroll in activities like the monthly One Scenario event for beginners. Even as an airsoft expert, you’ll enjoy the game, which is challenging even for veterans. 

Also, visit with your friends to use their spacious arena for your private parties. 

It gets better…

So Go Airsoft will allow you to rent guns within the field specification. 

Their rental package covers an entire day. So, play as long as you want. The field is yours.

Well – except on Tuesdays that is – when they want you to explore the serenity of Missouri.

Best Airsoft Field in Montana

Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft

6601 Mainwaring Rd

Acton, MT 59002


Hours: All-day on Saturday and Sunday, Weekdays on appointment

Cost of Entry: $30

Size/Facilities: 91 acres

Field Rules

Use only field-purchased BBs 

Special Events: Everybody Plays, Reunions

Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft gives you access to different fields. This variety allows you to opt for the airsoft play scenarios of your choice, with no restrictions. 

Best Airsoft Field in Montana

What’s more…

Though open plays are on weekends, you can come around any day of the week. A call will fix that for you. 

Also, show up with your group, no matter their number. There’s no minimum party size. So you can come with one friend or a battalion of them! 

Each gaming session starts with a safety rules discussion. That’s because they want to make sure you’re safe playing on the field. 

Then, they don’t allow you to use other BBs, except the biodegradable ones they’ll supply you. 

Their rental packages are friendly, and you can easily upgrade your equipment at a token. 

Also, stop by for a snack or drink. You’ll love the pocket-friendly rates. 

Best Airsoft Field in New Hampshire

Best Airsoft Field in New Hampshire

Feel Good Farm Airsoft

52 Johnson Corner Rd

Lyndeborough, NH 3082


Hours: Sunday 9AM- 5PM

Cost of Entry: $30

Size/Facilities: 70+ acres

Field Rules: Must be 12 years and above, Full eye protection with seal ANZI Z87, Hold two dead rags always on the field, Use barrel blockers on guns

Special Events: MilSim Events

Want the woods to come alive with good action and teamwork from your buddies? 

Get shooting. And on the best airsoft field in New Hampshire!

Feel Good Farm Airsoft is an exciting mishmash of rocky terrain on pristine woodlands and brooks, making you feel good… about everything! 

The trail system connects with fields of yucca plants, bridging to hemlock mountain tops. 

That’s not something you’ll quickly get, right? 

The heavily wooded and hilly wilderness is suited for your airsoft goals. 

Engage in realistic gun combats without blood, tears, or real pain, but BB welts. 

Featuring newer games and activities year in and out, Feel Good Farm Airsoft also has the best blueberries you’ll find on fields in the United States. 

So, visit for some exerting airsoft plays. You’ll not only be all spiked by a great game. You will enjoy the taste of mouthwatering blueberries and an ideal pancake recipe. 

Best Airsoft Field in New Mexico

Best Airsoft Field in New Mexico

Ruckus Paintball and Airsoft

16001 Shooting Range Access Rd

Albuquerque, NM 87121


Hours:  Saturday and Sunday- 9 AM- 4 PM

Cost of Entry: $20

Size/Facilities: 6 acres

Field Rules: Must sign waiver, Use only field’s BBs, Special Events, Birthday parties, Bachelor/bachelorette parties

Ruckus Paintball and Airsoft caters to anyone seeking an exhilarating and fun experience, playing Airsoft. 

Here’s how…

They provide six acres of space and props that will facilitate a kind of experience you won’t forget anytime soon. 

To push teamwork, they allow special events. Enjoy their group packages for private matches, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more. Anything to mark that experience off your list! 

Best of all…

They’ll accommodate private events from 9 AM to 4 PM, Wednesdays through Sundays. Only ensure that you reserve your space before 2:30 PM. 

Whether you’re a first time player or you have experience, Ruckus offers everything you need to have a great time. 

They run three fields with dynamics meant to accelerate your shooting. The Alamo is for epic battles. Tire Hyperball for fast-paced games like Capture the Flag. Then, the Ruckus Tournament Field is so large that it can take national tournaments. 

So, enjoy! 

