Are Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns Worth It?

Are Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns Worth It FI

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There’s a lot of reasons to say yes to your question, comrade. Whether it’s an airsoft rifle or a pistol, you’ll love getting a blowback. When you shoot one, it would be just like holding the real thing.

But that’s not all!

We came up with this verdict after considering a lot of factors to know Are Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns Worth It? And we’re here to give you that, and all the details of:

  • The advantages of using a blowback gun;
  • How blowbacks differ from non-blowbacks in terms of performance;
  • The pros and cons of the blowback gun; and
  • Lots more!

You might not agree at first, but let us tell you why a drawback is a good thing when it comes to airsoft guns!

So cock it…

… and pull it!

Benefits Of Blowback Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are made to resemble real firearms. When you see one, you’ll think it’s a real gun by the looks of it. Sometimes, even by the weight! But while a real firearm uses bullets for ammo, airsoft guns use pellets or BB.

A gas gun is any gun that uses either green gas or CO2 for power. It can be an airsoft rifle or an airsoft pistol. As long as it’s powered compressed gas, it’s what we’re talking about here.

Of all gas airsoft guns…

… the blowback gas guns are the most realistic. They’re basically just gas guns, only with enhanced recoil. 

And that’s the blowback’s best benefit!

The recoil is for added realism. Real guns are unforgiving – we have to accept that. When you pull the trigger, the force draws your whole arm back. Taking control of a weapon with that kind of mechanism needs practice – which is another purpose of playing airsoft, besides fun.

So the blowback walks in! 

In other words…

If practice is your motive for playing airsoft, then go for GBB pistols or rifles. They’ll give you the most realistic feel.

Other airsoft weapons – like automatic electric guns, non-gas blow back, non-blowback airsoft pistols, etc. – have many advantages over GBB. What’s significant or not is up to you.

So let’s take a quick look!

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Blowback Guns vs. Non-Blowback Guns (Performance Difference)

Don’t be fooled.

Just because one airsoft gun has more features than another, doesn’t mean that it’s the best. You’ll have to choose what features you prioritize, especially based on your needs. 

It’s still your call!

We can talk for hours about features and specs. So for this article, let’s just focus on the performances of different airsoft weapons.


In terms of fps (feet per second) power, gas efficiency, and maintenance, non-GBB guns perform better than blowback. The GBB’s mechanism takes up CO2 or green gas that should’ve been used for one more shot.

Also, airsoft players think that non-blowbacks are more reliable. It has a less complicated make, fewer working parts, therefore fewer risks of going wrong.

But all of those depend on the ammo and power source.

For example… 

… you can use CO2 instead of green gas to fire up your gas pistols. That would allow for a slow rate of cool down and more power. This, and other things, you can do to compensate for the blowback’s inferior performance.

So, in other words, blowback guns will not perform well during a tournament.

But there’s more to it than that, so keep scrolling!

Are Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns Worth It

Gas Blowback Guns Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s start with the bad news.

Generally, gas airsoft guns are cheaper than spring-powered guns. But gas blowback pistols would require more bucks. Also, of the automatic electric airsoft guns (AEG), the electric blowback one is the more expensive variety.

And, as mentioned earlier, non-blowbacks can propel a BB at a higher fps. That makes them accurate and easier to manage.

But the good news is…

… the blowback’s recoil effect! 

Now, it might seem less appealing because it’s more forceful. But as we always mentioned, that effect is a lot more real than anything you’ll ever experience in other airsoft pistols or sniper rifles. 

And also, the noise that GBBs emit screams authenticity. It’s second to the automatic electric gun in terms of loudness – thanks to a quieter gearbox noise. Still, it’s close to the real thing.

Add to that…

Pulling the trigger on a non-blowback pistol is way harder. That’s because shooting semi-automatic gas pistols without the blowback requires double action.

And blowback guns look so much cooler. You can’t leave that out!

Is a Gas Blowback Gun Worth It?

So the short answer is…


If you’re playing airsoft just for fun, authenticity is no big deal. The blowback effect hurts the accuracy and overall performance of the pistol or rifle. That’s why it’s not the best choice for those who compete in tournaments.


If you want the most realistic experience, airsoft blowback guns are for you. You’ll be satisfied with every penny, especially if you’re practicing for the real deal or making a movie that involves shooting. 

In fact, law enforcement goes to blowback guns for their training.

So, for the benefit of authenticity, the added cost is worth it!

CONCLUSION: Are Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns Worth It

Are Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns Worth It


It all depends on your priority. Is it an authentic option that you’re after? Maybe you’re into efficient firepower? Or the rechargeable battery of an AEG?

Whatever the case, a blowback gun may still be good for you. It adds flavor to the fun, and that – you’d agree – is worth the small additional price to pay.

We hope we helped you decide what to bring to your next airsoft adventure!

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