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How Does An Airsoft Gun Cost FI

How Much Does A Good Airsoft Gun Cost?

Do you know that there aren’t really very precise price points when it comes to airsoft guns? Wonder why? It’s because what you need to know instead are bits of factors that affect the price of an airsoft gun. 
What Is A High FPS For Airsoft Guns FI

What Is a High FPS For Airsoft Guns?

Do you know that you can go beyond 400 FPS in Airsoft?  Heck, you can even have a 700 FPS airsoft gun! But stop right there.  One of the mistakes most airsoft newbies make is looking for and choosing the high FPS guns. 
How Far Can A 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot FI

How Far Can A 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot?

Airsoft games are pretty exciting, especially when your shot gives you fantastic range and accuracy. As a team member, you’ll want to play your part by making sure your BBs fly high and you cover good ground to achieve winning results.
What Should I Wear For Airsoft

What Should I Wear For Airsoft?

Airsoft is a recreational game that involves simulated combat with guns using BB pellets as bullets. Airsoft nuts do not like to hear this, but airsoft sport is similar to paintball. Both games involve players running around a field, shooting projectiles at opponents. 

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