Best Airsoft Field in North Carolina

Best Airsoft Field in North Carolina

Cedar Creek Airsoft

696 Cedar Creek Rd

Mocksville, NC 27028


Hours: Saturdays- 9AM- 5PM 

Cost of Entry: $20

Size/Facilities: 25 acres

Field Rules: Wear full-face protection always, Use only biodegradable BBs, No FPS above 400 with .25 BBs, No overshooting of particular players

Special Events: Bachelor parties, Youth groups, Company picnics

After playing airsoft on many U.S fields, Cedar Creek Airsoft set the first outdoor airsoft field around the Triad Region in 2008. 

Their passion is seeing your team pump some adrenaline as they work together at a great game. 

What does this mean for you? 

Cedar Creek Airsoft provides a safe and friendly environment. It’s airsoft only field-one of the few around. So you won’t get any paintball mess on you! 

They have a station where you can charge your battery free of charge. There’re HPA tanks on the site, too. 

Wait, there’s more…

Their staging area features picnic tables for setting up your guns and gear. You’ll also find their staff hanging around to attend to any questions you have. 

There’s also a snack bar for burgers, hot pockets, assorted snacks, and cold drinks for some refueling. Yes, you’ll get free ice water, too. 

Mind you; the Cedar Creek Airsoft doesn’t currently accept walk-ons. So you need to make your reservations. 

They’re continually expanding, so don’t forget to check their social media pages for what’s happening over there per time! 

Best Airsoft Field in New York

Strike Force Sports Airsoft

125 Broadhollow Rd

Farmingdale, NY 11735


Hours: Thursday: 11 AM–9 PM, Friday: 11 AM–10 PM, Saturday: 11 AM–1 AM, Sunday: 11 AM–5 PM 

Cost of Entry: $40

Size/Facilities: Officers Club Lounge

Field Rules: Full eye protection always, When hit, return to respawn

Special Events: Nighttime ops, Special midnight games, Public sessions, Private parties

StrikeForce Sports is an indoor arena specializing in airsoft gaming. 

The 65,000 sq. ft space is suitable for training, military simulation, and all sorts of gaming. 

It gets better…

Best Airsoft Field in New York

The indoor airsoft field is open all year round since there’s no sun, rain, or bugs to battle with. 

Get the competition on with your enemies, instead! 

Sink into a wholesome airsoft experience with friends and family in one of the world’s best indoor airsoft fields. 

At their pro shop, you’ll find the latest airsoft guns and tactical gear. 

But that’s not all…

StikeForce has public sessions every weekend when you can participate in specialty games. 

Pay $40 to get in on all days except Sundays when you’ll have to pay $50. That’s a tad higher than other airsoft fields, but you’ll see why. 

Their sessions last up to 6 hours, so expect to play at least seven games on sharp terrain. 

For a cheaper game, go in on Saturday between 10 pm and 1am. Anyone can get in for this, except kids younger than 16. 

Are you around Farmingdale or just visiting? Plan to get on the field. And sign a waiver already to save some time. 

Best Airsoft Field in North Dakota

Best Airsoft Field in North Dakota

Black Rhino Airsoft

15819-15823 Cattle Drive

Baldwin ND 58521


Hours: Sundays 11AM-5PM

Cost of Entry: $15

Size/Facilities: Indoor CQB buildings, Onsite pro shop

Field Rules: Just sign an injury waiver, Special Events, Airsoft private parties, Team tournaments, Custom open days

Black Rhino Airsoft is North Dakota’s best airsoft field. The locally owned airsoft field has united visitors from far and near in the game of airsoft. 

Turns out they always make your airsoft outings worth the while. 

By specializing in both private events and open plays, the airsoft field becomes more alluring. 

Here’s why…

You’re not only going to play airsoft, but you can also call your friends and family for a lovely time after your game. You could even interest them in a game of airsoft. No stranger plays with you, but your own existing fans. 

Grab their rental package if you’re someone that loves moving around the stage light. They will give you all you need, regardless of your expertise when it comes to playing airsoft. 

To reserve a game date, shoot them an email. 

Best Airsoft Field in Ohio

Fallen Warrior Airsoft

6985 Egypt Pike

Chillicothe, OH 45601


Hours: Saturday- 8:30-6 PM

Cost of Entry: $20

Size/Facilities: 140 acres

Field Rules: No entry for under 10

All players must use dead rags

Special Events: G2 Tactical Events, End of Days

Sited in Chillicothe, the Fallen Warrior Airsoft Field is 140 acres of buildings and villages. They have up to 25 buildings you’ll explore and five villages to run through. Such an adventurous way to get in on an airsoft action! 

