Best Airsoft Brand 2024

Best Airsoft Brand

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Best Airsoft Brands

Hi, there, airsoft warriors!

If you’re planning to play airsoft and want to know the best airsoft brand, this guide is right for you!

Airsoft is a realistic combat sport that involves the use of gun replicas.


More and more people are into airsoft these days – newbies, avid fans, veterans, and collectors comprise the population of weekend warriors.

Thus, firearms manufacturers continuously release high-quality skirmish lines and series for the airsoft community.

If you’re new to airsoft – that’s not a problem…

Here are the best airsoft brands with high-quality performance that are recognized and approved by airsofters.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s have a blast!

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G&P is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer that creates outstanding designs for military simulation models and training experience.

This airsoft brand is known to have the badass and sexiest internals.

If you want a high-end model airsoft gun…

…this brand is for you because G&P doesn’t sacrifice quality to produce cheap models of guns.

Experienced technicians assembled their Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) to ensure that every single one is a high-quality and reliable arm for you.

Not only that…

You can also choose from a variety of G&P shotguns and gas-powered guns. So, if you’re a newbie or veteran in the field of airsoft – unlimited and high-end guns are ready for your grip.

And suppose you’d like some attachments – you can purchase grenade launchers for your gun and take your gameplay to the next level.

What do I mean that G&P has the sexiest internals?

G&P uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment to shape large pieces of materials to more precise parts for better specifications.

A precision specialist or machinist precisely made every airsoft brand to ensure that every little piece of the object inside a gun is well-made and well-designed.

The G&P AEGs have thick and insulated wirings that could never go wrong during combat.

You can expect this brand to have powerfully-made motors with amazing compression and decent metal hop-up chamber.

Aside from these…

G&p not only uses CNC but reel steel coating, so expect that they manufactured reel steel guns that make it feel like you’re holding the real thing, which makes any play exciting, challenging, and realistic.

However, some airsoft enthusiasts state that G&P doesn’t have great externals but is still decent and amazing. But these days, there are the new generation and improved guns both internal and external.

Overall, this airsoft brand G&P is reliable and affordable, not just for starters but even for advanced players, too.

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Since 2012, Lancer Tactical is an airsoft brand that produces high-quality AEG and tactical gear for airsoft warriors looking for good quality airsoft guns.

As a matter of fact…

Lancer Tactical produces models that are exact replicas of the most famous airsoft rifles like the M4 series. Their line of rifles are beasts in the field of airsoft because of speed and durability.

If you’re an avid fan, a veteran, or a noob in airsoft…

You will have a blast with this brand as your primary weapon.

What about the internals?

The internals of the guns produced by Lancer Tactical are relatively solid given their price point, and you can always opt to upgrade and modify based on your preference.

Also, Lancer Tactical guns usually have plastic externals or a full-metal body (metal airsoft guns). However, Lancer Tactical is a bit more expensive than other brands but better quality than CYMA.



Stand out and shout with CYMA.

This airsoft brand has been recognized and respected by the airsoft industry due to its affordable airsoft guns such as their spring and electric types.

CYMA produces cheaper copies of high-end models like Tokyo Marui, VFC, and some higher-end brands.

If you’re looking for a budget arm- this is for you!

The CYMA airsoft rifle has been popular these days for its affordable yet high-quality guns. Even their full metal body AEGs are well-made, and the quality is great.

It also comes with a solid gearbox and widely available accessories.

But since most of their guns are cheaper clones, don’t get your hopes up with durability.

Some models are slightly poor in shape compared to other CYMA models. Still, you can upgrade based on your preference, and it’ll be a reliable buddy during combat.



KWA is another reputable AEG manufacturer and one of the best brands on the market today.

This brand is known for its authentic and full metal body guns, particularly the M4 lines.

If you’re looking for realism and professional grades…

KWA’s latest technology is the Electronic Recoil rifles, namely AEG 3 and AEG 3+, which feature a kinetic feedback system. This system will give you a satisfying kick with every semi and auto shooting mode.

Not only that…

This brand offers a complete training package for your home-based training with your family and friends. The package is an excellent way for new and advanced shooters.

You can practice all you want – sight alignment, weapon handling, grip technique, and even basic target practice using easy-to-use airsoft pistols so you’ll be more prepared to unleash your skills in the world of airsoft!



Like G&P, Classic Army is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer known to have good internals and produce gas-powered guns with ABS plastic and full metal bodies.

CA also produces several gas blowback pistols and AEGs. I’ve held and used their airsoft gun – it’s sturdy and above-average performance out of the box.

If you’re into a close-quarter battle…

This airsoft brand is a good gun for its durability during gameplay. You can choose from their M16, M4, and AK skirmish lines and series that are unexpectedly good when the battle gets tough.

