Are Airsoft Mesh Masks Safe?

Are Airsoft Mesh Masks Safe FI

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Playing airsoft is an entertaining activity. It’s also educational. It’s been used both for military training purposes and for fun. It’s a favorite for adrenaline junkies and people who just love to run around with guns and pretend they’re in the heat of the war.

So, of course…

… you don’t want your fun or training to be tainted with worries about your pretty face. Airsoft mask is a must because protection is the priority. So you must treat every airsoft field like a real battlefield. You need to know Are Airsoft Mesh Masks Safe?

Airsoft requires a lot of safety precautions. You should be aware of eye protection, mouth protection, or the complete package. That’s why an airsoft player is very particular about his or her mask.

In this article…

It’s all about the mask. Particularly, the most common choice among the different types – the mesh mask. We’ll find out what will work best by getting into detail about:

  • The different types of airsoft face masks;
  • Mask features and safety features;
  • Whether a mesh mask is safe for airsoft players;
  • In what conditions is the mesh mask best to use; and
  • So much more!

Boots on the ground!

We’re going in…

What is an airsoft mask?

Airsoft masks are what you wear to cover your face and protect it from airsoft BBs. Whereas airsoft goggles are specifically for your eye protection, airsoft masks are for the whole face. You can wear them as part of your helmet or as is.

There are half-face masks for lower face protection; and full-face masks for full-face protection. In addition, there are masks explicitly designed for ear protection.

Whatever they offer you…

The one thing that you should be concerned about is whether it can protect your precious face against airsoft pellets coming at you at full speed. When you play airsoft, you’re going to get attacked. Yes, by airsoft BB that doesn’t care about your skin. So you better be prepared.

In choosing the best airsoft masks, there’s a lot to consider.

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What Makes an Airsoft Mask Good?

A good airsoft mask should be able to protect you from high-speed BBs while at the same time keep your vision clear and your ventilation uninterrupted.

The good news is…

The market offers airsoft masks that aim to cater to those needs. But different manufacturers make masks in a variety of materials and designs. Each one has pros and cons. You can’t just get it all, you know.

So, what’s the difference? The two main things to consider are the design and the material.

Mask Design

The styles you will see on the market are endless.

But the most common ones are:

The airsoft helmet offers all-around protection. It covers the whole head. But some helmets only serve to hold your protective gear for you. You can pair this up with any kind of mask as long as it has mounting accessories.

There’s the half-face mask that would require that you also buy goggles to go with (it’s sometimes called a mouth guard). Airsoft players often pair up the half-face mask with goggles, a different pair for different airsoft fields.

Then, there’s always the option of the full-face mask. 

There’s so much more.

You might find a mask or helmet with adjustable elastic straps that can give you the custom fit that you’re looking for. Finally, there’s a mask designed to help you still see through the iron sights without much problem.

Like we said, endless. They compete by their key features, but they all have the same goal. You just have to find your own style!

Mask Material

An airsoft mask is either made of steel mesh or “anti-break” polycarbonate plastic.

The main difference between the two:

Solid plastic masks are a lot safer than wire mesh. Airsoft guns may be “toys,” but they’re still guns.  Airsoft BBs flying at full speed can create a forceful impact against your face mask. 

The polycarbonate variety is made to absorb shock and distribute the impact force evenly, reducing the risk of breakage. But full-seal goggles, the ones that cover your whole face, have terrible ventilation. As a result, your breath will cloud up, affecting your vision. 

There are anti-fog lenses, though, which are specifically designed to be fog-resistant.

On the other hand… 

Wire mesh breaks so much easier. Since they’re made of steel, the fragments would be hazardous to your face, especially your eyes. But the ventilation is exceptional, so you don’t have to worry about fog.

Now, let’s get into more detail about that…

Are mesh masks safe?

Are Airsoft Mesh Masks Safe

The more popular opinion is that wearing mesh goggles is not as safe as wearing goggles with plastic lenses.

The verdict is fair.

An airsoft gun can propel an airsoft BB up to 120m/s. At close range, it can create significant damage. Since the mesh screen doesn’t have the solid surface that plastic offers, shattered BB fragments might enter the holes and harm your face, especially your eyes. 

But how about the mesh mask?

The mesh mask is the best choice for lower face protection. When you want to make sure fog doesn’t cripple your vision, this type is for you. 

So we suggest that you choose wire mesh for your half-face mask, the kind that leaves room for goggles. Combos like low carbon steel mesh half-mask with ABS plastic are available on the market. You can opt for those. Wire mesh eye protection is just too risky.

Can you wear glasses under an airsoft mask?

It depends on the type of airsoft face mask that you have.

If you chose the steel mesh type, you probably need your prescription glasses. Unlike the airsoft glasses or goggles, mesh fabric doesn’t give you the prescription feature. So you better find the type of mask designed to fit snugly over your eyeglasses.

We recommend…

Get a mask with adjustable straps so you can alter the size to accommodate your eyeglasses. Or, you can have your eyewear customized to be able to fit behind a mask or a helmet.

But our best advice would be to get goggles that match your prescription. 

Can airsoft masks be used for paintball?

There are paintball masks available on the market. However, it’s an uncomfortable thing to run around with. We’re not alone in this concern. My friends and the reviews we read online have similar opinions.

We understand.

You want a substitute for your paintball mask. And yes, an airsoft mask is a good alternative for a paintball mask. However, in this situation, we recommend a full-face mask rather than a half-face. And a mesh mask would do too. 

Simply because paintball is less dangerous than other shooting sports. Paintball splatter won’t harm you the way a BB will. So there’d be no need to be too particular about polycarbonate glasses and other “mask decisions.”

Just get a face shield, then go to the battlefield!

CONCLUSION: Are Airsoft Mesh Masks Safe

Are Airsoft Mesh Masks Safe

It’s up to you.

A mesh mask may not be the safest choice, but it has its advantages and disadvantages, right? It depends on your priority. 

Do you think you’re fast enough to prevent a BB hitting your face? Is anti-fog mask spray ineffective in the field you play at? Then go ahead and pick up your mesh mask.


As much as you can, I advise that you consider another type of airsoft mask. Complete protection, once again I’ll say, is the priority here. It’s not just about your pretty face. The windows to your soul need its safekeeping too.

We hope this article has helped you decide on your next mask purchase. Well then…

See you on the battlegrounds!

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