Yet there’s more… 

While you chase your airsoft enemies around, hiding behind bunkers like in a real war, you’ll savor in the beautiful weather that parades their site, which is only fifty minutes away from Columbus, Oh.

Best Airsoft Field in Ohio


Don’t get distracted by those playing paintball. The field owners sure love giving people a time of their lives. 

When you get in, you’ll access free vehicle transportation around the field, which is one of the largest in Ohio. They’ll take you to the airsoft area where you’ll meet other airsoft lovers you can play games like Capture the Flag and VIP with. 

Best Airsoft Field in Oklahoma

Best Airsoft Field in Oklahoma

D-Day Adventure Park

66800 E 175 Rd

Wyandotte, OK 74370


Hours: N/A

Cost of Entry: $25

Size/Facilities: 600+ acres, 7 playing fields, Two-story buildings

Field Rules: There’ll be no player referees, No use of firearms or knives on field, No pets are allowed in the facility

Keep goggles on always

Special Events: Broken Home, Operation Storm fire, Concerts, Festivals

Home to colossal airsoft battles, the D-Day Adventure Park is an airsoft arena like none. The northeast Oklahoma park features several villages, cities, fire-based trenches, helicopters, and more. Just to give you a feel of real gunfights. 

Their packed calendar often proves that the airsoft park is paradise to any airsoft enthusiast. It comes with long-range shooting courses, motor cross events, apocalyptic festivals, and more.  

There’s more…

Interest yourself to an on-site café serving the most delicious food and drinks at events. 

The D-Day Adventure Park caters to the entire family. So don’t be afraid to come with your kids or older relatives. The park is a nice place for family gatherings, regardless of your number. 

Plus, jump at the group discount available for large groups. 

The Wyandotte site is no doubt a one-of-a-kind expedition. 

Best Airsoft Field in Oregon

Best Airsoft Field in Oregon

Action Acres Airsoft

10381 S Mulino Rd

Canby, OR 97013


Hours: Saturday and Sunday- 10AM- 5PM

Cost of Entry: $40

Size/Facilities: N/K

Field Rules: Must wear sealed goggles as face protection

Special Events: Mini Ops

Located 25 miles north of Salem and 25 miles south of Poland, Action Acres Airsoft is the newest but most happening place in the Oregon area. 

For clean, fun, yet inexpensive airsoft playing, you should visit this place. It’s true, their guns feel like the real thing, but they are safe. They will only scare off your enemies. 

For your safety and optimal enjoyment, the authorities have a few field rules. For instance, they won’t allow mere facemasks on the field. You must use goggles that genuinely protect your sight. That way, you can always return to gun down your enemies. 

What’s more…

You can use your own BBs. But they’ve got you covered if you don’t have any biodegradable ones. The $40 all-day pass actually includes gun rental and a supply of 450 BBs. So, get shooting. 

Show up with your friends or colleagues to enjoy events like the Mini Op the field features every fourth Saturday of the month. 

To spend less and save some airsoft gaming time, pre-register before gaming days. 

Best Airsoft Field in Pennsylvania

Ambush Adventure Park

91 Hilltop Dr

Conestoga, PA 17516


Hours: Monday- Friday 8AM-4PM, Saturday& Sunday 8AM-9PM

Cost of Entry: $30

Size/Facilities: 30 acres, 40 acres of playing field, 2 large wood fields, 4 speedball fields

Field Rules: Must be at least 10 years to play, Sign liability waiver before playing, No alcohol within premises 

Special Events: Walk on days and nites, Airsoft scenarios, Summer camp

For almost forty years, Ambush has maintained its reputation of offering high-level fun in a top-notch safety environment. 

The 40 acres is a combination of 4 speedball fields, 2 large wood fields, 2 story castle, a bunker hill, and trailer field. This field has an ambiance you’d want to experience always. 

As if that’s not enough…

The Ambush Adventure Park allows you to play on the walk on days, even without a team. You’ll even meet airsoft veterans that will teach you new tricks, making you an airsoft champion. 

Best Airsoft Field in Pennsylvania

You also need no equipment to play airsoft here. They’ll supply the guns and accessories you need. Only make a reservation quickly, since the rental equipment go fast. 

Interact with their field staff, who are professionals themselves. They’ll get you started on airsoft if you’re a newbie. 