CA also produces models of high-quality performance such as Classic Army M4 KM10/12, CA Generation EC1/2, CA Delta 10/12 AEG, and more!

Suppose you want to go all out, try the Classic Army M132 micro gun – see photo.

M132 micro gun

Just imagine yourself holding this and aiming at your enemy with all the bullets coming from the holes – you can never go wrong with this weapon!

Overall, Classic Army is a durable combat weapon and has powerful gas blowback action.

Though some of their airsoft products can be pricey and overpriced, it’s still a great beginner brand.



ICS guns or I Chih Shivan Co. is based in Taiwan and manufactures airsoft guns, including AEG with durability and power.

This brand is considered as one of the best airsoft brands after Tokyo Marui and Classic Army. ICS products are mostly high-quality full metal replicas and durable with great price points.

What’s cool about ICS…

…is they constantly seek to innovate their products from their tactical gear and accessories.

ICS is known for its split gearbox system- see photo. This system allows you to change the parameters of a replica during gameplay easily.


So, this split system is removable from the upper compression component to the lower gear set component.

ICS weapons are not only for close quarter battles but for a designated marksman rifle (DMR).

The only setback I could give you is that you can’t mix and match ICS products to other manufacturers’. Thus, if you have broken parts, you need to purchase from them.



UMAREX firearms are premium airsoft brands from Germany since 1972.

They specialize in real steel and licensed guns for brands including Beretta, Browning, Colt, Heckler & Koch, Ruger Smith & Wesson, and IWI.

In my experience owning Umarex Elite UMP, it surprised me with its amazing externals and internals.

Their design is a real replica where both accuracy and snappy trigger response is awesome.

They also produce high-quality airsoft guns and accessories such as CO2 canisters, tactical lasers, AEG, spring-powered guns, and gas-powered replica firearms to offer airsoft players an authentic shooting experience.

Not only that…

UMAREX offers smaller pistols which are good for budget players. However, some of their models can be a hit or a miss. You can purchase a very good high-quality gun or something that will make you irk.

It depends on the model, so you better be wise in choosing your gun.

Quick reminder: The bigger the guns, the more it will cost you. So if you want an entry-level gun, their pistols are a good choice.



The airsoft brand UK ARMS is known for its low-cost airsoft rifles, but their pistols get the most attention.

Not only that…

they have made the shortest airsoft pistols available on the market.

Most of their guns were made of ABS plastic but quite durable.

Even though UK Arms come with amazing price points, the quality is slightly off.

Nonetheless, their spring ammo is durable since there are no movable motors. They also produce protective gear that may come in handy during gameplay.

Airsoft Gun Manufacturer (AGM)

Airsoft Gun Manufacturer (AGM)

AGM is an airsoft brand for every airsoft warrior!

AGM or Airsoft Gun Manufacturer is a China-based brand that produces guns like AEG and classic airsoft rifle replicas (M14 and M4).

Here, you’ll find cheap airsoft rifles that you can use for plinking or backyard training.

What’s unique about them?

Guns produced by AGM come with unusual designs, from standard AEG rifles to machine guns. I daresay you’ll surely be one proud owner of their rifles.

Aside from M14 and M4, they offer various WW2 AEGs such as MP40, MP44, and more modern AEG airsoft rifle designs.

As you know, AGM specialized in rifles but offers a variety of bolt action spring rifles, shotguns, aftermarket parts, and accessories.

Not to mention, their guns don’t require much maintenance.

Overall, AGM produces guns with durability and reliability in both the internals and external features. So, you can expect high-quality gearboxes and great FPS with different price ranges.



Just like UMAREX, Cybergun has licensed agreements with several manufacturers. Thus, most of their models are replicas of real steel guns as well.


Cybergun covers both low and high-end airsoft brands like CYMA and VFC, which You can upgrade down the road.

For example, the CYBERGUN Desert Eagle is made by KWC, and VFC or G&G make their SCARS.

Also, one of my M4 was licensed by this company. I can say that it’s durable and reliable even to this day.

Overall, it’s great for beginners given the price point and wide range of models and accessories available on the market.



Just so you know…

Redwolf airsoft is not a gun producer but one of the world’s top airsoft brands and general retailers.

So, expect that some high-end realistic guns like Tokyo Marui, Lancer Tactical, UK Arms, and other airsoft products are on their market.

If you’re just getting into the world of airsoft…

you can vouch for this brand because they have great price points and are budget-friendly.

However, their price point varies on your delivery address.

Their guns are affordable, but the shipping fee might not be so friendly depending on your location. So, I suggest that you be aware of it when you order from them.

Overall, their guns are sleek and will help you bring home the bacon.