Here’s the thing…

Whether you want to play games all day or want to spend some spare three hours on the field, it’s alright. Ambush Airsoft field will be more than happy to find you a spot to play. 

And if you just want to watch others play, you are welcome. You won’t pay a dime! You can even bring your food and drink. They’re cool. 

Best Airsoft Field in Rhode Island

Warzone Paintball and Airsoft

320 Shermantown Rd

Saunderstown, RI 2874


Hours: Saturday & Sunday 9:30AM-4PM

Cost of Entry: $40

Size/Facilities: 35 acres of wood and villages

Field Rules: Use only biodegradable BBs, No shooting wildfires, No knives, real firearms, alcohol, or drugs on the field

Special Events: Halloween Havoc, Domination

Best Airsoft Field in Rhode Island

Here’s the first outdoor airsoft field within the area. And they’ve kept their promise of fun. 

Both beginners and experts at airsoft will have a great time running around 35 acres of villages, forts, trenches, and bunkers. 

Warzone is the store for all airsoft guns, equipment and ammunition you’d need for airsoft gaming. So if you need an airsoft upgrade, check in. And when you buy a gun, you’ll get a $30 worth of discount. That’s a pass to the Warzone! 

Your $40 ticket fee earns you an AEG rifle, protective vest, 1000 BBs, a rental mask, and two magazines. Plus, a $5 worth of coupon for your next visit. 

But wait- there’s more…

Warzone caters to other events like birthday parties, bachelor parties, and corporate events. Every weekend, you’ll find individuals and groups utilizing an opportunity to relax and energize at the same time. 

It doesn’t matter your size, age, or airsoft experience level. Warzone will fix you just right.

Best Airsoft Field in South Carolina

Best Airsoft Field in South Carolina

Black Ops Airsoft – South

1040 W Richardson Ave

Summerville, SC 29483


Hours: Saturday: 9AM–4PM

Sunday: 11AM–3PM

Cost of Entry: $20

Size/Facilities: 2.5 acres

Field Rules: Wear correct eye protection always, Full face protection + seal goggles for under 18-year-olds, Chronograph weapon before use, No full auto 

Special Events: Night games

Nothing compares to playing airsoft in an environment you can’t wait to explore. That’s why you need to check out Charleston’s airsoft field. 

Black Ops Airsoft opens every Saturday to offer you MilSim games that make you feel like a champ holding guns that hit your targets. 

We’re not through yet…

The area’s only urban CQB airsoft field also organizes parties. It allows you to hold birthday parties, and other private parties in style. You can also use it as your training field for military engagement and the likes.  

This Charleston’s field guarantees safety to you and your family. They not only provide a safe environment. They have rules to safeguard your comfort while you play the field. 

What’s more…

In one of their many buildings is the Black Ops field shop. There, you’ll find the latest airsoft guns, equipment, and supplies, whose topnotch quality, no one can deny. 

Hurry to reserve your space. And if you’re in the military or a law enforcement officer, you’re in luck! There are discounts for you. 

Best Airsoft Field in Tennessee

Best Airsoft Field in Tennessee

GSF (Grab Some Fun) Airsoft Field 

351 Hillcrest Dr.Bluff City, Tennessee 37618


Hours: Monday- Friday 11AM- 6PM

Cost of Entry: $20

Size/Facilities: 18,000 sq. ft

Field Rules: No under 12 kids without a guardian, Use 350 FPS limit with 0.20g BBs Wear goggles always, No blind shooting, No climbing of props, No alcohol or use of illegal drugs

Special Events: Private parties

Check out Tennessee’s best airsoft field’s indoor and outdoor arena. 


Try their indoor arena, especially if you want to hold a private party. The setting includes hallways and rooms with props and structures for effortless maneuvers. 

That’s adequate space for tactical training. 


Enjoy their open land measuring 80 acres. The running creek, acres of woods, abandoned houses, barns, and flag stations make the tactical airsoft arena more appealing. 

Here’s the thing…

For a stimulating experience, visit Tennessee’s best airsoft field. You’ll access an array of quality rental equipment and training, especially as a beginner. 

GSF’s indoor CQB area is set to give you an fun time with friends. The multiple solid structures are spacious, and they can make an airsoft nut’s dream come true. 

Best Airsoft Field in Texas

Best Airsoft Field in Texas

Airsoft Revolution 15

5415 Bandera Rd., Suite 510

San Antonio, Texas 78238


Hours: Wednesday-Thursday: 12–8PM, Friday: 12–10PM, Saturday: 10AM–10PM, Sunday: 12–8PM

Cost of Entry: $19.99- $25

Size/Facilities: 79-acres battleground

Field Rules: Wear full eye protection, Special Events, Private parties

Want a terrific field to play realistic airsoft in Texas?

The Airsoft Revolution 15 is an indoor CQB airsoft field where you’ll pay $19.99 for a 4-hour session and $24.99 for a full day of play. 

With $25, you’ll get a combination pass to both indoor and outdoor fields. 

What’s more…

Their simulated environment enacts real-life combat situations for individuals and groups. 

Explore their myriad of games, including the indoor CQB walk-on-plays and Armaggedon Nerf wars. 

You may bring your gear or rent equipment on the site. Plus, you can upgrade your airsoft style by getting guns and equipment from their tactical gear shop. Also, repair malfunctioning firearms. 


Host as many parties as you want to hone your airsoft skills. You can even join their champion’s league of sponsored members. This will give you winning packages and rate your airsoft skills after each game.

Best Airsoft Field in Utah

Best Airsoft Field in Utah

MilSim City

18150 West, 800 S

Fairfield, UT 84013


Hours: Cost of Entry: $25

Size/Facilities: 400 000 sq. ft, 3 CQB buildings

Field Rules: Must be at least 12 years, Use only bolt action snipers, Must have full seal protection on

Special Events: Friday Night Games

Want an airsoft center in Utah? 

Look no further…

Visit the MilSlim City Outdoor Airsoft arena, a massive 400,000 square foot playable area in Fairfield, Utah. It’s a hotspot for players of different ages, skills, and experience. 

You have to be at least 12 years old to enjoy their unique facility with family, friends, and colleagues from work. 

Their exciting environment has multiple gameplay scenarios on 32 CQB (close quarter battle) buildings in 4 Complex-Type structures. 

Guess what? 

They charge only $25 per event. You can also opt for their combo deal, which allows you to stroll in from Friday night through Saturday morning at $35

Interestingly, their simulation includes barrels, vehicles, pallets, bunkers, and smoke grenades you can get from their pro shop. 

Civilians, military operators, and law enforcement agencies will enjoy the field for honing their CQB skills. 

What’s more…

MilSim City runs three different weapons classes that provide airsoft players with tactics and skills that’d help you win competitions. 

Join in for remarkable experiences and healthy competitions. 

Best Airsoft Field in Vermont

Best Airsoft Field in Vermont

VTAG – Vermont Airsoft Group

25 Fox Meadows Hinesburg,

VT 05461


Hours: determined by the community

Cost of Entry: varying

Size/Facilities: 60+ acres

Field Rules: Wear goggles during games, Maximum velocity is 400 FPS

Special Events: VTAG Airsoft Skirmish, VTAG Special ops

VTAG is located on the hills of the Green Mountains. Since 2010, it has remained a home for various airsoft games. 

Their gameplays are mostly action-oriented. And you’ll get in on the good action, primarily because of the structure of the field. The trenches, riverside, and hillside forests all combine with the CQB for a great adventure. 

There’s more…

VTAG will allow you to organize private parties so you can have a good time with your folks. 

They also hold special events you will enjoy. But you can get in for these only by invitation. 

To obtain a pass, come with an airsoft gun that’s competition graded. It may be a pistol, shotgun, or sniper rifle. It doesn’t matter if it is gas-powered, spring-powered, or an AEG gun. 

But wait…

Turns out VTAG also goes on vacation. They want you to enjoy some time alone with loved ones. Find out about to-be-determined game days before you head over to the 60+ acres of field. 

Best Airsoft Field in Virginia

Best Airsoft Field in Virginia

Ballahack Airsoft

2900 Ballahack Rd

Chesapeake, VA 23322


Hours: Saturday- Sunday 9AM-5PM

Cost of Entry: $25

Size/Facilities: 99 acre

Field Rules: Eye protection must be full seal, No shooting of weapon beyond 25 rounds per second, No crossing of yellow marked boundaries, Avoid verbal aggression

Special Events: Military simulation events

Want some outdoor fun? The Ballahack Airsoft field is where to go. 

Located in Chesapeake, Virginia, it is the most popular airsoft field on East Coast.