SYSTEMA is a high-end airsoft brand that offers powerful weapons. However, most weapons allow upgrades which can be quite expensive in the long run.

This airsoft brand is good as a professional training weapon.

This brand uses computerized optical technology that offers precise trigger control.

It stimulates the feeling of a real gun.

Thus, if you’re looking for a real-deal arm, SYSTEMA will not disappoint you. SYSTEMA is proven to show superior performance, reliability, and versatility.

Given its real steel dimensions, you can give this beastly brand a make-over as long as you want.

Another cool thing…

The realistic bolt action sniper rifles disengage the trigger once the mag is empty, perfect for you and your gameplay.

So, if you want SYSTEMA in your grip, prepare for the high price point since you’ll be getting guns used from real training exercises.

Overall, holding an SYSTEMA is very much like holding real guns.

So, if you’re wanting to have real professional training experience – go ahead and look for this beast on the market.

Quick reminder: It can be expensive due to its precise and well-researched internals and externals. All I can say is you will get what you pay for, regardless of the price.



Just like SYSTEMA, Tokyo Marui is another high-end airsoft brand on the market that produces real steel replicas AEG, GBB pistols, shotguns, bolt action spring rifles, and more.

This airsoft brand is a go-to for most advanced airsoft players.

Tokyo Marui products are reliable, high-quality performance on range and accuracy, hop up, and have innovative features. They are known to look like real weapons with accurate trades.

They are also most well-known for their battery-powered airsoft guns or automatic electric guns (AEG).

Airsofters accepted their product immediately when released on the market since they manufacture reliable and top-notch quality guns.

Of course, accuracy is what we need during gameplay, and Tokyo Marui guns come with an excellent and accurate shooting level.

Did you know that…

Tokyo Marui impressed even non-airsoft players because of its superior quality design and realistic appearance to the point that it was featured in various Hollywood movies.

Tokyo Marui has built this legacy…

However, their airsoft guns are quite expensive, but you can find some of their AEG with the same quality but lower price point.

But if you can spend more on Tokyo Marui guns, that would be epic.



Another Taiwanese manufacturer, LCT, is one of the best airsoft brands in the airsoft industry. They are more focused on high-quality real AEG AK lines and a series of assault rifles.

Most of their models are full metal.

LCT’s ultimate goal is to make realistic AEG as much as possible to cater to the needs of airsofter players through solid structure design and stable performance of guns.

LCT airsoft is also capable of OEM/ODM contracts.



Krytac is a rising star in the world of airsoft – also considered one of the best airsoft brands alongside another top airsoft brand.

Their airsoft rifles shoot 300-400 FPS right out of the box, even without upgrades.

This brand also comes with Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) to switch and amplify electronic signals, thus, stabilizing the rifle shooting rate.

Krytac is a reliable, durable, and highly upgradeable brand with high-quality specifications. Here are some of the best airsoft rifles available on the market:

  • Krytac Trident MK2 AEG
  • Krytac LVOA AEG
  • Krytac Kriss Vector AEG
  • And more with a variety of colors and sizes – you can choose from!


Krytac might not be for budget players since their guns are a bit pricier. But their guns are impressive and quality out of the box.



Elite Force got your six warriors!

They produce guns such as pistols, AEG rifles, CO2, and green gas that maintain high standards for replica airsoft guns with their reliable blowback system and extremely durable firearms.

One of the best airsoft brands with a variety of authentic models and officially licensed beastly weapons.

Its smooth and powerful blowback will keep your shooting level excellent.

It’s good to use in law enforcement and military training because of the high AEG range and efficient and affordable training perks.



The name Vega Force sounds badass, right?

Well, you sure won’t be disappointed with its beautiful externals.

The slight problem with VFC is its poor internals that will cost you bucks to upgrade. Not to mention the electrical issues I’ve experienced using their AEG.

Vega Force Company made available on the market their AVALON series. One of which is what they called the wildest series – Monster.

What can we expect with Monster?

You’ll be dealing with the Monster Rail System (MRS) that would put you and your weapon in the spotlight.

Not to mention the attached Quick Response Pop-Up Retractable Stock that allows you to speed up and be more sensitive during combat.

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Conclusion: Best Airsoft Gun Brands

There you have it, warriors!

These are a few of the rising airsoft brands available on the market today.

And more and more airsoft products will catch your attention – from airsoft rifles, protective gear, spring weapons, AEG, pistols, and more!

Thanks to these firearms manufacturers, we’re able to satisfy our inner airsoft warrior spirit and experience real guns and combat.

But remember…

it’s always important to know your shooting style and preferences first before getting your own weapon.

Go ahead and make your enemy cry from your weapon and bring home the bacon!

If you want more buckets of know-how on airsoft – zip into AirsoftNut.com and learn more.

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