Here’s why…

For over a decade, this field has accommodated experts and newbies from all over the world, making their weekends unforgettable. 

The blend of micro terrain, wooded areas, and the swamp will give you a worthwhile adventure. You’ll enjoy the abandoned buildings in the background. 

Make the most of an entire day by paying a stipend of $25 to get on the field. 

Also, visit their pro shop to rent an airsoft gun if you’re yet to get one for yourself. 

There’s more…

Apart from the gorgeous milieu, engage with a community of airsoft players enjoying special events happening on the field. Also, get your airsoft info absolute with field professionals that understand airsoft guns. 

Best Airsoft Field in Washington

The Airsoft Center

3099 S Sawyer Ave

Tacoma, WA 98409


Hours: Thursday & Friday 5:00PM – 10:00PM, Saturday 9:00AM – 9:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM – 6:00PM 

Cost of Entry: $5 per hour

Size/Facilities: Indoor CQB

Field Rules: Maximum velocity is 330 FPS, Cover airsoft replicas, Use only field ammo

Special Events: Private parties, Special blocks

Try the Tacoma Airsoft Center (TAC). For over ten years, this high intensity indoor has taken airsoft gaming to new levels. 

Best Airsoft Field in Washington

With no minimum age for entry, come play solo or with your own team. When alone, their admin staff will find other players with your skillset and have you challenge them to a win. 

Play games like Medics, Team Deathmatch, and King of the Hill for as low as $5 per hour. Meaning you can play as long as you want. Now, that’s fair. 

Also, run private events for 3 to 4 hours for only $35. You’ll get ammo, a mask, and other airsoft equipment. Besides this they have social events depending on the weather and season.

What’s more…

Here, you get to use your own weapons. Note their FPS limit, i.e., 330 with .20BBS. You’ll need to get your ammo from their shop, though. 

You can also rent equipment, including guns, helmets, gloves, and other gear from this field shop. 

Guess what? 

The Airsoft Center has a concession stand for snacks. So you can charge up before playing the next game. 

Best Airsoft Field in West Virginia

Best Airsoft Field in West Virginia

Tri State Airsoft Club

1107 North Frederick Pike

Cross Junction, VA 22625


Hours: to be agreed upon 

Cost of Entry: varying rates

Size/Facilities: Open fields, Conducive structures, Field Rules, Wear full eye protection, Special Events, Airsoft wars, Memorial Days

Know why we categorized the Tri State Airsoft Club like the regular airsoft field?

Well, here’s why…

They hold airsoft games and events regularly. Games are sited on outdoor properties anyway around the area. All you need is smooth weather. 

Without a membership charge or paying to play games, spend good time with family and friends. Exercise in a safe environment. 

Meeting multiple times each month, the club switches location to offer real fun at little or no cost. 

Here’s the thing…

The founders want you to learn new skills and make new friends over games. That’s why they move from time to time. Their recently added location is 604 Antietam Dr., Hagerstown. 

So even if you live up north, you can catch in on some good games. 

Best Airsoft Field in Wisconsin

Best Airsoft Field in Wisconsin

Twin Cities Airsoft

2261 130th Ave

Emerald, WI 54013


Hours: Saturday- Sunday 10AM- 5PM

Cost of Entry: $25

Size/Facilities: 80 acres

Field Rules: Use dead rag and barrel cover, Adhere to 30 rounds per second on full-auto guns

Special Events: Frostbuster Airsoft Game, Spring Giant Airsoft Game

Looking for the best airsoft field in Wisconsin? 

Stop here…

The Twin Cities Airsoft Park is an 80-acre park located in Baldwin, Wisconsin. This massive airsoft park caters to both adults and children from 10. 

Start exploring the land of meadows, forests, streams, ravines, hills, and bridges.

Look at this…

Their walk on games will serve you all year round, even during the winter.  

Also, enjoy private group games for up to 4 hours. You need to be up to 12 to claim a group, though. And it costs only $30 per player. 

Make a $100 deposit to reserve your space. You’ll get it back when you all arrive at the venue at a time agreed by you.  

What’s more…

Join their membership at $325 a year and access all walk on games, high-intensity events, and giant airsoft games. But you’ll have to pay to get into tournament and charity events. 

Apart from gaming days, Twin Cities Airsoft Park offers special events on specific weekends and holidays. Check their site to stay up to date with happenings on the field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Airsoft Field?

An airsoft field is an indoor or outdoor area dedicated to playing airsoft. Sometimes, it’s a
mix of both. It may include mountains, sharp terrains, helicopters, cars, tanks, bunkers, and buildings. Anything to make it feel like a battleground.

Airsoft fields are fun to play on, whether they are privately or publicly operated. They have several obstacles in the

way of both you and the other players.

2. How Do Indoor and Outdoor Fields Differ?

Outdoor fields are usually a few acres of the woods or manmade towns containing bunkers or vehicles. 

On the other hand…

Indoor fields are well suited for close quarter battles (CQB). 

Unlike outdoor fields, which are more suited for fast-paced games and hammering on camouflage, stealth, and long-range weapons, indoor fields have more closed plays that prove your agility using airsoft guns like shotguns and pistols with shorter ranges. 

But that’s not all…

While flash bangs grenades function on both fields, they thrive more indoors. That’s because the hard surfaces will aid detonation, and your teams will often perform better. 

Also, in and out of weather or season, you can shoot indoors. But with outdoor airsoft fields, you need to know what the weather forecast is.

3. How much will I pay to play on an airsoft field?

Various fields carry their entry rates. But you’ll easily find the best airsoft fields within a $10-$35 range. That’s for a whole day. 

For some of them, this charge comes with a rental package of airsoft guns, accessories, protective wear, and ammunition. Others will charge you a few more dollars for using their airsoft guns or accessories. 

And if you choose to eat, throw in a few more dollars. 

4. What makes a good airsoft field?

You be the judge of that. 

Here’s why…

Airsoft players preferring close-quarters battle will need an indoor field with one big hall or warehouse. Whereas, if you like the noise of animals and running around big trees in open spaces, an outdoor field will be your best bet. 

Nevertheless, be on the lookout for safety. Check for a well-maintained facility with referees making sure everyone behaves. 

Also, check out the bathroom facility. And consider your buddies’ proximity to the place if you’re not open to playing airsoft with new folks. 

You can find answers by putting a call through or checking reviews on their site.

5. Which items do I need to play?

For the best airsoft adventure, get on the field with your airsoft gun, its power source, BBs, and protective gear for your face and body. 

Airsoft players also arrive with a sidearm if their gun misbehaves or the airsoft authority doesn’t accept it for use. 

Here’s the deal…

Arrive in a chest rig of magazines. Plus, camouflage and boots to aid your hiding and swiftness. You’ll also need the dead rag, a red flag indicating that you’re hit. 

Some airsoft fields don’t ask you to come with a dead rag. But it’s okay to check ahead of time so you can get more info on their safety rules, BB use, and all. 


Show up in full protective gear for your eyes, ears, and upper body. Don’t leave out extra gear. So you won’t need to rent from the field’s pro store.

6. Must I sign a waiver to play airsoft?

From what I’ve gathered, every airsoft field requires you to sign a waiver form. You’ll need to agree that the owners or operators are not liable for any injuries you might incur during games. 

Many of them have the waivers online. So you can sign the forms and complete registration even before you get on the field. That way, you save some more time to play. 

Others will have you print the PDF forms to submit on any day you decide to show up. 

What’s the bottom line? 

You need to sign a waiver to relieve airsoft field owners of legal actions. 

7. Do I call ahead or just show up on the game day?

Some fields don’t require you to make reservations for their weekly games. It is the special events you must register and pay ahead for. 

But to be on the safe side, check their website or call their operators before driving around town.  

Why’s that? 

Apart from knowing the exact walk-on days, you will become familiar with the field rules. 

Also, you’ll be sure to enter, especially on days when the whole town comes playing. You can even book private games for your family. 

You’ll most likely require a reservation if you come in a large number.

CONCLUSION: Best Airsoft Field in Every US State

So yes, you have your answer – an airsoft sniper rifle can kill a bird. 

Any bird? Any airsoft rifle?

Well, an airsoft gun can kill a bird. But you need a certain level of precision and power to take down birds and other animals. You can’t kill the big ones, but you can injure them.

And there are rules surrounding how to carry out hunting, and where to use your weapon.

Now what?

If you want to give it a go, you need a full grasp of how to handle an airsoft gun, and what the laws are in your area.

These BB guns may not be the most suitable option for hunting. 

Though they can kill birds, it can be a cruel way to do it.

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